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Check out the results of latest 60cards tournament series and find out about the 60cards article series.

05/14/2017 by 60Cards

Hello, Everyone!

As you may know we have recently started the 60cards tournament series. In this series with free entry, you can win great prizes like PTCGO codes, PRO Memberships or playmats. 

Today we would like to present the results of 60Cards April 2017 tournament. First of all, lets take a look at the results. Thanks to the Seth Budrik and Cody Kressmann we can also provide you with all statistics.

M Mewtwo/Garbodor/Wobbuffet - 13
Volcanion - 9
Turbo Darkrai - 8
M Rayquaza/Metal - 4
Dark Dragons - 4
Yveltal/Garbodor - 3
Lapras Hammers - 3
Tauros Variants - 3
M Gardevoire Variants - 3
Lurantis/Solgaleo - 3
Darkrai/Umbreon - 2
Decidueye/ Espeon - 2
M Rayquaza/Manaphy - 2
Vespiquen Variants - 2
Espeon Variants - 2
Decidueye/Vileplume - 2
M Rayquaza/Volcanion - 2
Gyrados - 1
Houndoom - 1

Rogue/Other - 7

Decks that Played Garb - 16
Decks that played Wobb - 20

Let's look at the results


Now lets take a look at decklists!

First place Austen Vance

"Mega Mewtwo is a deck that I feel like has good match-ups across the board. The deck abuses mega turbo to stack energy to do a lot of damage and pressure the opponent. My favorite strategy with the deck is forcing the opponent to attack into the Mewtwo and then use Damage Change on a Shaymin EX to take 2 easy prizes. I like to think of Mega Mewtwo as an evolved Yveltal EX with more HP and damage output. Mega Mewtwo is my favorite deck in PRC-SUM because it has a really good time against Decidueye."


Second place Alice Chan

"The deck is pretty much a normal Turbo Darkrai but I pretty much focus on consistency and not having dead hands. The cards that pretty much made me to reach the 2nd place are enhanced hammer and delinquent. Enhanced Hammer helped me against Mega Rayquaza, Mega Mewtwo, and Dark Dragon deck by stalling them a turn of not attacking or dealing less damage.The delinquent card is pretty much the mvp of my matches. There are rare moments where my opponent has 3 or 4 cards in their hands and my delinquent made them have a hard time. "


Third place Vlad Gamalie

"I like the Dark Dragons deck in the pre-Guardians Rising meta for many reasons. First of all, it hits very hard and accelerates very quickly. It has the same Max Elixir engine as regular Turbo Dark with 10 dark energies to hit instead of 12, but that is still plenty. It also has Double Dragon energies that give an additional 40 damage per attachment, so it can easily accelerate to one hit KO range in 2 turns. That kind of damage output is difficult for most decks to keep up with consistently. The second reason I like the deck is the fact that it has an answer to many decks through the dragons. Giratina EX makes it difficult for decks that rely on special energies, tools, stadiums, and for mega decks. Salamence EX takes advantage of decks that run Hoopa EX for set up, one Scoundrel Ring and it does 210 damage. There are of course ways to play around these cards, but it makes your opponent go out of their way to deal with your threats.

As for the list itself, a major change I made was going down to one Oblivion Wing Yveltal. I've found that you never really need more than one unless it is prized due to the lack of bench space in this deck. It is great for a one prize attacker and to accelerate energies from the discard but it is not a crucial card. I also went down to 1 Exp Share because it does not work on Double Dragon energies and I found myself not really needing 2 in the deck. These 2 cuts made room for 1 Super Rod, which is very nice to shuffle back in a Darkrai, Yveltal, Salamence, or if you need and dark energy for Max Elixirs, and another Hex Maniac for the Decidueye Vileplume matchup. It is also great to stop turn one Hoopa/Shaymin for a lot of decks. Big shout-out to my testing team, The Six Prize Syndicate, for helping me make these changes."

Vlad Gamalie

Fourth place Steve Zhang

"The deck I used in this tournament is the same list that topped Anaheim I believe, maybe one or two cards off. I chose to play darktina for this tournament because it has a favorable matchup against most ex based deck including mega ray, mega mewtwo, turbo dark with no hammer or TFG and volcanion which I believe will be played the most in this tourney. This deck does not have too much to offer when play against deciplume but I don’t think I faced one. There is some consistency issue with the dragon variant compare to straight speed darkrai but it all depends on the meta call you made for the tournament."


Thank you everyone for participating (80 players)! Please let us know in the comments or on our Facebook fan page if you have any questions for next round's winners. You can also participate in our next rounds to win points, PRO Memberships, Playmats and PTCGO CODES. It is free and anyone can participate. For more information check out the 60cards tournament series

Once again congratulations to everyone and good luck next time.  

Next up we have The 9th round.

60cards article competition

First place Year of the (Lightning) Rooster by Paulo Mimoso

Second place Favourite Five from Sun & Moon by Miner751

Third place Golduck Will Let no Fire Burn by TomS


Prizes for this round:

1st place: $40 + 60cards Playmat (in case the author is not PRO member s/he will also receive PRO Membership)

2nd place: 60cards Playmat (in case the author is not PRO member s/he will also receive PRO Membership)

3rd place: PRO Membership

First and second places will be determined by the votes of readers.


Join us for the next round beginning today and ending July 31st

The authors can submit a maximum of 2 articles for the article competition. All "likes" will count together. The article must be at least 1200 words long. You are not allowed to advertise anothere eshops and websites unless allowed by 60cards Staff.

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Thank you for your time. Please leave us your feedback to help us to improve the articles for you! 





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