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Top 10 BREAKpoint Cards

In this article, Josh goes over his Top 10 favorite cards from BREAKpoint and sees what other 60cards authors think about the set!

02/06/2016 by Josh Marking

Hello, everyone! If for some reason you haven’t heard a new set has been released and that is BREAKpoint! In this article I will go over my Top 10 favorite cards from the new set. This does not mean they are the strongest or most powerful cards but just my favorite. Don’t get me wrong a lot of these cards made it on the list because of their strength but it is impossible to tell which cards are the strongest right out of the gate. Hopefully you will enjoy this article and let me know if you have suggestions or ideas for the new set down below in the comments.

The Top 10 List!

10. Reverse Valley

We start the list of with a card that helps out Darkness decks! Having the option to do 10 more with your Darkness Pokémon is great. Some people might think that 10 damage is not a lot but it can make an Yveltal do 60 damage with a Muscle Band and turns a four-hit into a three-hit. It’s weird math like this that makes Reverse Valley great. In Expanded this card gets outclassed by Virbank but if you don’t play Lasers in your Expanded Darkness deck then this is the card for you. I know some Darkness decks play Parallel City which makes me interested to see if everyone will make the switch or not.

9. Darkrai-EX

This card will only be played in Darkness Decks because its first attack is based of Darkness Energy but when it is played it’s going to be amazing. This card only needs a DCE to use its first attack and can be used out of nowhere which is why I like the card a lot. If you have eight Darkness Energy on the field you can drop this card out of nowhere and hit someone for 180 damage. The only downside is that it doesn’t have an amazing Ability like the Darkrai-EX from Darkness Explorer but its attack is too good not to pass up.

8. Fighting Fury Belt

At first glance I was in love with Fighting Fury Belt and I thought I was going to replace all my Muscle Bands with this card. The +40 HP from this card is great and it gives your Pokémon-EX over 200 HP which is crazy. Not only do you get the 40 more HP but you can still do 10 more damage. The only downside is it can only be attached to Basic Pokémon. Now this might not seem like a bad thing but most of the decks in Standard play Zoroark because of the Stand In ability and having the option for Mind Jack is great. If you do use Mind Jack you need a Muscle Band to hit that 180 damage and without a band you can only hit for 160 damage. I think Fighting Fury Belt is a great card and will see an enormous amount of play but I just wonder how the balance of Muscle Band/Fighting Fury Belt will work out.

7. Puzzle of Time

I know that a lot of people are expecting this card to be higher on the list but this card will probably be only played in one deck and in one format. That deck of course is going to be Sableye/Garbodor in Expanded. The ability to Junk Hunt for two Puzzle of Times every turn is broken because it gives you the ability every turn to get any two cards out of your discard pile. This means you can get a Life Dew every turn after they Knock Out a Sableye which is the broken part of this card. Outside of that it’s not that broken of a card. In the current game it is hard to get two Puzzle of Time in your hand because you have a lot of cards in the game that discards stuff from your hand like Ultra Ball and Sycamore. Then you will accidentally discard a piece of the puzzle and you can’t pull of the whole combo. I still love/hate the idea in Expanded but it needed to be on the list.

6. Max Potion

I know this card is a reprint but I think it deserves to be on my list of my favorites. This card has obvious combos with Energy manipulation decks like Aromatisse, Bronzong, Mega Manectric, and others. This makes it where you can heal a Pokémon to full HP and move the Energy back onto the Pokémon. Last year we saw this card make it into multiple decks outside of the Energy manipulation decks because of the ability to heal all the damage from a single card. It is a very strong trainer card and I am glad it’s back in the game.

5. Max Elixir

In this set we get a new Energy-acceleration card in the form of Max Elixir. I can go on and on about how great this card is but let’s looks at the negatives instead because we can see why the card is broken. The first problem is that the card can only attach to Benched Pokémon. This means on turn one you might have to discard your Elixir because sometimes you are in a situation where you only have an Active Pokémon and you are stuck with a Professor Sycamore/Juniper in your hand. The other problem is it can only be attached to Basic Pokémon. I wish it just said it couldn’t be attached to Mega Pokémon because I would love to have more support for Stage 1 and Stage 2 decks that need a lot of Energy to attack. Even with these two downsides this card will see a lot of play because the format is heavily dominated by basic Pokémon-EX.

4. Delinquent

At first glance I wasn’t the biggest fan of Delinquent until Andrew Wamboldt showed me how good the card is. This card gives you the option to put your opponent’s hand down to 0 and every time this card is used the opponent has to discard resources in their hand. We all know that every card in a deck is crucial and this can ruin an opponent’s day. The only downside to this card is there has to be a Stadium card in play and once your opponent sees you put a Delinquent in the discard pile they are going to be cautious about putting down another Stadium card. This card will probably be a one-of in almost every deck just to help you get that advantage whenever the opportunity shows itself.

3. Trevenant BREAK

One of the main problems with Trevenant from XY is that it only had 110 HP. This meant that Mega Manectric could knock you out in one hit because Turbo Bolt does 110. Even though Trevenant’s Ability is really great it’s fragile HP was the main problem. This is all fixed with Trevenant BREAK because this new card has 160 HP! The thing that makes this card amazing is that BREAK Cards can keep Abilities from previous Evolutions which means you still have the Item-locking going on. Not only do you keep the Ability and gain new HP but you also have an amazing attack. Combine this attack with a Dimension Valley and you only need one Psychic Energy on Trevenant BREAK to attack.

2. Greninja BREAK

The number two spot was really close to being my number one but I decided to make Greninja BREAK the number two because it is essentially a Stage 3 card. Despite that, this card is a force to watch out for! When combining this ability with Greninja from XY you have the ability to do 90 damage from by discarding two Water Energy. If you get four Greninja XY and four Greninja BREAK out you can do up to 360 damage a turn without attacking. This is a scary combo and I can’t wait to see this deck in action.

1. Ho-Oh-EX

My favorite card of the set has to be Ho-Oh! This card is a new version of Darkrai from DEX but with more damage output. This card has the potential to take 4 prizes in two turns which is broken to me! Even though this card needs 3 different Energy to attack it is possible with the new Max Elixir. Not only can you use this card with Max Elixir but, you can pair this card with Mega Manectric to help power it up. This concept is already seeing play in Japan and here is a Japanese list that has seen success! Thank you to Andrew Wamboldt for providing the list. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this article because I had a lot of fun making it! It is always a challenge to try and pick ten favorite cards from a new set when a set has over 100+ cards! I am also interested in knowing what your favorite card from Breakpoint is and if I missed your favorite one let me know! Andrew Wamboldt did a great article covering all the trainer cards from this new set. If you want to see my full set review of BREAKpoint then make sure to check out this video. It is rather long but I cover everything about the new set.

I will end this article with opinions from other authors from 60cards. I asked different 60cards authors two questions: “What is your favorite card from the new set," and "Does Puzzle of Time seem broken or not?”

Jose Marrero

"My favorite card is probably Garchomp and as far as Puzzle of Time goes, it’s not broken, but it’s really good."

Bradley Curcio

"Favorite artwork, Shinx, hands down. Card I'm most excited for is probably Trevenant BREAK. I think Puzzle of Time is really good, but not necessarily broken. It won't need to be banned or anything, but it's going to impact the meta pretty significantly. More so in Expanded, I feel."

Chris Fulop

"My favorite card would actually be Darkrai-EX. The card is far from the best card in the set, but I really like its potential uses in Expanded, where Darkness decks are already very strong. Its second attack can be enabled by heads on a Hypnotoxic Laser (or other means, if desired) and can be powered up in one turn by a Dark Patch and a DCE. This gives some really powerful burst to these decks that they previously lacked in many cases. I see it as a pretty promising inclusion for the archetype. I could have picked stronger cards, but I feel like this guy is getting far too little love, and it fits into an archetype I really enjoy playing.

I do not think Puzzle of Time is broken. I think it could change the way the game is played, but it is not degenerate in a Trump Card sort of way, at least not in my initial opinion. The card eats up a lot of deck space to play, and requires an engine built around it to reliably pair them. There are going to be a lot of spots where you have to discard one, or play one, and break up a set. You will VERY RARELY pair two of them in a game, and at that point you give up a lot of effort, deck space, and resources to get back two cards. That isn't that degenerate. The card is GOOD, maybe great, but with so much else already so powerful in the game right now, I don't think it is comparatively "broken". Now, it MAY be an issue in Expanded, where you can use Sableye with it, but I haven't gotten to test that yet, so take my "not broken" with a tentative grain of salt there."

Russell LaPerre

"My favorite card is Greninja BREAK and yes Puzzle of Time is absurdly broken."

Ryan Sabelhaus

"My favorite card is definitely Greninja BREAK. It looks pretty powerful and I've had some success with just spreading 30 damage, so 60 damage is just game-changing! I think Puzzle of Time is a really good card, but I'm not sure how effective it will be with the downside of drawing them too early. I'm not sure if they are deserving of four spots in a deck list to maximize the chances of pulling that combo off."

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