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07/14/2015 by Josh Marking

Team Fish Knuckles

Welcome to my first article on 60cards! Before I get to the article, I want to give a huge shout out to Martin Kaninsky for letting me partner with his website! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both of us. For my first article, I decided to talk about myself and my YouTube channel! For those who do not know my name is Josh Marking, but a lot of players call me Squeaky. I have been playing Pokémon competitively since 2009 and have loved every single moment of this adventure.  Throughout my Pokémon adventures, I have won multiple Battle Roads, League Challenges, Cities, Top 8 States, Top 8 and Top 4 Regionals. I have also achieved my worlds invite for 2014 and 2015. Along the way I have made lots of new friends and hope to continue the trend.  Hopefully you will enjoy this article and maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Process of the Channel

The YouTube channel started two years ago when I noticed that nobody had any coverage of Pokémon from my area.  I took the chance to start showcasing tournaments in my area with Cities in the 2013 – 2014 season and I had a lot of people appreciate the videos. Next up, I got permission to record Tennessee states for the 2013 – 2014 year and had huge success with that series. In the 2014 – 2015 season, I had the opportunity to record cities and states in my area.  This time around I decided to add commentary for the videos, which a lot of people enjoyed. I am hoping that this trend continues because it is a lot of fun to record these live matches and showcase players in my area. In February 2015 I noticed a lack of Daily Pokémon videos and took the chance by making them with Main Deck Monday, Rogue Tuesday, Way Back Wednesday, Expanded Thursday, and Fan Friday. This started a huge movement in my channel and started gaining a ton of new subscribers. Soon after was States and I decided to interview the players who made Top 8 of each State event. I did this because nobody had interviews with top tier players over Skype and this had another huge positive reaction and everybody loved it! During the States Interviews, Pooka from The Top Cut had made an announcement saying that he got a job at Pokémon and could no longer work on the channel. When he did this, he gave me a shout out to my channel which is the main reason why my channel grew so much! Big thanks and a shout out to Pooka for doing this and I appreciate everything he has done for the community!  Now, let’s go over what the shows I do on the channel and hopefully you will love the videos I do.


Main Deck Monday

Main Deck Monday is where I show off the popular decks in the format and show how they are played.  I explain how the deck works and talk about some of the flaws in deck. Throughout the year I will make updates to the decks and showcase them when necessary. This can happen when a new set is released or when the meta shifts because of a certain deck. You will probably see a majority of these decks in tournament play so it’s good to be up to date on the information and make sure to play close attention to them!

Rogue Tuesday

Rogue Tuesday is where I showcase a Rogue Deck that people can play. In this series, I highlight two types of rouge decks. One type is a serious type, which people haven’t considered playing in tournaments yet. The other type is a loose based, fun deck, which means that it wouldn’t do very well in tournament play, but would be fun in leagues or with friends. Some of these decks are very serious decks that people have not looked into yet, but I think they have great potential for the game. For the most part, these decks are fun and probably have a better chance at being played at league or with friends. Even though these decks are for fun, it is still cool to see how you can win a game with these not so serious decks.  Also, this helps people see decks that they usually would never play and see the potential of the deck.

Way Back Wednesday

Way Back Wednesday is where I took at past formats in Pokémon. Most of the time these decks are the world decks that you can buy at the stores or online. Sometimes, I play on PTCGO to showcase off certain old decks if I have the cards for them, but these cards are hard to acquire online. Even though these formats are old, it is still fun to see how these decks work and see the power of them.  

Expanded Thursday

Expanded Thursday is where I play decks for the Expanded Part of Tournaments. This is a great chance to see how old cards can be combined with new cards to see the true potential of a deck. Also, Expanded Thursday is a great way to prepare for Regionals because Expanded Decks is what you use for Day 2 of these tournaments.  The majority of the time people do not have time to test these decks so, I hope I can fix that problem.

Fan Friday

Fan Friday is where I give the viewers the power to choose my deck for the day. Every Wednesday I make a post on the Team Fish Knuckles Facebook page asking what deck should I play for Fan Friday. The deck that gets the most likes wins the war and I showcase the deck in action. These decks range from super competitive to really bad decks that should never see the light of day. But, it is always a lot of fun to see what happens next in Fan Friday!

Saturday Tournament

Saturday Tournament is where I take a random deck and play it in a tournament. For the most part I just pick a random deck that I am practicing with or that has gained hype during the week. These tournament videos are usually a 4 part series which are: Introduction, Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3. Sometimes we don’t win the tournaments and sometimes we do. If it’s a really bad deck we might not even make it past round 1! But, it is always exciting to see what happens in these tournaments and see if I can become the champion.


Tournament Coverage

Tournament Coverage is where I go out to an event and record the matches happening during the tournament. This gives people a chance to witness how others play the game and see some of their strategies in action. This also gives these players the chance to get their name out there and to help put a name with a player. The tournaments I cover are league challenges, cities, and states. Hopefully in the future I can record Regionals or bigger events to showcase more players and a wider player base.



Beside the daily videos and Tournament Coverage, I do a lot of interviews for the channel. These interviews consist of players who have done great at past tournaments and who want to talk about their deck and experience during the tournaments. These videos are great to watch because you can see how a player thinks and you can learn many strategies from the player. I make sure to ask them crucial questions like: why did they chose their deck, I ask about the tech cards in their deck, and a lot of other questions that people usually have questions about. This should help people become better players in the game!

Question and Answer

Before some big events I hold a Question and Answer video with some of the best players in the game. These videos consist of questions from the public that I gather from my Facebook page. I will make a post a day before the segment asking what questions people have and announce the cast for the show. The cast varies depending on the location because I try to get the best player from that area. This way they can answer questions about their local players and gives a chance for multiple people to participate in the videos.

Pack Openings

Sometimes I do Pack Openings on my channel. For most the part, they include a box of a new set when it drops. I think it’s great to see the pull ratio from these boxes before making a purchase of one. This way you know the odds of pulling something good out of the box.  Also, you have the chance to see how I react when I have a good or bad box depending on my luck! I also open up other Pokémon accessories on my channel when I get a chance too.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope that you have learned a little bit about me and my YouTube channel. I am always looking for new ways to grow my Channel and add new content so, if you have any suggestion please email, message, comment, or whatever you want to use. I always love hearing suggestions and look forward to reading about them. Also, I will be writing one article a month and if you ever have any ideas or want something covered in an article, let me know because I will be down.  Hopefully after all this you will take the time to subscribe to my YouTube channel and support the show. Thank you for reading this article and once again, I would like to give a big shout out to Martin Kaninsky for giving me the opportunity to partner with him and the 60cards family. Also, if you see me at a Pokémon event come say hi! Have a great day!


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