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Preparing for States!

In this article Squeaky tries his best to help you prepare for States!

03/07/2016 by Josh Marking

What’s up, everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day! This will be my first premium article for 60 Cards and I am ready to see what everyone thinks about it. But, Regionals have just ended this past weekend and it is time to look ahead towards the next event. Besides league challenges the next tournament to come are states. The thing I like most about States is that they are all standard instead of expanded. In this article I will try my best to help you start testing for these events. If you have any feedback please let me know down below and tell me your suggestions.

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The first couple of things we need to do is to look at the past results that use the Standard format. The two most recent events are the European Challenge Cup and the Cities format. Thanks to the power of the internet we have the results of all these tournaments. Going into week 1 of States most people will mimic these results but will include a couple of cards from BREAKpoint and the Generations set. Looking at these results and testing new versions of the list is one of the best ways to help prepare for States.


First off, shout out to Andrew Wamboldt for collecting all the results during the Cities format. Click here to see the full BREAKdown of the city format. Looking at the Results we can easily see that Night March and Yveltal where the two biggest decks during Cities. After that things start getting weird and fairly close. Depending on where you live at, the third place deck can easily change because of the meta in the area. This makes it difficult to say what exactly the third place deck is. It is safe to say though that Night March and Yveltal will be the two biggest contenders going into the States format for Week 1. Let’s take a look at these two decks with new cards from BREAKpoint and Generations!

Night March

The very first thing I want to point out is that the deck now includes Vespiquen. During the Cities format we saw this concept pick up steam towards the end of the Cities run and I think this trend will continue. The main reason behind this is because of the new tool card Burst Balloon. Burst Balloon says,” If the Pokémon this card is attached to is your Active Pokémon and is damaged by an opponent's attack (even if that Pokémon is Knocked Out), put 6 damage counters on the Attacking Pokémon.”  That means if one of your Night Marchers attacks the Pokémon with a Burst Balloon they will get knocked out.  Now there are two ways to fix this besides the Vespiquen. You can either add Fighting Fury Belt to give your Night Marches 40 more HP and do 10 more damage or play a card that can get rid of the Balloons. I personally don’t like either one of these methods and instead I went with Vespiquen. We do play a Xerosic but that is mainly for focus sash and fighting fury belt. Vespiquen also gives you another attacker making it where you don’t run out of attackers.

The deck also gained some new trainer cards in the form of Puzzle of Time. During Cities you would either play Milotic or Bronzong to get back your Energy. Since the deck only plays 4 Double Colorless Energy you need a way to recycle these Energy and Puzzle of Time can help you do this. Milotic slowly won the battle against Bronzong because you were able to get any card out of your discard pile. Now, that you have the option to get any 2 cards out of the discard pile I imagine all Night March decks will play these cards. Everyone should know all this stuff by now it is not a big secret but Puzzle of Time has a trick that some people haven’t really looked into that I love. The first effect on Puzzle of Time is actually really good and is easily overlooked all the time. The first effect gives you the option to rearrange the top 3 cards of your deck which might not seem like much but it can help you win games. If you have a Shaymin-EX or an Unown you can now control what you can draw into to help guarantee that card. Not only can this card help you get any 2 cards out of your discard pile but you can control your top deck.  

Night March took the number spot for a reason during Cities and I imagine that this trend will continue into states. The deck doesn’t really have any threat thanks to the inclusion of Vespiquen and Puzzle of Time. The Vespiquen have too much HP to be knocked out easily by Crobat and Golbat. The deck is also too fast for Giratina decks that use the Chaos Wheel method to get rid of all the DCEs. There are only two problems I can see with the deck. The first one is Stardust Jirachi to discard your DCEs but you play enough resources to continually use Lysandre to knock out Pokémon on the Bench. The second problem is Trevenant with Bursting Balloon but you are able to outspeed the deck sometimes. This matchup is probably your only auto loss but it will interesting to see if this deck is played a lot in Standard.  Make sure to test this deck heavily before going into States!

Yveltal/ Zoroark/ Gallade

Yveltal was a force to be reckoned with during the Cities run and it barely got second place during the Cities run. Just like the Night March deck this one will be continued to be played heavily going into Week 1 of States. The deck has enough baby Yveltal and Zoroark to take down the Night March deck. The deck also gained some new friends with BREAKpoint to make this deck even better! If you have not read Kevin Baxter’s article on Yveltal make sure to check it out! He goes into great detail about the deck and what to do during your first opening turns which I love. The updated list is based off his because he is the current master of the deck.

The first thing I want to point out is the Fighting Fury Belt. Like I said earlier this new tool gives your Pokémon a bonus of 40 more HP and it does 10 more damage to the active Pokémon.  This makes your Yveltal-EX a real tank by giving it 210 HP and gives you the option to attack with Yveltal multiple times because of its new HP. The only downside is that it only works on Basic Pokémon.  I included the 1 muscle band in the list to help your Zoroark hit 180 damage to knock out Pokémon-EX. 

The next thing on the list is the Reverse Valley. In the Cities format Yveltal players had two stadium cards to pick from and those two cards were Shadow Circle or Parallel City. Parallel City was the biggest stadium card played because it gave you the option to discard your Pokémon-EX off the Bench if needed and it made it where certain Pokémon did less damage. You could also disrupt your opponent by making it where they had to be careful what they Bench down because you limit their Bench to 3 spots.  With Reverse Valley you can give the option for your Dark Pokémon to do 10 more damage which doesn’t seem like a lot but it has perfect numbers.  You can combine this effect with Fighting Fury Belt to basically do 20 more damage like a muscle band but give 40 more HP. It also makes it where your Zoroark can hit 170 damage for a full Bench without a muscle band which of course knocks out a lot of the current Pokémon-EX.

The last thing the deck gained is Delinquent. This card is very interesting because if your opponent has 3 cards in their hand you could leave them with nothing. Another thing you can do is get rid of annoying stadiums like Silent Lab, Team Aqua’s Secret Base, and Parallel City if you don’t have a stadium in your hand or if you have been Chaos Wheeled by Giratina. The last thing and my favorite part of Delinquent is you can use it to disrupt your opponent and get the attack off with Gallade. Sometimes you need to play a supporter card but you don’t want to get rid of your hand or Lysandre something up. This is where Delinquent comes in handy because it can trigger Sensitive Blade without really having an effect. You could also use Hex Maniac to do the same thing but you can’t discard a stadium or disrupt their hand with Hex Maniac.

One thing that people will wonder about is the new Darkrai-EX from BREAKpoint. A lot of people have asked me if they should include this card in their list and my answer is No. You already have a lot of attackers in this deck which makes it where you don’t need Darkrai’s help. For the most part I would rather be attaching a DCE to a Gallade, Zoroark, or Yveltal-EX. Darkrai doesn’t get the one shots like the other attackers in the deck do and that’s why I don’t think it deserves a spot in the list.

Overall, Yveltal is a very strong choice for week 1 of states. The deck has a variety of attackers which I love because your opponent never knows what you are going to attack with next.  Just like Night March deck this deck doesn’t really have any autoloss as well which is why I still believe this deck will be number one. Also, if Trevenant does get some attention then you are good to go because you can hit for weakness on their Trees. The only downside is you can’t use a lot of your cards in the deck because of the item lock. It will be interesting to see if the Cities format continues into States or not.

European Challenge Cup

The most recent standard event besides League Challenges is the European Challenge Cup or the ECC. If you don’t know the ECC is basically a national level event for all of Europe. People all around Europe travel here to try and obtain the 500 CP that you can get from winning the event. Most people who win the event usually have enough points to gain the stipend to get the free trip to worlds. This is what everyone is after and what makes the ECC so competitive! Here are the results from the ECC thanks to Rappelmann TCG. If you want to see the deck list from the Top 8 click here on facebook.!

1. Mehdi H (France): Night March/Milotic

2. Philip S (Germany): Straight Toad

3. Scot S (United Kingdom): Mega Mewtwo

4. David R (Netherlands): Seismitoad/Giratina

Top 8

Martin G (France): Manectric/Bats

Niklas L R (Germany): Seismitoad/Giratina

Tamao C (United Kingdom): Manectric/Bats

Marc L (Germany): Manectric/Bats

The results from the ECC are different then the Cities results but the same at the same time which is weird to say. The first thing to note is that Night March won the whole event still proving that the deck is still number 1 overall. Most of the field tried it’s best to counter the Night March deck but was not able to do so. All the Seismitoad decks played Energy disruption to get rid of DCEs but the Prize exchange is too much for the Toads to handle. The Night March deck also played a Hex Maniac to make it where all the Crobat and Golbat did not work. If you are still not convinced to test Night March hopefully this does it.

The weirdest thing to me is that there was 0 Yveltal in Top 8. This could be caused by 2 things in my eyes. The first would be that hardly anyone played the deck during the event which made it harder for the deck to cut. The second is that Seismitoad is too strong for the deck. If the Seismitoad players gets a Quaking Punch off before the Yveltal player can get out a Gallade then the Yveltal player is in trouble. Gallade gives you the option to help you draw into your supporter though premonition which helps you out during the Toad lock. If you miss the Gallade you will be in serious trouble. The second thing is the Energy denial from the Seismitoad decks. The deck only plays so much Energy that if your opponent can discard them all you can lose the game. The Yveltal decks do play baby Yveltal to help get out Energy from the discard pile but sometimes this isn’t enough when you don’t have anyone to oblivion wing too. It’s hard to say which one it was that made Yveltal had no presence in the Top 8 but either way I am sticking to my plan that Yveltal is a great play for States.

This tournament has showed another interesting thing and that is that Seismitoad-EX and Manectric-EX are something to watch out for. These two decks made up the majority of the Top 8 and I do think some people will try to mimic these decks. Also, during the Cities format Manectric/Bats took the 4th spot and Seismitoad took the 12th spot.  Now let’s see what these two decks look like in the new BREAKpoint format.


The first thing to point out is that I like this deck a lot more with Giratina instead of a straight Seismitoad deck. The straight Seismitoad deck is going to have a hard time with the Vespiquen/ Night March decks because the Vespiquen can hit for Weakness on your Seismitoad. If you can get a Giratina out early enough the Vespiquen player can’t attach their DCEs anymore and they will lose the game.  Seismitoad also struggles with Mega Pokémon and since Giratina has the Renegade Pulse ability making it where Mega Pokémon can’t hurt you they will struggle. They can use Hex Maniac to get rid of this ability but then they just wasted their supporter for the turn to hurt you. Enough talking about Giratina let’s talk about the new cards!

You are going to see a similar trend with this deck and the Yveltal deck. The deck now plays no Muscle Band and three Fighting Fury Belt! This now makes it where your opponent has to attack two to three times to Knock Out your Pokémon-EX and since you play Super Scoop Up you can remove all the damage and start all over again. Attacking 40 damage a turn doesn’t seem like a lot but when you combine the attack with Giovanni’s Scheme to do an additional 20 damage you can help speed up the process by one turn, which might be crucial. The whole point of the deck is too get rid of all your opponents’ Energy and makes it where they never take a knockout.

The next thing on the list is Puzzle of Time! We saw this card in the Night March deck but it becomes even more deadly in the Seismitoad deck.  We now have the option to play eight Crushing Hammers thanks to Puzzle of Time getting back 2 Crushing Hammers. You could also use this to get back Super Scoop Ups to heal your damaged attacker. You can grab an Escape Rope and a Lysandre to knock out that Jirachi that just Stardusted your Energy away with Giratina-EX.  The list can go on and on but you see how strong of a card that Puzzle of Time is with these examples.

The last thing to note is Delinquent. Make sure to check out the Yveltal part of this article to see why Delinquent is such a great card in the deck.  It would basically be a copy and paste from that section so no need to go over it again.

You can see why Seismitoad had the impact at the ECC. You have the option to get rid of all your opponent Energy and make it where they can’t use half of their deck because of item lock. Combining this effect with Super Scoop Up and Fighting Fury Belt to make sure your attackers never get knocked out and you have yourself a deadly combination to look out for. Even though Seismitoad didn’t have the greatest appearance during Cities I would suspect this to change coming into States because of the hype around Puzzle of Time.

Manectric/ Bats

Here is the new list for Manectric/ Bats in standard. I personally have a love/ hate relationship with this deck. During Cities I played this deck a lot because I thought it was one of the strongest decks but I always whiffed cuts because of silly things. The one time I did make cut I lost to Entei in the finals because the deck has no real response to that deck. If Entei does decide to become a big deck again then you could throw Seismitoad in the deck to help take care of that matchup.  The list only gained one new card from the set and you could easily switch it out for another card.

Once again we are focused on Fighting Fury Belt! The whole point of this deck is to counter the Night March decks and the Yveltal decks. You have Fighting Fury Belt giving your Manectric 210 HP which is hard for the Night March decks to reach. You could switch this card out for Assault Vest instead of the Fighting Fury Belt because you are reducing 40 damage every turn. I ended up going with the Fury Belt because the tool usually only matters for one turn then they can finish you off the next turn no matter which one you have attached. The bonus from the fury belt is the 10 extra damage. This might not seem like a lot but combine this with a Golbat and you are able to knock out all the night marchers in one turn which is great. The deck also plays flash Energy to give your Manectric no weakness. This might not seem like a big deal but Gallade would destroy this deck without it and when you get paired against those random fighting decks you have a way to counter them.

The best part of this deck though is the ability to snipe Bench Pokémon.  This gives you the option to starting setting up future knock outs in the long run which I love. The 20 damage doesn’t seem like much but when you start combining it with Golbat, Crobat, and Assault Lasers the perfect numbers start adding up. People might try to add Mr. Mime in their deck to counter this method but luckily you have silent lab to shut it off as well as other basic ability Pokémon.

Like I said before I have a love/ hate relationship with this deck and after seeing it have a strong performance at the ECC I am ready to start testing this deck again. If you have never played this deck before give it a try and see what happens. We obviously saw the ECC love it and it had a strong performance during the Cities run. I imagine we will see it make a couple of Top 8s during the States format and it will catch some people off guard if they are not ready for it!

New Decks!

We have covered a lot of decks that had success in the past formats. Now, let’s jump into some brand new decks that haven’t seen play in the competitive scene. I think these three decks will have a big showing at States and have received the most hype since their release. There are probably some decks that I will miss but to me these are the strongest decks and remember I am just an opinion.


Once again we have another Dark deck that makes into the cut but the whole concept of this deck is brand new. Your main attacker is Darkrai-EX with the attack Dark Head which gives you the ability to do up to 180 damage in one turn! This can be achieved with muscle band to add an additional 20 damage and Hypno to put your opponent asleep.  One problem with Hypno is that it puts your active Pokémon asleep as well but we have multiple outs to fix this.

The first answer and the one that everyone uses is the stadium card All Night Party! This stadium can only be activated if your active Pokémon is asleep. Once you activate the stadium you can get rid of the status condition and heal 30 damage from the active Pokémon. This sometimes can make your Darkrai-EX seem like a tank because you are able to heal 30 damage from it every turn and if you combine this with Pokémon Center Lady you can heal 90 damage a turn! But, what happens when you miss the stadium card but you need to active Hypnos ability? This is where Zoroark can shine because you have the Stand In to put the Zoroark in the active spot and with the float stone you have free retreat. Not only do you have this amazing building but Zoroark is an amazing attacker.

I will say the hardest part of the deck is that is needs a lot to set up. You need to get at least one stage Pokémon out which is Hypno to start hitting the 180 damage turn 2. Luckily Darkrai-EX only needs a Double Colorless Energy and a Dark Energy to start swinging. You also have Max Elixir in the deck just in case you whiff the Double Colorless Energy. This gives you the option to attach for one turn then next turn Max Elixir and attach another Dark for your turn to fulfill the Energy requirement for Darkrai-EX’s attack.

One thing that people have suggested is to put Malamar-EX in the deck. Malamar-EX has the ability Hyper Hypnosis which says, “When you attach an Energy from your hand to this Pokémon, you may use this Ability. Your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Asleep.”  This could be used in the deck instead of Hypno which could free up spaces in the list. I personally do not like Malamar-EX in the deck because it wastes your Energy attachment for the turn. I would instead like to attach an Energy to a Darkrai-EX or a Zoroark to get an attack off or prepare for one the following turn. You could attack with Malamar-EX but the attack is a coin flip which I am not a big fan of. Maybe someone can convince me that Malamar-EX is better but as of right now I am sticking with Hypno and Goodnight Babies.

This deck is great and will see success during the States season. You have a ton of different attackers to help you out in any matchup. Baby Yveltal and Zoroark can win matches against small HP decks like Night March and Vespiquen. With Darkrai-EX you have the option to one shot all the-EXs in the game besides Megas. If you happen to play against a Mega decks you can attack with baby Yveltal at the start of the game and then take a knock out with Darkrai-EX. Also, if you play against a Mega deck that fills their Bench up with Sky Field you could use Zoroark to take a knock out. Make sure to test out this deck a lot before Regionals and have a way to defeat it.

The next two decks shouldn’t be a big shocker because we saw one of them win a regional and get second place at the other regional that was happening at the same time. The other deck made a top 32 appearance at one Regionals. Since both of these decks saw success during Regionals I imagine a lot of people will try to copy their performance to win a state championship.  Let’s see what these two decks are and talk about how they will perform at States.


This should come to no surprise that this deck made it on the list. The first thing to point out is that Greninja has been around for a long time since XY but it gained three new cards in BREAKpoint which make this deck a force to be reckon with!  If you don’t know the regular Greninja has the ability Water Shuriken which says,” Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard a Water Energy card from your hand. If you do, put 3 damage counters on 1 of your opponent's Pokémon.” This is just the starting point of the deck and it gets even more fun in a second.

If you noticed we play a 2-2 line of Greninja in the deck. Don’t get me wrong I love Greninja Water Shuriken but we need an attacker and that is where the new the Greninja shines! The first attack does 40 damage and makes it where your opponent can’t use their abilities during their turn. This is basically like a Hex Maniac that you can use every turn but you don’t have to waste your supporter card for the turn. The second attack is great as well because it gives you the option to do 80 damage a turn and combine this with a Muscle Band you can swing for 100 damage for a single water Energy!

The party continues next up with Greninja Break! The first thing to note about this card is its HP which is 170. This gives it the illusion that it’s a Pokémon-EX even though it is basically a stage 3 Pokémon. The thing that makes it broke is it has the ability Giant Water Shuriken! This attack is like a grown up version of Water Shuriken which says,” Once during your turn (before your attack), if this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, you may discard a Water Energy card from your hand. If you do, put 6 damage counters on 1 of your opponent's Pokémon.”  Luckily the new Greninja has free retreat so it is possible in one turn to use 2 Water Shuriken and 2 Giant Shuriken which does 180 damage in one turn before even attacking. Once you do attack you can do up to 280 damage is a single turn! You can see why this combo is broken and why people are itching to play it!

Some people will question that this deck can’t set up but thankfully we have Frogadier on our team! The new Frogadier from BREAKpoint has the attack Water Duplicates which says, “Search your deck for up to 3 Frogadier and put them onto your Bench. Shuffle your deck afterward.” Combine this card with Wally and you are able to get four Frogadier out in a single turn. The following turn you can evolve manually into Greninja and then use Wally to get out Greninja BREAK.  Even though this process seems fairly slow it can easily be achieved by turn three or four. Once you have everything set up you are a force to watch out for!

We saw Greninja have success at Regionals making it to top 32. In expanded the format is extremely fast and this “slow” deck still had the potential to make it far into the tournament. I imagine in the slow format of standard this deck will see super success! I know a lot of people are already testing this deck out to try and make it perfect. Make sure you aren’t left behind and start testing this deck ASAP!


The most important deck to start testing for States is the deck that got first and second at Regionals last weekend! This deck is deadly because of its Item-locking Ability Forest’s Curse. Once again we see a pattern with Greninja. This ability has been around since XY but with the release of BREAKpoint this deck has gained a lot of new tools that puts the deck into a Tier 1 situation. Now, let’s see what the fuss is all about.

The first thing to point out is the Trevenant from XY. When you combine Wally with this ability you have the option to lock your opponents out of item cards turn one! If you don’t know what the ability says then here you go, “As long as this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, your opponent can't play any Item cards from his or her hand.” If you look at all the past list in this article you will notice that the majority of the decks rely on item cards. If you are able to pull this off on turn 1 then you can shut down 30-50% of your opponents’ deck.  The only downside is your opponent can Lysandre around the Trevenant if you have another Pokémon on the Bench or use Hex Maniac to shut it off. Even if your opponent does this method they just used their supporter card for the turn and they are probably still in a bad situation.

If you go second and miss the turn 1 Wally have no worries because the new Phantump has an amazing attack that can help you out! Phantump has the attack Ascension which says,” Search your deck for a card that evolves from this Pokémon and put it onto this Pokémon. (This counts as evolving this Pokémon.) Shuffle your deck afterward.” This means you are almost always guaranteed to get a turn one Trevenant out unless you go first and miss the Wally since you can’t attack on the first turn.

Now it is time to talk about our main attacker which is Trevenant Break! Just like Greninja BREAK this Pokémon has a ton of HP putting it at 160 HP! Since your opponent can’t play item cards it’s hard to do 160 damage and will take at least 3-4 turns before they knock out your Trevenant. Before it’s Knocked Out, you have the option to start spreading damage everywhere. If you don’t know Trevenant has the attack Silent Fear which says, “Put 3 damage counters on each of your opponent's Pokémon.” This might not seem like nothing but after attacking for 6 turns you can knock out any Pokémon on the field except for Mega Pokémon.  The good thing about Mega decks is that they have such a slow setup that you still have the potential to knock them out before they knock you out. Another key thing to note is your opponent has to take 6 Prizes of these Trevenant while you only have to knock out 3 Pokémon-EX. One quick thing to point out is that you only need a single psychic Energy and a Dimension Valley to start attacking.

The reason why this deck is amazing is because of the new tool card Burst Balloon. Combine Burst Balloon with Silent fear and you can easily swing 90 damage and this is what makes the deck shine. This is what Burst Balloon does if you are not too sure,” If the Pokémon this card is attached to is your Active Pokémon and is damaged by an opponent's attack (even if that Pokémon is Knocked Out), put 6 damage counters on the Attacking Pokémon.” This will scare your opponent and put them in a weird situation because they have to decide whether to attack for the turn or just pass to not take damage from the Burst Balloon. Burst Balloon gets discard at the end of your opponents turn but luckily we have Eco Arm to shuffle in 3 Burst Balloons. Once again your opponent can get around this tool by using Lysandre or Xerosic but if they play these cards they wasted their supporter card for the turn.  

A lot of people will say that this deck auto losses to Dark Decks but this is not true. Once again in all the Dark Decks we see them rely on item cards a lot to cycle their supporter cards or whatever they need. Since you shut down these options you should be good to go. In expanded Yveltal is easily the number 1 deck but we saw this deck make it past it. The main concern in Expanded is Archeops which makes it hard to evolve but you still play Wally to get around it. If this deck had success in Expanded with all the Yveltal going around I imagine we will see a repeat of the same thing in standard.

It can easily be seen why I think Trevenant is the number one deck to start testing out from BREAKpoint! The power of item locking is one of the strongest components in the game and it’s why we have seen Seismitoad be so successful.  When you combine this effect with an attack and a tool that is strong you have a deadly deck. Having the option to do 90 and 30 to all the Bench Pokémon is just too good to pass up on.  Just like the other decks if you haven’t started testing this deck out make sure you do ASAP! Like I said earlier this deck won and got second at Regionals and there will be a lot of people who mimic the deck!

Another thing to note is that BREAKpoint brought a lot of new cards that one article could not cover everything.  Some cards to watch out for are Garbodor, Garchomp, Ho-Oh, Slowking, and Durant. All of these cards could easily see great success at States. Maybe in my next article I will go over some of these decks as well.


Week 1 of States is two weeks away and hopefully this article helped out with something. Once again I personally think all of these decks could easily see success at States. I can’t stress enough to start testing out BREAKpoint! It is easily one of the best sets of the format and will make a change to the meta and how people will play their decks. Hopefully somewhere in this article you will find a deck you love and you can start testing it away before States gets too close.

 If you are wondering what States I am participating in then no worries! I will be going to Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Alabama. I have gotten the okay to record States at Tennessee and Arkansas. If you have any suggestions for the recordings please leave them down below and I will try my best to work on it!

Just like Regionals, I will also be doing a Question and Answer video for each week to help address questions that people have for States. If you want to submit your questions make sure to leave a question on my Facebook page!  I will also try my best to record State Recaps from winners and people who have gotten 2nd place. I am still trying to decide if I want to do that or all Top 4 or all Top 8. Please let me know down below in the comments which you prefer. I don’t want to post a lot of videos of the same decks which is why I was thinking of only doing 1st and 2nd place because these are the decks that matter the most!

Hopefully you have enjoyed my first ever premium article! Once again if you have any suggestions on anything please leave them down below! I am always looking for ways to improve my article game or even my YouTube game. Thanks to everyone for all the support and I can’t wait to see everyone at States! I had a blast at Regionals meeting everyone and hopefully this will continue into States. Once again thank you all for the support and have a great day!

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