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Hello, Everyone! Today we would like to introduce our latest competition for all of you!

03/26/2017 by 60Cards

Hello, 60cards fans!

Today we would like to introduce our latest competition for all of you! It has been a few years since we have started our PTCGO tournaments (as you can see here)

Today we would like to introduce a new PTCGO Tournamnt Series!

As you may know about facebook group PTCGO Tournament Series (now 60Cards Tournament Series) created by Cody Kressmann and Seth Budrik (who are still our admins) we have decided to partner with them to support the current series and add more prizes for you.

The reason why we use Facebook group is the communication. It is much easier for everyone to communicate using one platform. Every time a new event (tournament) will be created we will make sure to inform you here on 60cards and all our social channels.

Please join our 60Cards Tournament Series group to be able to participate.

How to sign in and when is the next tournament.

You can sign in via sending your decklist to We have a tournament every month and for the next one you can sign right now. Make sure to join 60Cards Tournament Series group for updated info

(Failure to send a decklist before the tournament starts will result in being dropped. If you are having any issues, please message an admins in the facebook group.)


Each tournament will either be Standard or Expanded format, typically whichever provides the best testing for Play! Pokémon tournaments. The format for each tournament is likely to change from the last, but will be shown before the start of each tournament. A season will go from August-July and will reset each year after the 60Cards Online Invitational. 

Program Use 

To ensure that the rules of a regular game of Pokémon are met, we only allow the use of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO). All other online simulators are not allowed in an effort to avoid game manipulation, confusion, and out of date card pools. If you are having issues with PTCGO, pause your match, let your opponent know what the issue is, take screenshots, and contact an admin immediately. 

Entering Tournaments

Each month we will use a new post to take sing-ups. All you have to do is comment “In” and follow the instructions to submit a decklist to be entered. There is no entry fee. 

Match Deadlines

Match deadlines will be Mondays and Thursdays at 11:59pm EST. If any problems arise, message an admin for help. If contact to either admin is not made with proper time to respond, one or both players will receive a game loss. Extensions will ONLY be made by an admin in the case of extreme circumstances, so do not expect or rely on extensions.


You must use the same decklist for the entire tournament. To combat cheating and streamline any disputes, you must submit a decklist. Send decklists to with your name and the name of the tournament you are entering in the subject.


Please use a real screenshot, so it is easy to read, including every card with how many copies of each are being played. A ✓ means you have sent in your list and have been checked in. Do not play your match without having submitted a list or you will be dropped. If there is an error, message an admin as soon as possible.

Accepted file formats:
• jpg • jpeg • pdf • png 



The pairings will post will typically be pinned or near the top of the group page (link above). An admin will comment each time a new round is ready to play. Within the comments, please try to tag your opponent and message them as well to schedule your match. 

Reporting Your Match

Just like finding your opponent for the round, please report the results of your match in the comments (for example, Table 1: Cody Kressmann 2-0 over Seth Budrik) so that it is clear for the admins and moderators reporting your matches to see who won. We also ask that you take a screenshot of the results per game to resolve any potential disputes in a timely manner.

Coverage on

Beginning April 2017, 60Cards will have a tournament report featured. Finalists will be featured with an interview, while Semi-Finalists will have lists featured. When the tournament concludes, a member of the admin team within the group or someone from 60Cards will reach out to you in scheduling the interview if you made the finals.

60Cards Online Invitational

To qualify for the 60Cards Online Invitational, you must rank in the Top 14 players for the season. To qualify for this tournament, you must earn Tournament Points from in either Monthly Tournaments or Mini Tournaments. Tournament Point payouts for both tournament structures are listed below. In 2017/18, we will move to the Top 16 players over the season. 

Season Standings: 

Current standings can be found here.

*This point breakdown will take effect the beginning of the 2017/18 season.

**Mini Tournaments will have a Best Finish Limit of 6. This is to account for the smaller size of these tournaments. 

*60Cards PRO Members will have prizing doubled. You must be a PRO Member before the tournament starts to get the double prizes. Trial accounts do not qualify for the double prizing.

**Please allow 5-10 days for prizing to be distributed. Someone from the admin team will reach out to you at the conclusion of the tournament to keep you updated on the status of prize distribution. 

Additional Prizes

Winner of each monthly tournament will receive a 60Cards Champion Playmat shipped to them.


Top 8 competitors will earn trials for PRO Memberships to 60Cards.

Aside from the increased codes, the 60Cards Online Invitational may provide additional prizes. Information will be made available as it comes in. 

We are also working on a trophy for the winner 60cards invitational. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

As we are right now in the middle of the serie we will finish the current one in July and start a new one in August again with bigger prize structure.

60cards Team

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