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5 Tech Cards

In this article I will go over my 5 favorite tech cards when building a deck.

11/16/2016 by Josh Marking

Hey 60 Cards Readers it has been a long time since I wrote an article but I am glad to finally be back!. I will try my best to write an article every month while still supplying people with YouTube videos. Let me know down below in the comments of want you want  to see people write about and I will try my best to cover it. If I can’t get around to cover it, I am positive a writer will cover it. This article will focus on a topic at this current moment that  I love that will hopefully help you prepare for Regionals.


Going into Regionals I thought it would be neat idea to look at my 5 favorite “Tech” Cards that I love to use in decks. When making a deck these are always my 57 - 60 card slots. All of these cards can change how you play against certain decks. It is going to be up to you to determine which ones you need for Regionals. When making these calls it could either lose you certain games or make you win the whole tournament because you had the perfect cards for a certain matchup. There are easily more “Tech” cards but like always this is my personal opinion and probably changes from person to person. This list is also in no order all 5 of these cards have a reason why I want to play them so, let’s explore that!


1.Enhanced Hammer



Everytime time I look at this card I always think of how strong it is because everyone plays Special Energies in their deck. On the top of my head I can only think of 2 decks that do not play special energies which are Volcanion and Mega Gardevoir. Besides those 2 decks almost every deck plays Special Energy. The special energies you will most likely see during a tournament includes Double Colorless, Rainbow, Double Dragon, Splash Energy, and Shield Energy. I know there are more special energies but these are the biggest ones out there currently.


Just imagine when playing this card you can set your opponent back a whole turn. I say this because you are only allowed one energy attachment per turn and if you can negate that you put yourself in a wonderful position and can potentially prevent an attack the next turn. Some pokemon need multiple energies including a special energy and other basic energy cards like Giratina EX and Mega Rayquaza EX so setting them back 2 turns could easily win you the match.


This card is easily one of my favorite cards from the list. Whenever I have an empty spot in my deck list I try to put this card in there almost immediately. The great thing about this card is you can splash it in almost every deck and you can play almost immediately as long as your opponent has a special energy on the field.


2. Ranger


Here is a card that is only needed in some matchups and in certain decks. We all know this card should be in Volcanion decks to allow that player to continually attack with Volcanic Heat but, this card will give you a huge advantage in 1 matchup and that is VIleplume Box. I know Ranger can be put in decks to counter other things but, I am going to focus more on the Vileplume Box matchup to show why it is really needed.


In the Vileplume Box deck your opponent will try to lock you out of attackers by either playing Regice, Jolteon, and Glaceon. This with the combination of Vileplume is deadly and this is why we saw it get 2nd place at Orlando Regionals. Every deck out there in the game has 3 options to beat this deck which is Lysandre, Ranger, and your opponent not setting up. By giving yourself the third option to beat this deck you have a better chance of winning of course. The great thing about Ranger is that the one turn you get to play it is all you need to win sometimes. If you can take a knock out while playing Ranger your opponent might struggle to get another attack off because it’s hard to find those special energies under trainer lock. The only downside about Ranger is you have to make sure you can take a knock out while playing a Ranger at the same time. This is sometimes tricky depending on when you draw into the card. It will be interesting to see if more decks include Ranger with the rise of Vileplume Box in the format or just take the hard loss.


3. Olympia


This card actually saw a huge appearance in the top 8 decks at Orlando Regionals but, people are still not playing it in their deck which is a huge shock to me. You would think that this card would almost be a staple in decks by now, but I have seen a ton of decks without me. Hopefully with these next two paragraphs you will understand why this card is really needed.


The main reason I love this card is because it provides a guarantee switch whenever you need it. I can’t tell you how many times I was Lysandre stalled for game because I didn’t have energies or a way to switch out because I already used up all my resources throughout the game. With Olympia you know have a guaranteed 5 switching cards in your deck because of VS Seekers. Not only does this card provide a switching but it does heal 30 damage. This 30 damage could put your opponent in a bad situation by messing up their math if they were planning on knocking out your opponent in two turns.


The other big reason is to help you out against Yveltal that has the Fright Night ability. If for some reason you don’t know Fright Night well it makes it where Tool Cards do not work at all. A lot of decks base their switching methods with Float Stone but with Fright Night this play does not work. I think going into Regionals this will be one of the bigger decks out there because it did win Orlando Regionals. To help counter this deck Olympia could destroy their Lysandre stall strategy and once again their math. Fright Night does 60 and 60 to a bench EX which makes it where Fright Night could take a knockout in 3 turns but with Olympia it turns it into 4 turns. These small things are why I love Olympia and why I think it should be played in decks.


4. Brock’s Grit/Karen


This is probably the most interesting part of the list because a lot of people will say that these cards are not necessary because Super Rod and Energy Recycle cards are in format. I will say that this is true but once again these cards can help you win certain matchups and they might deserve a spot in your deck. This section gets even more interesting because each card helps you out in different matchups and it is up to you to decide what to play.


The first situation is the same situation as Olympia. Sometimes during the game I used up my Super Rod or Recycle cards. This is a terrible thing because you might put yourself in a spot to be decked out or run out of attackers. Having the option to turn a VS Seeker into a Super Rod is fantastic and will save you in these weird situations. This card will also help you against Vileplume decks which make it where you cannot play your Super Rod thanks to Irritating Pollen. Even though you can only use this once during the game that could make all the difference to help you win.


The thing that is going to separate these cards is one shuffles your opponent’s Pokemon while the other one does not. You could use Karen to destroy Vespiquen decks if you do happen to run into one at regional and the reason why you destroy them is because you shuffle all their hard work back into the deck. This could also shuffle back in unwanted Pokemon into your opponent's deck to make their drawing worse. On the other hand you do not want to play Karen against Mega Rayquaza and Mega Gardevoir decks. These decks focus on having Pokemon on their bench and giving them access back to more Pokemon is a terrible thing and could cost you the game. This is where you want to play Brock’s Grit because you just want to shuffle your Pokemon and Energy back into your deck. It will be up to you to decide which card to play by predicting which deck will be bigger.


5. Teammates


This card has seen a lot of play over the past year but I do think it’s a card you could put into almost deck. Most decks that play this card are evolution decks or decks that can easily be knocked out. We hardly see this card in EX decks but when building decks I always contemplate putting it in my decks. This is probably lower on the tier of tech cards but I think it is still great to talk about.


This card can easily win you games because it gives you the option to search for any two cards in your deck when a Pokemon is knocked out. This can guarantee you the energy you need to win the game, a tool card to deal that additional damage, a stadium card to turn the battle in your favor, or a supporter card for the next turn if you are dead drawing but still need to search out a second card. There have been a lot of games where I play a Juniper to try and hit that last crucial card but Teammates guarantees this to you so you do not have to dig. The only downside of this card is it has to be in your discard pile or hand and a Pokemon has to be knocked out the turn before.


I know this article was short but I think it is an interesting subject to talk about. I hope that this article will help people out in the coming weeks with Regionals. The last few spots in a deck are the most crucial part of the deck and could make or break your tournament series. I am currently in the process of moving so hopefully next month I will be able to cover a more indepth article on the Pokemon TCG. Make sure to comment down below on  what ideas you would like for me to cover in the next article!


Thanks! And Good luck!

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