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60Cards March 2017 tournament

Check out the results of latest tournament (60cards tournament series).

04/10/2017 by 60Cards

Hello, Everyone!

As you may know we have recently started the 60cards tournament series. In this series with free entrance, you can win great prizes like PTCGO codes, PRO Memberships or playmats. 

Today we would like to present the results of 60Cards March 2017 tournament. First of all, lets take a look at the results.

Let's look a the decks

Maxie's Yveltal - 9
Turbo Darkrai - 7
Decidueye/Seismitoad - 4
Trevenant - 4
Night March Variants - 4
Vespiquen/Flareon Variants - 4
Accelgor/Wobb Variants - 4
Ho-Oh/Xerneas - 3
Sableye/Grabodor - 3
Seismitoad Bats Variants - 3
Lurantis/Genesect - 2
Vileplume Box - 2
Bronzong/Sungaleo - 2
M Rayquaza Variants - 2
Volcanion - 1
Raikou/Eels - 1
Greninja - 1
Rogue/Other - 7

People who played Pokemon Ranger - 7
People who made Top Cut with Pokemon Ranger - 3

People who played Garbodor - 4
People who made Top Cut with Garbodor - 0

Now lets take a look at decklists


How long have you been playing Pokémon TCG?

I started playing competitively in 2005 when the Unseen Forces expansion was released. I had collected the cards since Base Set but didn't know how to play until 2003, when I convinced some of my friends to get a rulebook and learn the game.

Do you prefer the online version?

The online version PTCGO is great because you can play whenever you want with a lot of other players who are online at the same time. Even though it is not free, I still prefer it over other PTCG simulators because of gameplay, graphics and matchmaking. However, if I were to choose between PTCGO and real-life tournaments, I'd prefer real-life tournaments. It's a different kind of thrill to compete there, face-to-face with your friends and other players instead of just sitting in front of your PC.

What deck did you use during the tournament? Can you tell us some details about it?

The deck I used is a Decidueye variant that was successful in Japan first. It focuses heavily on getting multiple Decidueyes out as early as T1, and features two great attackers with Miltank FLF and Seismitoad-EX. In my opinion, Miltank is one of the best non-EX attackers in Expanded, because it can deal large amounts of damage for just one Colorless Energy. Seismitoad-EX obviously is a great card as well, but I didn't find it as useful in every matchup because it doesn't get fast KOs. AZ and Scoop Up Cyclone in combination with Decidueye's GX attack are such annoying things to deal with for every opposing deck.

Which game was the toughest one for you in the tournament and why?

I honestly don't remember every match I played during the tournament. Most of the players competing in the tournament series are very talented and skillful deck builders and players--which is why a single win is always hard work (and often some luck as well).

Do you also participate in local tournaments like League challenges and Regionals. Do you plan to play world championship?

Yes, I've played a lot of real-life tournaments this season. I don't expect to go to World Championships this year again though, because it seems like I will miss my invite after achieving it five years in a row.

Are you a member of a team? How often do you practice?

I'm a member of the team Card Leaders. We are about 20 Pokémon TCG and VG players from Berlin, Germany. We teamed up in 2009 and have achieved a lot of great results since then, such as German National Champions in every age division as well as a couple of Worlds Top Cuts. Most of the team meets every Wednesday for Pokémon League. We also have a special location to practice for high-level tournaments (that is top secret though :P). You can follow us on Facebook--just search for Card Leaders' Pichu.


First of all congratulation on your second place in March tournament. Would you tell us something about you. How long have you been playing Pokémon TCG? Do you prefer the online version? 

I have been playing Pokemon TCG for about 6 months now, I started playing again in September 2016 after not having played since I was a kid during the Base/Jungle/Fossil set days. I like the online version because it is very convenient to be able to play any time and anywhere with random people across the world, but I prefer playing with actual cards and play testing with my group of friends, The Six Prize Syndicate. Huge shout-out to them for helping me build and test this deck and all other decks I've been using.

Can you tell us some details about the deck you used for the tournament?

As for the deck itself, I have always liked Turbo Dark in the Standard and Expanded formats because I feel like it does not have a very negative match up against any deck. 3 Dark Pulse - 1 Dark Cloak split of Darkrai-EX is better than 2-2 if you ask me because you need more of your main attacker in the deck. Keldeo-EX is very useful to counter special conditions using Rush In and free retreat, either due to the Dark Cloak effect or the float stone I included in case the Dark Cloak Darkrai-EX was prized. The one major change I made to this deck before taking it to St. Louis Regionals in March 2017 was changing one of the Oblivion Wing Yveltals to a Fates Collide Mew. I like this change because Oblivion Wing Yveltal is really only useful as a single copy to offset the prize trade of your opponent and make them take 7 prizes, and Mew is very useful in playing the Maxie's Yveltal match up. This match up is probably the deck's most difficult match up because Gallade that can hit for 260 damage on Darkrai EX, so including Mew and the Shadow Circle stadium were my answers to this deck. Mew can hit for weakness and is generally a one-prize attacker that also use Dark Pulse for a lot of damage (it is very useful for many match ups) and Shadow Circle is good because most Maxie's decks only play 2 stadiums so you can easily make Shadow Circle stick or make them use Delinquent as their supporter for the turn. The final cards I'd like to mention are Xerosic and Ghetsis as tech supporters. Ghetsis is fantastic to use first turn and has won me more matches than I can count. Leaving your opponent with just energy and a stadium in hand can end a game very quickly. I almost used AZ instead of Xerosic in this deck to pick up Shaymins and help with the Acclegor-Wobbuffet match up, but Xerosic was very useful to deal with special energies and tools, so I think Xerosic is slightly better.

Which game was the toughest one for you in the tournament and why?

During the tournament, I played against Vileplume toolbox, Maxie's Yveltal 3 times, Seismitoad Decidueye, Manectric, Trevenant during the 7 Swiss rounds, and Vespiquen Flareon, Accelgor Wobbuffet, Maxie's Yveltal, and Seismitoad Decidueye during top cut. I played 4 rounds against Maxie's Yveltal, winning 3 and losing 1 of the match ups. Of the match ups listed, I would say the Accelgor Wobbuffet in Top 8 was the toughest match up because of the lack of AZ and reliance on hitting the Lysandres at the right time to allow me to use Rush In and retreat. Maxie's Yveltal is a close second, but Shadow Circle and preventing the Gallade from coming out helps tremendously. Without Gallade, Darkrai can beat Yveltal quite easily.

Do you also participate in local tournaments like League challenges and Regionals? Do you plan to play in the World championship?

I do participate in League play at my local game shop in Memphis, Tennessee and practice with my team, The Six Prize Syndicate there every weekend. Another big shout-out to them for helping me build and test all the decks I use.

Hi 60 cards! I recently top 4ed the March online tournament in the Facebook group 60 cards tournament series playing Yveltal/Maxies.

Reason for playing: This was honestly a comfort pick for me. I’ve been playing this deck for 1 year+, and I felt like it was positioned well in the meta after sun/moon came out and evolution cards seemed to becoming more popular.

Tech Choices

Double Maxie/Gallade: This is mainly to deal with the high amount of Turbo dark and Yveltal/Maxie i expected in this tournament. With 2 Maxie, it also makes your Archeops more consistent so it also helps against some of the new stuff I expected from sun/moon like Decidueye and Lurantis

Silent Lab: Sticking a Lab on turn 1 just wins games, and a well-timed Lab against most decks can really screw with their strategy. Definitely could be switched for a Reverse Valley if you desire.

Tool scrapper: This was mainly for things like Fighting Fury Belt, but I didn’t find it too useful. I would cut it for a 4th Mail if I played it again.

Delinquent: This card wins games. If you ever catch your opponent with a low hand size, this card is super powerful. Also can be used to remove your Silent Lab from play to regain access to dark cloak.

2/2 Darkrai/Yveltal-Ex: This was because I really like Darkrai against Night March and Vespiquen. The Darkrais definitely pulled their weight in those matches, but I didn’t play against those decks as much as I was expecting. To adjust for the meta, you can play 3 Yveltal EX and 1 Darkrai EX.


Thank you everyone for participating (66players)! Please let us know in comments or on our Facebook fan page if you have any questions for next round's winners. You can also participate in our next rounds to win points, PRO Memberships, Playmats and PTCGO CODES. It is free and anyone can participate. For more information check out the 60cards tournament series

Once again congratulations to everyone and good luck next time.  

60cards Team

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