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05/13/2015 by 60Cards

Hello Pokemon Community!


We have something to share with you all. In the beginning, the idea was to start 60cards as an e-shop with free blogs for players who enjoy writing articles, but do not want to start their own website or blog. The idea did not quite work out since we realized not many players were willing to write for free. Many people didn't even know about our website, so we decided to make an investment. We have talked to many great players and authors and offered them pay for their articles to attract more people to the website and eventually get the money back from the e-shop sales. We, at 60cards, were financing all the articles for almost a year and half and even let visitors read them for free. At first, we had a lot of problems with our coders however, after we tried 2-3 companies we finally managed to find great coders who can actually deliver the features we wanted in a reasonable time. Of course none of this is actually free. So to be able to keep going we decided to create a subscription. It's definitely helping us to cover some of the expenses we make in keeping the website running. 

Anyway, why am I telling you this? As we see how hard it is to deliver content and what it costs. It seems impossible to find a webpage with quality Pokemon articles appearing everyday for free. I know there are some sites who produce content and the authors dedicate their time to write articles and I admire them! I have even donated many times to authors of articles I liked. The problem is that with so many different sites, they may not be able to reach the biggest audience they could. We believe crowd-funding is the key! Of course not everyone can or wants to donate, but there is still a percentage of people who are willing to help and donate to their favorite authors. Let's say you have 5,000 visitors read your article and 1% sends you 1 dollar. This money can add up quickly and may encourage you to write another article. As a dedicated reader would you like to support your favorite author from time to time? You may want to and even if you don't then someone else might want to.

We figured we might be able to help here. This is why we are introducing 


We have set up a very easy to use feature for each author to attach his/her Paypal account to their articles.

And an easy to use button to donate to authors you like with 60Cards charging NOTHING.

Every payment supports only the author. This feature will be available for any (and only) free article.


Every payment supports only the author you donated to. With the amount of people visiting 60Cards everyday I believe we will be able to reach the percentage of people willing to support their favorite author and game they love. Even if you can't or do not want to donate because of school or just don't have money to spend you are still a valuable member to us. Even spreading the word about the site and the project will help this grow in the long run. This feature will be available for any (and only) free article on our website. Of course you will be able to read free articles for free even if you do not want to participate.

If you like this idea please like and share this post. Of course you can also subscribe or just spread the word.

Who can participate: Anyone (YES! You do not even have to have 200CPs!)

Rules: Check out the FAQ before submitting your article. To prevent spam and ensure a high quality of the articles. Each article should contain at least 1500 words or 1200 with a video.


60cards Team

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Thank you for your time. Please leave us your feedback to help us to improve the articles for you! 





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