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The Nick Bailey Open 2: Charity Auction

Hello, everyone! This time we would like inform you about the charity auction we are running together with

04/30/2017 by 60Cards

Hello, everyone! We would like inform you about a charity auction we are running together with As you may know, there is an upcoming tournament in Ohio called The Nick Bailey Open 2: Charity League Cup.  The event description is below.

See the Facebook event.

We at have decided to run an eBay charity auction. All profits will be given to support the event and in addition, CCGcastle is donating an extra $200 on top of that.

What's in the auction? The one-of-kind 2015 60cards Invitational playmat, signed by all participants (Chris Fulop, Igor Costa, Chase Moloney, Gabriel Semedo, Ryan Sabelhaus, Andrew Estrada, Tsuguyoshi Yamato, and Dylan Bryan).


The auction can be found here.

We would appreciate if you could spread the word and share our Facebook post so we can reach as many people as possbile. We will be rewarding random people with PRO Memberships to help to spread the word.

Because we know there can only be one winner for the auction, you can find the donation button below if you'd like to contribute to the event.

Thank you very much for your help!

-60cards Team

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