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A New Rule for Pokemon Catcher- Will You Flip The Coin?

09/11/2014 by 60Cards

Hello again people! This is Shintaro Ito, the author of Suicune / Terrakion Deck.

(Translater’s Note: Believe it or not, this Suicune / Terrakion deck became one of the famous decks after he won 1st place in Battle Carnival Nagoya. I mean, some people calls him Suicune/Terrakion Guy, because the deck became way popular then his real name. (Oh well) Also, I was really proud to see that Suicune / Terrakion deck was used in regionals, though I expected to see them since a lot of people actually “liked” our post on Facebook. Anyways, I really appreciate all of you reading our posts!)

 So this time, I will be talking about what kind of decks did well in Japan in unofficial tournaments according to the new format. As all of you know, a few things have changed from 8th of November:

1. Pokemon Catcher is now a Pokemon Reverse, which means that you need to flip a coin when you try to drag your opponent’s Bench Pokemon out as a Defending Pokemon.


2. The player who gets to go first will not be able to use any attacks during their first turn.  As I said previously, we actually did have 2 tournaments according to the new format. These tournaments are unofficial and what is different from most regions is that we can still use all BW cards, which means that we can use something called “eels” and Victini (V-Create). Now let’s see what kind of decks did well in the tournaments.


おーす!未来のチャンピオン杯 (O-Su! Mirai no Champion Hai, “Future Champion Cup”) This is the biggest local tournament held in Tokyo (the eastern side of Japan) every month, and many high skilled players from all over the regions take part. High-leveled games can be seen, and tournament results can be really effective to see what kind of decks will be the meta. By the way, the name of the tournament came from one of the famous phrases from Gym Guide in Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal series. (And Green!)

And that is…"Yo! Champ in making!” Yes, the goal of this tournament is to bring out a champion in the future! Some players taking part in this tournament actually won through the official tournament and gets qualified for Worlds too! We also hope to get a champion from the participants next year!

And here are the results:

1.Rayquza EX/ Elektrik / Raikou EX/ Victini (V-Create)

2.Garbodor / Landorus EX / Mewtwo EX

3. Deoxys EX/ Thundurus EX/ Kyurem PLF

金ギャラドス杯 (Golden Gyarados Cup) This one is held in Nagoya, which is in the western side of Japan. This is also one of the High-Leveled tournaments, and targets people living in Chubu areas. Players from other areas may take part if they are invited, and nearly 100 players take part every single time! Probably, you might be wondering why it’s called “Golden” Gyarados cup. A shiny Gyarados is actually red… So what does that mean? Let’s think about shiny Magicarp. It’s Gold. Now, this Golden Magicarp looks very similar to Shachihoko, a Golden goldfish which is one of the famous syllables in Nagoya. The image of Magicarp  evolving to a Gyarados just like earning experience by playing many games, and becoming a strong, skill full player is where the name came from.

1. Rayquza EX / Elektrik / Raikou EX/ Victini (V-Create)

2. Palkia EX / Altaria / Latias EX / Sigilyph 

3. Gothitelle / Accelgor / Flareon

From these 2 tournaments, you can see that eels are doing well so far. And what about the rest? Well, it looks like we’ve got some new faces. Anyways, I won the 3rd place in the Golden Gyarados Cup, so let me introduce the Gothitelle / Accelgor / Flareon Deck.


This deck is basically Gothitelle / Accelgor, but had some few changes to adapt to the new format. Due to the appearance of the Silver Bangle, it is now possible to KO Pokemon EX which has 170HP (like Mewtwo EX and Tornadus EX) by the end of your opponent’s turn. This means that 50 damage is first done by Deck and Cover, 20 damage by Poison, another 50+30 by Deck Cover and Silver Bangle, and the last 20 damage is done by Poison. For Keldeo EX, Deck and Cover can hit 160 damage with Silver Bangle since Keldeo EX’s weakness is Grass type, and it will be KO’d by 10 damage of Poison. It sounds like Gothitelle / Accelgor became stronger by Plasma Blast, but not quite. Because of the appearance of Virizion EX, it is now difficult to lock your opponent by Paralyzing, and since Emerald Slash is a strong attack that can attach 2 Grass Energy in one turn, this card became one of the meta cards. Therefore, not so many Gothitelle / Accelgor is seen today, and it seemed like Gothitelle / Accelgor is about to distinct. Now, this is when Flareon(PLF) will come in handy. Playing Flareon can increase the possibility of winning against Virizion EX, upto more than 50%. I had Keldeo EX in my deck since Stunkfisk & Druddigon (which won’t let the Defending Pokemon retreat) will ruin up my game. I also had Silver mirror, but I had that out of my deck so maybe I didn’t need Keldeo EX either. I still play 3 Pokemon Catcher since I want to KO my opponent’s Keldeo EX, and I think that I can get at least 1 heads if I flip 3 coins. Also, I changed 1 Silver Mirror and 1 Super rod to 1 Gothitelle and 1 Tool Scrapper. This was because I thought that I won’t need Silver Mirror since Plasma (Kyurem / Deoxys / Thundurus) relies very much to Pokemon Catcher, which meant that not so many Plasma decks would be seen in the beginning of the new format. I added Tool Scrapper since I thought that more Garbodor would be seen, while I strongly felt that having Gothitelle in play is the most important thing in this deck. However, after playing this deck in the new format, I realized that Silver Mirror should also be in play since I saw a few Palkia EX (Plasma Blast) and Genesect EX( Plasma Blast ). How to use: Basic The first thing you want to do in this deck is to settle Gothitelle and lock your opponent’s items. You would also want a second Gothitelle on your bench, one space for Keldeo EX if you need any, and the rest for Accelgor. DO NOT PLAY ANY EEVEE IF YOU DON’T NEED ONE. It will take up your bench space. Now, I will tell how this deck would work in each meta in the next few paragraphs.

Genesect EX / Virizion EX

Start out normally, but settle Gothitelle quickly. Play Shelmet on your bench, and your opponent will automatically hit Red Signal to KO them. After your opponent gets 2-3 Prizes, start playing Eevee, and hit an N to start your game. Virizion EX won’t be able to KO Flareon in 1 turn, so if you can hit 2 attacks with Flareon, you have a bigger chance of winning. Also, if you can play Silver Bangle, then you would need only 4 Pokemon on your Discard Pile to KO Virizion EX or Genesect EX.

Blastoise / Keldeo EX / Black Kyurem

It will be an easy game if you can settle Gothitelle earlier than your opponent’a Blastoise. What would you do if your opponent settle Blastoise earlier than your Gothitelle? It won’t be so hard if you can Deck and Cover with Silver Bangle to KO Keldeo EX, even without Gothitelle. First of all, Blastoise / Keldeo EX / Black Kyurem relies strongly on Items such as Super Energy Retrieval, so it’s difficult for them keep up as long as Gothitelle is an active Pokemon. Therefore, in most cases, you can win against this deck.


Settle Gothitele, and use Tool Scrapper on the right time. If you can get away with it’s Ability, then you can probably roll through the game. I have 2 Tool Scrappers in my deck so that I won’t struggle when 1 of them became a prize card. However, it doesn’t mean that I will loose the game automatically when Tool Scrapper became my prize card, so I think I should leave it to 1.

So back to the topic, Let’s see our meta. Basically, eels are Rolling the meta. This is because we have Victini (V-Create) that can do well against Virizion EX and Genesect EX, and eels won’t be KO’d so easily since Pokemon Catcher won’t always drag Elektrik out as Active Pokemon because of the new format. So basically, Rayquza EX can hit 180 damage really easily now. And what about the other decks? Well Let’s leave those and I will explain my prediction on what will do good outside of Japan.


Virizion EX / Genesect EX / something else

Blastoise / Keldeo EX / Black Kyurem EX

Thunderous EX/ Lugia EX / Deoxys EX / Snorlax PLF

Tier 1.5

Garbodor / Landorus EX

Tier 2

Thunderous EX / Deoxys EX / Kyurem

Virizion EX / Mewtwo EX / something else

Exeggcute / Weavile

Darkrai EX / Dusknoir


Probably Genesect EX & Virizion EX will do well since it can drag your opponent’s bench pokemon using Red Signal. Black Kyurem EX and Lugia EX can blast powerful attacks to handle them while Darkrai EX can control damage counters using Dusknoir, since Darkrai EX relied on Pokemon Catcher very much.

Because Pokemon Catcher can drag the opponent’s bench pokemon, with no risk, most of the abilities will be too strong without any Pokemon Catcher. What can substitute Pokemon Catcher? The cards in the list below are what I thought can substitute.

1. Genesect EX

The ability Red Signal is absolutely the same effect as Pokemon Catcher. Genesect EX has Megalo Cannon which is pretty similar to Darkrai EX and a G Booster that can hit 200 damage. With Virizion EX’s acceleration, Genesect EX will still be strong.

2. Ninetails Ninetail’s ability will be a Pokemon Catcher when it evolves. It was not used since Kyurem PLF can donk Vulpix with one hit of Frost Sphere. One of my recommendation will be combining with Darkrai EX, since Darkrai EX hits only 90 damage, which is not too low but not too high for an attack.

3. Dusknoir With it’s ability, Dusknoir can move damage counters around effectively. Not so many of them are seen yet, but more of them might be seen in the future.

4. Sablye Pokemon Catcher can still be effective by flipping coins. If you got tails, you can just choose to pick it by using Junk Hunt. 

5. Escape Rope It is not quite a Pokemon Catcher, but you can still drag one of your opponent’s bench Pokemon as a Defending Pokemon. Leaving an attacker that can do a lot of damage such as Lugia EX and Black Kyurem EX on bench looks like it will be a strong deck.

This will be my substitution, and now I will list types of Pokemons that might bug other players when it’s Active.

1. Suicune and Siglyph Those 2 has Safeguard witch can annoy attacks from Pokemon EX. If you can’t get around it, you may loose because of it. This kind of thing did happen before the new format, and I guess we still would.

2. Snorlax PLF This card makes you unable to Retreat. You could have gotten away with it using Pokemon Catcher before, but because of the eratta, there is not always 100% that you can get away with it. You must be sure that you have some items such as Switch to swap your Pokemon.

3. Stoutland This card unables you to use any supporter during your turn if it is Active. It will probably be combined with cards that have attacks that can switch Pokemon. For example, Kyogre EX’s Smash Turn. Though we haven’t seen much of it yet in Japan.

4. Outrage (Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem) These Pokemons will be probably become tricky when it’s active. It’s pretty difficult to HPKO 130HP with one attack. Also, if you leave them alone, they might start hitting 120 damage!

Before I end my article, I will now share 1 of my decks I’ve been using in the new format. It’s an all-rounder deck that can neither win nor loose automatically against any decks. However, adding a different type of taste to this deck may make this deck stronger in the new format. But be careful, attacking from the beginning of the game will probably lead you to lose the game.

How to use: Your field would basically look like this: Sableye, Hydreigon, Darkrai, (Dusknoir), and 2 free spaces If your opponent has Hypnotoxic Laser, play Virizion EX. Otherwise, play Giratina EX if your opponent is playing Suicune EX or Sigliyph. However, do not attack with Mewtwo EX or Hydreigon unless it’s the very last part of the game. Mewtwo’s X Ball and Hydreigon’s Dragonblast may or will lead to loosing Energy from your field, which is a risk. Also, whenever I show my list to people, they ask me whether it’s hard to use Dark Patch with only 7 Dark Energy. My answer is no, it’s not hard for me to use this card. I personally use Dark Patch in Darkrai EX / Hydreigon when I want to recover Energy, especially when my Pokemon was KO’d. I think many of you use Dark Patch as an Energy engine, like discarding 1 or 2 Dark Energy with Ultra Ball, and then use Dark Patch, but this time, use Dark Patch as a recovery source. Full Heal comes in handy when you can’t KO Pokemon EX, hit Enhanced Hammers to Special Energy Cards, and hit Garbodor and Keldeo EX’s Float Stone with Tool Scrapper. These cards come in handy in the middle of the game, but you may discard it in the beginning of the card so there are 2 Sableye in this deck to Junk Hunt for those cards.

I still have more to write, but I will leave it here for today. See you next month!

とーしん (Toshin / Shintaro Ito) Translated by 魔女 (Majyo / Madoka.U)

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