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2015 60cards Invitational!

Find out more information on player roster, prizes and schedule.

08/08/2015 by 60Cards

Hello everyone!

As you may know by now, The Top Cut will no longer be doing their annual invitational tournament due to their retirement. Because of that, we at 60cards decided to step up to the plate and do our own invitational! We have already partnered with fan sites and streamers in order to achieve our goal. We also appreciate anybody who would like to donate prizes, or partnership with us to help us make this a possibility. This will be the first 60cards invitational, and we'll hopefully have many more to come. 

Every year the tournament’s roster presented an interesting combination of players. As we want to keep the tournament as authentic to the old event as possible, there will  only be minor changes to the schedule.

Date, Time and Place

The tournament will take place in the open play area in Sheraton on the 5th floor after the World Championship ceremony. The start is scheduled for 6:30 PM

Format and Structure

Players will play in the same system as during previous tournaments (3 rounds, 30 minutes + 3 turns, with no ties). Winner of each match will be awarded with 3 points. Players with 6 points will advance to TOP 4 (60minutes + 3 turns).

Tournament Rules and Format

Players will be playing Standard, and we will be using standard P!P rules to resolve any issues.


1st Place: The 60cards Invitational Trophy, 2x Ancient Origins booster box, Japanese Pikachu Box, Japanese deck sleeves, T-shirt, Pikachu deck/Charizard cosplay box

2nd Place:1x Ancient Origins booster box, Japanese Pikachu Box, Japanese deck sleeves, T-shirt, Pikachu/Charizard cosplay deck box

3rd and 4th Place: Japanese Pikachu Box, Japanese deck sleeves, T-shirt, Pikachu/Charizard cosplay deck box

5th to 8th Place: Japanese deck sleeves, T-shirt, Pikachu/Charizard cosplay deck box

If you would like to donate some prizes for the players, please contact us here or at or via our Facebook Fan Page

 Let’s take a look at this year’s participants in the 2015 60cards Invitational. 


Ryan Sabelhaus The Defending Champion.

The Defending Champion.

Ryan Sabelhaus is one of the most consistent players in the game, which is why he's easily a great candidate for this tournament. In addition to his second place finish at the 2013 US National Championships and his Top 16 finish following that, he has been a perennial Worlds qualifier and tournament winner. He still continues to dominate every year, with winning four Regional Championships for the past four straight seasons. After all, he is the 2x reigning Invitational Champion. Can someone finally dethrone this monster of a player? Or will we see the first 3x Invitational Champion? Only time will tell I guess. 


Igor costa 

2012 World Champion

Second person to join the 60cards invitational roster is the one and only 2012 World Champion and 2014 Worlds Runner Up, Igor Costa. Igor is a player from Portugal loved by the community. Although his Worlds success is known by everybody.


Tsuguyoshi Yamato

The first World Champion (2004)

Tsugoyoshi Yamato is the first World Champion (2004), and is amongst a shortlist of household names within the Pokemon TCG community. Always smiling and happy to play, Japan’s most decorated player is someone worth looking out for at any event!


Andrew Estrada

2014 World Champion.

The fourth person to join the 60cards invitational roster is the reigning 2014 World Champion and Canada's own, Andrew Estrada.


Chase Moloney

Chase Moloney is a player with what is possibly the best transition from to masters in the history of the game. After winning the 2012 World Championships in the senior division, he continued to keep up with the best after aging up, placing in the top 16 at the 2013 World Championships. Not stopping there, he followed it up with a top 8 placing at the 2014 world championships this past year. He stays consistent throughout this year as well, winning two regional championships and Nationals, the only player in North America to do so this season. He keeps his decks fairly consistent, only adding a few smart techs if their inclusion is justified and essential to success. 


Dylan Bryan


The seventh player to join the 60cards Invitational roster is a player who's an overall consistency machine and USA's own, Dylan Bryan! 


Gabriel Semedo 

My first contact with Pokémon TCG was when Base Set came to Brazil in Portuguese in 1998. I used to play just for fun with friends until my brother and I quit in 2002. Ten years later, I decided to get back to the game with my brother. That's when I got into competitive Pokémon and I haven't stopped playing since. Along the years, I've won some (six) Regionals and some (six) Cities in Brazil.

In Brazil, He's known by to be a consistent player who always makes good results. His playstyle favors aggressive and anti-meta decks and he likes to invest in tech cards for his strategies.


Unfortunately, we have just learned that Sami Sekkoum will be unable to compete in the 2015 60cards Invitational. In his place, we have invited Chris Fulop to compete. Like Sami, Chris Fulop is a legend of the game. He has been playing for over fifteen years and has qualified for Worlds eight times. In addition, he finished in First Place at the 2007 National Championship and Second Place at the 2004 World Championship

Chris Fulop


Thanks everyone for your support sharing our posts and spreading the word.  

Partnering Streams and Fan Sites:

Steven Bates

Team Fish Knuckles

A Roll of the Dice

The Charizard Lounge



Leonardo Tibaut

Mary Tolliver

Daichi Ueki




Thank you all for support and feedback! 

60cards Team


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