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1st Place Worlds Report 2013 Juniors

Read Junior division World Champion´s Report. Ondřej Kujal from Czech Republic writes about his great achievement.

09/10/2014 by 60Cards


I qualified to the World Championschips through our National Championschips which I won for the second time in a row. Last year I finished in TOP 16 at Worlds so I wanted to finish even better this year. At Nationals I played Gothitelle/Accelgor/Mew EX but it was clear to me that I won´t play this deck at Worlds. The reason for not playing GothGor was that it won US Nats so everybody knew how to play against it and because it can be easily killed in first round while there are only low HP Pokémons (our Nationals was BO3 so I had better chance of winning every round even though I might be donked). My personal coach (funny to say that) Tomáš Just and I tested a lot of decks but the most effective were Darkrai variants. We only had to decide which one is the best. Tomáš said that I should play basic version of Darkrai without techs. Pros of the deck were speed and consistency.  



Final decisions:

3 Darkrai EX – Thanks to Absol you don´t have to play 4 copies of Darkrai EX.


2 Absol – Great nonEX attacker which is very helpful against Plasma, Kliknklang or Blastoise variants. On top of that you sometimes need to attack with Pokémon for only 2 energies because you might not have that many resources.


2 Sableye – There were 3 or even 4 of them in my previous decks but than I tried only 2 and it was pretty good with them so no need for more.


2 Keldeo EX – Gothitelle still was a great threat so I had to find space for second Keldeo EX.


Supporters – Pretty much standart lines. Just 2 Skylas because this deck needs to draw a lot but sometimes you have to find just one Trainer card. 1 Bianca is really awesome – watch finals you´ll find out. ;-)


2 Bicycle – Amazing card. You can draw way more cards per turn while playing Bike. Great to be Junk Hunted because in combination with Ultra Ball it almost every time gives you new 4 cards.


Computer Search – Ace Spec that allows you to discard Darkness Energies and is great for early game and great for Junk Hunt as well.


Now lets look at my games:


1. round – Cory Connor – USA – Plasma Basics

Typical start – Cory´s Kyurem was after a little while in his discard pile thanks to my Darkrai EX. Than he tried to power up Lugia EX but I killed it before he managed to do that with my 2 Night Spears. When I had damaged Darkrai EX I just retreated for fresh one. First win.




2. round – Quentin Deppe – USA – Klinklang

We both started pretty badly. Than I finaly drew Juniper and started to power up my Darkrai EX and Absol. He topdecked Juniper as well and placed 2 Klinks on his bench. I used Mind Jack do damage his Cobalion EX. He evolved one of his Klinks into the Shift Gear Klinklang than moved energies, used Max Potion, moved energies back and used Steel Bullet to ko my Absol. I attacked with my damaged Darkrai EX but he evolved second Klink into the Plasma Klinklang so I knew that I have no chance of winning this game.




3. round – Jonny Guttman – USA – Darkrai EX/Garbodor

Jonny had pretty decent start – T2 2 Garbodors with Float Stones, almost loaded Darkrai EX and hit my Darkrai EX with his Absol. I killed his Absol with mine. He killed my Absol with his Darkrai EX with Dark Claw. I didn´t have anything powered up so I tried my luck and used Hypnotoxic Laser. Heads and than tails gave me another turn to do something with this situation. So I managed to power up my Darkrai EX and with help of damage from poison killed his Darkrai EX. He played 2 Crushing Hammers and result was one head and one tail which wasn´t problem at all because I had another Energy card in my hand. He had 2 Sableyes and 2 Garbodors in play so he Junk Hunted for two Hammers. I killed Sableye and damaged Garbodor with Night Spear. He hit two heads on Crushing Hammers and than took them back with Junk Hunt. I attached Energy to my Darkrai EX and passed. Than he had two tails for Hammers and I drew Energy with my Professor Juniper.




4. round – Jackson Davies – Canada – Zekrom/Eelektrik

I started with Absol to his Zekrom EX. I loaded Absol T1 and attacked for some damage. He used N and put 2 Tynamos on the bench. I Catchered and killed one of them with my Absol and started powering up my Darkrai EX. He evolved into Eelektrik, attached Energy to Zekrom and passed. I used Hypnotoxic Laser and Night Spear to his Zekrom EX which would die due to poison to my turn and than I would easily KO his last Eelektrik so Jackson scooped.




5. round – Grayson Trowbridge – USA – Darkrai EX/Sableye

Grayson had to change sleeves because he had them in very bad shape. He played Enhanced Hammers which were against my only basic Energy cards useless so his deck was slower because of some wasted slots and gave me a chance to win easily.




6. round – Hayden Pyritz – USA – Plasma Basics

I´m very sorry but I can´t remember this match because I had almost no time to make some notes after the game and I was a bit tired as well. But I think it was a piece of cake.




7. round – Robert Lau – Denmark – Plasma Basics

I Catchered his Keldeo EX and he had promo plasma Landorus on his bench. He started to charge it up but I Catchered it and killed it with 2 Night Spears. Than he had almost nothing on his board so I managed to win this game.




TOP 16 – Omar Ben-Gacem – Great Britain – Plasma Basics

Game 1

I was faster and Omar wasn´t lucky enough to twist the game.



Game 2

Kyurem, Colress Machine, Deoxys EX, Virbank City Gym and for Juniper he drew Energy card and Hypnotoxic Laser. I had only 1 Sableye..



Game 3

Pretty much same as game 1. I think that I had even better and faster set-up so I gave him no chance.



TOP 8 – Alex Reger – USA – Darkrai EX/Sableye

Game 1

Alex managed to power up only Absol which was no big deal.



Game 2

Alex didn´t have a basic Pokémon for about 10 times. However, I was unable to draw anything useful so I only discarded a lot of cards with Professor Juniper. We both had pretty good set-ups but after very difficult and long game he won.



Game 3

Alex started pretty well but I started slightly better. The game was very difficult because Alex knew how to play his deck. I can´t remember how but I won this game.



TOP 4 – Samuel Battis – USA – Plasma Basics

We were after 12 hours of playing so it was very hard to stay focused. I can´t remember how I won 2 games but I did. I´m sorry that some of the games aren´t very detailed but I almost every time played until the end of the time limit and there were so many games that they just mix up together.



FINALS – YUGO SATO – Japan – Plasma Basics

You can watch it if you are interested. Finals are approximately from 3:56:00 here.



I´m really glad that I managed to win this amazing tournament and beat so many great players. I won a lot of beautiful prizes and gained a lot of experiences. I have to keep getting better because next year I´m going to be a senior division player and it will be harder.


Thanks for reading.


Ondra Kujal


Translated by Tomáš Just



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