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Ito Shintaro: Analyze of Suicune Terrakion

09/10/2014 by 60Cards

Hi I’m Shintaro Ito from Japan. Today, I would like to introduce my Suicune / Terrakion Deck, which I used in the Battle Carnival in Nagoya and won the first place with it. This deck is really special to me - It’s an odd type of deck that nobody used, so my deck was much more famous than my name. Moreover, I was qualified to WCS using this deck! I will now introduce my deck, starting from the deck list.


*Our format is different from current US & EU- we can use all BW cards, so I would change 1 Revive to 1 Super Rod.



Based on the Japanese meta and the general deck list, I will now explain how to use this deck. It might be useless since US-EU have different meta compared to Japan, but I think this will give you an idea of how to make an original deck with amazing techs your opponent can’t expect.


1.Basically, KO all of your non-EX Pokemon, that’s the most important thing in this deck.


2.Since this deck consists of non-EX, the speed of you taking the prizes and the speed of your opponent taking the prize will be really slow.


3.Be careful when you use Supporters. If you use it too frequently, you might loose because of deck-out. This can mean that you can win if your opponent deck-outs, so think about winning by your opponent’s deck out too.


Against Meta:


Darkrai EX:

This deck is really strong against Darkrai EX. Since most Darkrai EX decks seen in Japan at that time was Darkrai EX / Sablye / Absol, Suicune with a Silver Mirror will only take damage from Sablye.

Do not use Tropical Beach unless you have to, or otherwise your opponent will break the Stadium with Virbank City Gym.

Also, Attatch Water Energy first to Suicune, since there may be Enhanced Hammer.

If you knock out Sablye, you probably won’t have so much trouble with Tool Scrapper, but be careful with Dowsing Machine

If you have more than 3 Pokemons on your bench, watch out for Absol’s Mind Jack because it can KO Suicune with a Dark Claw.

Use Terrakion as a decoy, but you also have a choice to rock and roll with Land Crush.


It get’s kind of tricky when it gets to Plasma- It may be a tough game.


KO Kyurem by Suicune, using Aurora Beam twice.

The maximum number of non-EX pokemon in a Plasma deck will be up to 5.

There will be 2 Tool Scrappers in the deck, including Dowsing Machine. ( So If ACE SPEC in that deck is Dowsing Machine, then I would suspect that there’s only 1 Tool Scrapper in the deck.)

If there are 4 Pokemon Catcher, 2 Tool Scrapper in your opponent’s discard pile and if you still have a Silver Mirror, you can almost win the game.

There is briefly 4types of Plasma Deck, so you have to be able to tell witch type your opponent’s deck is.

A. You see a Keldeo EX or a Float Stone: Keldeo EX + Kyurem PLF

B. Hypnotoxic Laser: Frost Spere + Hypnotoxic Laser

C. Double Colorless Energy: Lugia (Snorlax)

D.Plasma Badge (Pretty rare)


Since Keldeo EX weren’t seen so frequently in Plasma decks in Japan, most decks does not have any Virbank City Gyms in there. (We didn’t have any big tournaments when Plasma Blast was sold, so we didn’t have so many Gothitelle / Accelggor decks. We didn’t really need Keldeo EX in plasma decks at all. ) Also, there may be 5 non-EX in this type of deck so watch out for it.

If you play Tropical Beach first, then your opponent may break it with Virbank City Gym, which makes it a bit tough. (There’s no Hypnotoxic Laser in this deck, so it will only give you negative effects)

It’s pretty rare to have a Hypnotoxic Laser in this type of deck, but if your Terrakion gets KO’d by Plasma Gale, You will have greater chance of loosing the game. I’d recommend not to have more than 2 Terrakion on your field in one time.

If your opponent is playing Team Plasma Badge, it usually gets attached on an EX, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. However, if there is a Cobalion EX, watch out for Steel Bullet because it can Easily KO Suicune. If that happens, give up 1 Suicune and try to defeat it by 2 Hits of Land Clash.

In any cases, start setting up 2 Suicunes and a Terrakion after that. Most players will play a few Kyurem, and 2 Deoxys EX, so your opponent may play a Tool Scrapper if there is an Evolite on Terrakion since it can’t be KO’d with Blizzard Burn + 2 Deoxys EX.

If you get to play first, then attach a Silver Mirror to Suicune, attach a Water Energy and a Double Color less Energy and start hitting Aurora Beam to KO Kyurem. On the other hand, if you are going second, attach a Water Energy to a Suicune with Silver Mirror, attach a Fighting Energy to Terrakion, and a Double Colorless Energy to Suicune will be the best move if your opponent gets a Tool Scrapper. After you see 2 Tool Scrappers, start attaching Tools to your Pokemon or otherwise you will loose one turn using Tropical Beach after getting an awful hand from your opponent’s N.


Blastoise / Black Kyurem EX / Keldeo EX / (Kyurem PLF)

I have 4 Evolite just for this deck. Generally speaking, Blastoise / Black Kyurem EX / Keldeo EX decks have Computer Search and 1 Tool Scrapper. Attach all of the Evolite to Suicune, and all of the Silver Mirror to Terrakion, but this changes if your opponent has Kyurem PLF in the deck.

KO Blastoise with 2 hits of Aurora Beam, but warn yourself that Float Stone may be attached to Keldeo EX.


This is technical stuff, but let me give you an advice.

Your Opponent has a Keldeo EX active, and plays Squirtle and Blastoise on his / her bench, while you have a Pokemon Catcher in your hand, Suicune active with Evolite, Water Energy, and Double Colorless Energy attached, a Suicune with no Energy attached and a Terrakion with a Fighting Energy as a bench Pokemon.

If you are going first and it’s your 3rd turn, I think you see this kind of scene pretty often. You might want to KO Squirtle first, but in this scene, you must choose Blastoise. If you beat Squirtle first, you will have a Blastoise with full HP, which means that Blastoise will have greater chance of attacking Suicune first. In that case, if Suicune was KO’d, Terrakion will hit Retaliate, but still lacks 50 Damage, gets KO’d, and now there isn’t enough Energy to attack since there is no way to attach more than 1 Energy in each turn. If there is a damaged Blastoise, your opponent will get another Blastoise, which means that 6 Water Energies will be needed, and that’s close to impossible since Thunder Energy is included in the deck. Probably, Blastoise will attack with 4Energies attached so KO it and you can take advantage of it for a while.


Genesect / Virizion

Since this deck won the first place in the previous tournament, I saw a few of them played. However, since Suicune can handle everthing except for G Booster, (There was only Genosect EX and Virizion EX in that deck) you will automatically win the game. Use Tool Scrapper to G Booster, and even if your opponent picks it up again with Dark Triad or something, use Dowsing Machine again to pick Tool Scrapper again.


Although the meta may be different, I think this deck is worth trying out.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope to see you again soon.


Originally written byとーしん (Toshin / Shintaro Ito)


Translated by 魔女 (Majyo / Madoka.U)


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