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TOP 4 Arena Cup Leipzig report

Tomáš Just went to Leipzig to compete with German players in Arena Cup. Find out how he played in this article.

09/10/2014 by 60Cards

Hi guys, my name is Tomáš Just and I´m from Czech Republic. I´d like to start this article with telling you something about myself. I started playing six years ago. After three years in seniors division where I reached 2nd place at Nationals I went to masters. I´m a league leader and boys from my league have won our Nationals four times. My league is like my team. We train together and travel to tournaments together so we are more like friends than just players from same league. Why am I writing about my league – I managed to lead Ondřej Kujal all the way from basics of the game to the title of the World Champion. I have better results as a ‘‘Pokémon trainer‘‘ than as a player. But I want to change this fact about me.

I will translate Czech articles into the English language and English things to the Czech language. But sometimes I will write something too. Let´s start my report from Arena Cup in Leipzig with description of the deck I played.

I don´t want to waste your time with all of the cards I played because there are already three reports on this site where

you can find everything about Blastoise. But to be clear I basically played James Good´s list from worlds (his article with two minor changes. Let´s speak about them:

Exeggcute/Tropical Beach –Petr Janouš won our Nats with Keldeo/Blastoiseand he was playing egg in it so I tried it and it was pretty good. There is a plenty of cards that force you to discard cards from your hand to be played and that is where egg comes useful. Let me quote Martin Janouš from his worlds report: ‘‘You are able to play way more cards and save a lot of resources thanks to this 30 HP Pokemon. My brother played Superior Energy Retrieval, Ultra Ball and Computer Search in one round at Nationals. There is a chance of having only Exeggcute in your opening hand but you have to take risks when you want to achieve something.‘‘ And I think you don´t need 4th Beach so much as you do need Exeggcute.

Tool Scrapper/Colress – Garbodor becomes more and more popular so I had to cut down my Supporters to play 2nd Scrapper. I didn´t face a single Garbodor deck in this tournament. But if I won my top 4 battle I would. But firstly about swiss rounds.

1st round – Karl Peters – Genesect EX/Virizion EX/Tropius

I was once on vacation in Berlin and there was a prerelease of Heart Gold and Soul Silver that weekend. I met Karl there so I was looking forward to our match.

I started with active Black Kyurem EX which I have attached water energy to than I benched two Squirtles and drew some cards with Tropical Beach. He attached Energy to his only Pokémon Virizion EX and flipped heads on Hypnotoxic Laser. Coin flip between turns was very important because I had Rare Candy, Blastoise, Water Energy and Cilan for three Energy cards I would need for quick win. But I flipped tails so I had to Rush In and Secret Sword for 90 (I had 4 Energy cards in my hand so I wasn´t able to retreat and than use Black Ballista). Karl used Catcher for my Black Kyurem EX and charged his Genesect EX with Colress Machine and Emerald Slash. I used Rush In and killed his Virizion EX with my Keldeo EX. He killed my Keldeo with his Genesect. I used Black Ballista to KO his Genesect EX. Karl than promoted Tropius to slow me down and force me to take only one prize card but I had Professor Juniper for two Energy cards and Pokémon Catcher.


2nd round – Sandro Althaus – Genesect EX/Virizion EX/Drifblim

Sandro was very friendly but my deck was very cruel to him.

I started with Black Kyurem EX active and played only one Squirtle and drew a few cards with Tropical Beach. He had Virizion EX than he attached Plasma Badge and Grass Energy to him. I was a bit affraid that he will have Pokémon Cathcer and Colress Machine but after playing N and benching some grass Pokémon he passed. I used Rare Candy to evolve my Squirtle into Blastoise then used Deluge to power up my Black Kyurem EX for T2 Black Ballista. Than Sandro promoted Drifloon active and used an N. He finished his turn with Tropical Beach. I had Superior Energy Retrieval so I played it and with Pokémon Catcher I killed his Genesect EX with one Energy. Than Sandro just used N giving me two useless cards. I used Tropical Beach. He used another N. I drew Juniper and than Superior Energy Retrieval to KO his Virizion EX.


3rd round – Vlastimil Bokr – Plasma Basics/Cobalion EX

Vlasta is a friend of me from Czech Republic so our game was very good. We had deck check so we had to wait for our game for a couple of minutes.

The game wasn´t developing properly for me. Once I had 2 Rare Candies in my hand, than 2 Blastoises. Than I finally managed to draw both but Vlasta had already taken two prizes. In the end I had four prizes and Vlasta had three I had to kill his Deoxys EX with my Black Kyurem EX but my last Tropical Beach was prized so I received 80 damage from Frozen City. Then Vlasta used Skyla for Pokémon Catcher for next turn and killed my Black Kurem EX with his Absol. I needed to draw 2 prizes but I didn´t have a single copy of Pokémon Catcher and if I would kill his Absol he would just use Pokémon Catcher to KO my Keldeo EX with 150 damage on it with his Thundurus EX for his last prize card.


4th round – Peter Hammer – Flareon/Weavile

I had to bench my Exeggcute because I wasn´t sure what Peter played and I was affraid of donk because I had only Squirtle.

But than he showed me Kangaskhan and Eevee. He used Call for Family for two Sneasels. I benched two more Squirtles and used Tropical Beach. He flipped four tails on Comet Punch. I had Rare Candy and Blastoise, used Rush In and Deluge to use Secret Sword. I won this game in next four or five turns.


5th round – Jasmine Kiss – Darkrai EX/Absol/Sableye

Jasmine played Darkrai EX deck which is normally no big deal for Blastoise. But she played very well. I started but I didn´t have Squirtle so I only drew cards with Tropical Beach. Jasmine attached an Energy to Darkrai and passed. I played two Squirtles and drew with Beach again. She retreated and used Junk Hunt. I evolved my Squirtle to Blastoise and started killing everything she put in the active position.


6th round – Tu Anh Hoang – Plasma Basics

We agreed on a draw to make sure both of us will make the top cut.


TOP 8 – Pascal Bock – Darkrai/Zebstrika/Victini EX

Game 1

The weirdest game I have ever played with my deck. Pascal started with his Victini EX and Victory Piece than he benched two Blitzles and hit my Keldeo EX for 100. I used only my Heavy Ball and found Black Kyurem EX. He killed my Keldeo EX. I promoted my Black Kyurem EX active. He attacked. I didn´t draw anything so he killed me Black Kyurem with Intensifying Burn.


Game 2

Second game was very fast. I started with Black Kyurem EX, two Squirtles and Tropical Beach. He used Ghetsis to get my Rare Candy away but I had Skyla for another. I killed every Pokémon he choose with my Keldeo EX or Black Kyurem EX.


Game 3

I tried to slow him up with Pokémon Catcher on his Blitzle so he was unable to power up Darkrai EX in the same turn. I had Blastoise in my second turn but I wasn´t able to draw any attacker so I had to use Hydro Pump for two or three turns.

In the very end of the game Pascal had three prizes left and I had only one. But it was my last Superior Energy Retrieval. I knew I have only three Water Energies in my deck so I used Professor Juniper, attached Water Energy to Keldeo EX and than draw a few cards with Tropical Beach. He tried to lock me out of my last Superior (it was prized) and my last Catcher (I play only 3 so there was none) with Disconnect. I had only two cards in my deck and both of them were Water Energy cards. So I drew one and “sadly“ passed. Pascal could have retreated Zebstrika for Darkrai EX and killed my Black Kyurem with it while I would be unable to kill him with my Keldeo EX and I would deck out on my next turn. But he thouhgt that I have the last Superior Energy Retrieval and Pokémon Catcher so he just used Disconnect and that was a moment when I turned over my last card with smile on my face. As I knew it was Water Energy and I attached it with the one I had from my previous turn to my Keldeo EX and used Rush In and with Secret Sword killed his Zebstrika.


TOP 4 – Tu Anh Hoang – Plasma Basics

Tui played a Plasma deck. I don´t know how but she managed to fit in both Silver Bangles and Hypnotoxic Lasers with Virbank City Gyms.

Game 1 and 2

In both games I ran out of luck. I started only with Exeggcute but I went first so I wasn´t donked. I had turn two Blastoise in the first game. But that is all I could get. Second game was even worse. Tui had loaded Deoxys EX and played Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym in first turn and I had only Squirtles. After a few rounds I had still six prizes and she had only two of them. It was already too late for twisting this ridiculous game.



I finished 4th so I have 30 CHP
Martin Bělohlávek – a boy from my league – won in Seniors
Ondřej Kopuletý from Czech Republich beat Tui in the finals so he won in Masters
Trophies were only for best GERMAN players so Martin and Ondřej got only medals for 2nd place
Booster packs were from Plasma Freeze and were german

Thanks for reading.

Written by Tomáš Just, 29. 9. 2013

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