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Top 8 Worlds Report with Darkrai-Garbodor

Featuring the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championship Top 8 report written by Takuya Yoneda.

09/10/2014 by 60Cards

Hey, my name is Takuya Yoneda, and I’m from Japan. To introduce myself briefly, I play Pokemon for 16 years. Im part of a team Achamo (“Achamo” means “Torchic” ), Yamato Tsuguyoshi also plays in the team, and we always play together.

I became the top8 in the Worlds 2013, taking a part from LCQ, which I won. I would like to report my games, my deck list, why I chose Darkrai/Garbodor, and explanation of each cards in my deck.


My thoughts for the deck choice

The day I started practicing for the Worlds was when BW8 was released in Japan. (BW8 in Japan mostly equals to Plasma Freeze sets, and the set was released in the middle of December in 2012). I made the “Gothitelle” deck on that day, and I’ve been studying it over from then. The conclusion that I made was: “It is OBVIOUS that Gothitelle is the strongest deck in this meta, and I still think so its today.” I thought that this deck can win against any deck for more than 50%. I thought that 2 Keldeo EX in a Darkrai EX deck would not be enough. Moreover, the Gothitelle deck our team made was strong enough to win over a Darkrai EX deck with 3 Keldeo EX build. At this point, Im still confident that Blastoise will have no chance against Gothitelle. However, when Gothitelle won the Nationals, we predicted that there would be a bigger chance of mirror-Gothitelle games, which cannot be helped. This is why I did not choose Gothitelle to play. I searched around for Gothitelle deck recipes, and I thought that I can handle those Gothitelles with my Darkrai EX/ Keldio EX deck. However, although I thought really hard how to win against Gothitelle, I ACTUALLY DIDN’T HAVE A SINGLE GAME AGAINST Gothitelle, as you can see in the report below. Aside from Gothitelles, I had a few decks in mind for the top meta, such as Plasma and Blastoise. Kyurem PLF is too strong, and if Plasma starts attacking from the beginning of the game, they tend to win through. Also, when compared to Gothitelle, the game speed would be completely different, which confounded me. We also predicted that Blastoise would be used since it was thought that it can win against Gothitelle for about 50% in general. However, since we thought that having 10% to 20% of winning chance is enough, we never thought of using it. And for Darkrai EX, our prediction was that it will be popular after Gothitelle becomes popular. Our prediction became true, and we found many Darkrai EX. However, when Darkrai EX is used, it has terrible matches against Blastoise.

I had to took some time off my studies for the Worlds since I had to practice over a big tournament held in Japan in May 2013, which meant that I had to practice over a deck with BW9 (Plasma Blast) in it. I actually couldn’t win the tournament so I wasn’t qualified. I won’t like to say this, but I don’t like how Japan manages the tournaments. It’s like choosing the person who has the strongest luck on that day. I really admire how tournaments are managed in foreign countries. So when all of the tournaments were done, I shifted back to my preparation for the Worlds. Gothitelles were ready to roll, so the only choice I would make for was Darkrai EX. I started testing and studying over it, and as a result, I came up to a conclusion that playing Garbodor with it can handle Blastoise as well.

About Pokemons:

4 Darkrai EX


The main attacker of this deck. This deck is supposed to have 3 Darkrai EXs in play. Darkrai EX may become prized, and there may be scenarios where you can’t just leave it on your bench. This is why I play 4 Darkrai EXs.

2 Keldeo EX


A key card against Gothitelle, and also for Hypnotoxic Lasers. While Gothitelle is in the game, there should be either Audino or Keldeo EX in a deck. I wish I could have played 3 Keldeo EXs in my deck, because I knew it won’t be enough to handle Gothitelle with 2, but there weren’t any space. Also, I have to note that “Float Stone” makes a good play with Keldeo EX.


2 Trubbish NVI and 2 Garbodor DRX


I had them to win over Blastoise and Darkrai EX. I also wanted to have 3Trubbish, but I didn’t have space for it. The reason why Trubbish is NVI is because I can put Keldeo EX back in play when “garbage collection” is used. This is effective when playing with Gothitelle. Also, since most Darkrai EX decks does not have any float stone in play, the opponent can’t play Darkrai EX so easily, which leads to an easy-control of the opponent. However, when playing against Plasma, I sometimes had trouble with my active pokemon asleep. Therefore, I only evolved it and left it there.

1 Absol PLF

For Plasma, Blastoise, and Gothitelle. It was obviously strong against Plasma, since it’s bench can be full pretty quickly. Also, since it can attack with 2 Energy, it can easily attack even if Gothitelle was active. To tell you the truth, I was debating whether I should play my 3rd Keldeo or Absol, but because I can use it to control my opponent’s prize number, I chose Absol for play.

1 Sableye DEX

The reason why I only played 1 Sableye is not only because of the deck space, but if I would used 2 Sableye in play, I won’t be able to play 3 Darkrai EX because of the number of prizes. I actually didn’t have any problem with this number, and I think it is enough.


4 Professor Juniper 4 N 2 Colress 2 Skyla 1 Tropical Beach 1 Computer Search

I really think that this is the least number of supporters this deck can have. I actually lost 2 matches because I didn’t have any supporters. I also wanted another Colress in my deck, but I couldn’t find a space for it again. However, I still think I need another Colress in my deck, but I think the number of Professor Juniper and N is enough. For Skyla, I used to play 3, but I thought that there shouldn’t be so many Skyla when I have ton of cards I wanted to use, If there’s only Skyla in your hand, you can choose to bring Tropical Beach, which is better than choosing Professor Juniper sometimes. If your deck does not start attacking from the first turn and has Skyla in it, I think you have the choice to put it in. Also, having the Tropical Beach in that deck can help breake Virbank City Gym. When your opponent has an extra Virbank City Gym, they tend to discard it. Breaking Virbank City Gym is effective because it can prevent Darkrai from OHKO’ed since Hypnotoxic Laser are so popular in this metagame.


1 Computer Search

Other than “Computer Search” I’ve thought of “Dowsing Machine”, “Scramble Switch”, “Gold Potion”, and “Life Dew”. Since I reduced the number of Supporters, my choice for the ACE SPAC was “Computer Search”. If I include Computer Search, I have 12 cards that lead to a supporter from the first turn. Also, when Garbodor should be in play, I can bring any of the cards I need by using it.


3 Ultra Ball

Used to discard dark energies to activate dark patch, and to search for Garbodor. I didn’t have a fourth Ultra Ball because there aren’t so many cards I want to discard.

4 Pokemon Catcher

I can’t think of any other number than four to control my opponent.

4 Dark Patch

In order to activate Darkrai EX quickly, and prepare for other attackers, I need four in deck.

3 Float Stone

This is the key card in my deck. Float stone is there not because Garbodor is in there. Garbodor is there BECAUSE float stone is in there. “WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”- That’s what came up to your head right? So let me explain.

Most Darkrai EX decks have “energy switch”. However, if the first Darkrai was defeated, and your benched Darkrai EX has only 1 energy attached, you will need “energy switch”+ “dark patch” + “energy” in order to attack. The number of “float stone” and “energy switch” will not change. However, if float stone is attached from the first place, it will be easier to attack. This will mean that, “float stone” can be treated as an Energy in Darkrai EX decks. It is also strong in the point that it can reduce the number of your deck pile easily. It can be effective when you can attach “float stone” to Keldeo EX when playing against Gothitelle because you don’t have to waste an energy card. In most cases, Keldeo EX ends up with 1 dark energy attached so it would be hard to make Darkrai ready because of good lock. If I can make a “Keldeo EX” + “float stone”, I can concentrate on attaching energies to “Absol” and “Darkrai”. Then, I came up to a conclusion of inserting Garbodor, to make good match-ups with Blastoise. So this is how I made my Darkrai/Garbodor deck.

2 Dark Claw

This is mainly for Plasma decks. Without this card, I found it difficult to beat Kyurem and other EXs. I didn’t have space for 3.

1 Exp. Share

I attach it only to Darkrai EX or Absol. I have this card in my deck because I lack of energy sometimes. There weren’t any Absols in my deck at first, because I didn’t have enough Dark Patches. It would be impossible to play 3 Darkrai EXs and 1 Absol, because there aren’t enough energy. So I used to have games with 3 Darkrai EXs and 1 Sableye, but playing 1 Exp. Share in the deck made it less need of Sableye, and had enough chance for Absol to attack. I didn’t play 2 because I didn’t have any space for it, and thus, I didn’t have any pokemon to attach it to.

1 Max Potion

Used when your opponent starts attacking with extreme damage.

3 Hypnotoxic Laser and 2 Virbank City Gym

It used “3 Hypnotoxic Laser” and “1 Virbank City Gym”, but I couldn’t give effective damage with Laser without using “Virbank City Gym”. Also, it would be easier to shift stadiums. (ex: “Virbank City Gym” to “Tropical beach” to “Virbank City Gym”. As always, I didn’t have space to insert four.


11 Darkness

Some may think that it should be “10 Darkness Energy” + “Energy Search”, but when playing against Gothitelles, it is better to have an energy card than a trainer card. Also, I won’t use Sableye so often so I thought that there is no need of an Energy Search.



Other techs:

Enhanced Hammer

I’ve thought of inserting 1 there, but inserting only 1 would not be enough to kill plasma. Also, there is only 1 Sableye so I thought that I wouldn’t need one.

Super Rod

Because Garbodor is kind of an extra character in this deck, I thought that it would be hard to play a third Garbodor, and since there is only one Sableye, I thought that there shouldn’t be any in this deck.

Tool Scrapper

I really thought of playing this card, but I thought that I might fail to draw the card when I need to. This is why I did not play this card.

I am terribly sorry, but I didn’t take a note of each player’s names I played. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Round 1 Rayquza/ Eelektross

Game 1

I didn’t expect to see a Raybeel. I tried it a few times, but it had worst matches with plasma. I had a great start - I went first, and I was able to use Night Spear from the second turn. The opponent couldn’t draw a supporter card when he used his own N, so I had my Garbodor ready and won my first game.


Game 2

I couldn’t draw a dark patch, and my opponent’s Rayquza was ready to hit 180 damage. I had my Garbodor ready, but there were 2 scrappers in the opponent’s deck. I also found out that the opponent’s deck’s ACE SPEC was Dowsing Machine. By the end of the game, 2 Rayquza was ready to hit, so there was no chance of winning even if I had my Garbodor ready.


Game 3

I had luck this time again, and I had my Darkrai ready by the second round. I KO’d Tynamos and Eelektrosses, I got my Garbodor ready, and had my other attackers (Absol and Darkrai EX) ready. I was ready enough to win the third game.


Round2 Blastoise/ Keldeo EX/ Black Kyurem (EX)


Since my opponent was Blastoise, my plan was to set Garbodor. I was lucky enough to have 2 Garbodor in my deck, not in my prizes. Also, I was able to set my Darkrai EX pretty early, and found out that there was a scrapper in the opponent’s deck. My Garbodor was KO’d once when catcher was used, but I was able to hit night spear continuously to win the match.


Game 2

I had luck again to set 2 Garbodors this time. Although both of my Garbodors were killed, my Darkrai EX and Absol were ready to roll. However, I made a big mistake. Although I KO’ed the opponent’s Keldeo EX, I accidently forgot to take my second prize. The judge was kind enough to let me take the second prize, but I still feel terribly sorry about my mistake. I only had one prize left, so I KO’ed the Wartortle to win the game.


Round3 Blastoise/ Keldeo EX/ Black Kyurem (EX)

Game 1

So Blastoise again! I was able to tell that the opponent didn’t know how to take over Garbodor, and seems like it didn’t have any scrappers in there. I took ahead to win the first game.


Game 2

I knew that the opponent’s deck didn’t have any scrapper, so I was able to control the opponent’s field and won the second match.


Round 4 Darkrai EX/ Mewtwo EX/ Absol

Game 1

So this will be my first match against Darkrai EX. The opponent’s Darkrai EX looked like it had trouble attacking because it didntt have any float stone, and had energy switch instead. I was able to set 3 Darkrai EX and Absol ready. Although the opponent used Max potion on Darkrai EX, and junk hunted to prepare for the next attack, I was able to use N right after that. I was lucky because my opponent already used 4 N.


Game 2

I prepared my Garbodor, and dragged my opponent’s Darkrai EX that doesn’t have any energy attached. I used Hypnotoxic laser to control it. My opponent had trouble drawing what he wanted, but still had 1 N left to messed me up. I got my Tropical Beach out, so I didnt have any trouble. My opponent used N, but I didn’t have any trouble to win my second game.

Round 5 Blastoise/ Keldeo EX/ Black Kyurem (EX)


I was controlling the game at first, with my Garbodor ready. However, I couldn’t do anything because I couldn’t draw any supporter card. I debated whether I should just use Tropical beach, but chose not to. That was a great mistake. However, I was able to see what was in my opponent’s deck, and found out that there weren’t any tool scrapper in there.


Game 2

I got my Garbodor ready, and I knew that there weren’t any tool scrappers, so I was able to control and won.



My opponent started out with Black Kyurem. I got my Garbodor ready as always, and used Hypnotoxic Laser to let it fall when it get’s to my turn. I had my second Garbodor ready, and attached the float stone to both of them because I knew that tool scrappers won’t be played in the game. I pushed through and won the match.


Round6 Deoxys/ Thundurus/ Kyurem


This will be my first match against Plasma. My opponent goes first and Frost Sphere. I only had Colress in my hand so I used it and ended up doing nothing but to draw a card from the deck at the beginning of my turns.


I was able to draw supporters this time, so I had my Darkrai with Dark Claw, and my Keldeo took a roll to let my Exp. Share work.



Because of Game1, I was kind of tired and lacked concentration. But this would be the last game in LCQ, so there was no time for me to rest. There was Virbank City Gym, 50 damage on Darkrai EX, and Deoxys was ready to attack. My opponent used Colress, to draw a Hypnotoxic Laser. Luckly he didn’t, so my Exp.Share worked again, and I was able to win!



I haven’t won through the LCQ for 2 years in a row so I was very glad of my self to finally win through. Some of my other teammates, which is Takeshi Tosa, and my younger brother, Takashi Yoneda also won through so I was very happy.




So the day after LCQ is the Worlds! I’ve heard that there will be more matches then before, so I was anxious whether I can keep my pace for the whole day. However, since my world wouldn’t end if I loose a match, I was much more relaxed when playing in the swiss-rounds.

Round1 Marius Vanheste (BE) Darkrai EX/Absol

My hand started out excellent. I had “Computer search” in my hand, and I also had the chance of hitting night spear from the first turn. However, my opponent used N, and my hand became terrible. I had a Hypnotoxic laser in my hand, so I used it to my opponent’s Darkrai EX. For some reason, that Darkrai EX was asleep for a few turns. Finally I was able to draw Skyla. I wasn’t so sure whether my opponent only had N or he just didn’t have a supporter, so I picked Juniper instead of Tropical beach. My opponent’s Darkrai EX woke up and started hitting night spear, so I also started hitting night spear as well. I tried not to let him beat my second Darkrai EX with his second Darkrai EX by breaking Virbank City Gym by Tropical beach. However, my opponent had his second Virbank City gym and Hypnotoxic Laser as well, but I knew I was able to make my third Darkrai EX so I KO’d my opponent’s second Darkrai EX. My opponent wasn’t able to settle another Darkrai EX up, so I was able to win the first round.


Round 2 Javier Favilli (AR) Flareon/Terrakion/Landorus EX/Garbodor/Drifblim/Audino/Mr.Mime

I’ve heard that there was Flareon before this match, so I was wondering about it. We open up our active pokemon and wow! There it comes! That’s an Eevee! I had trouble starting off because I couldn’t draw a Dark patch. Landorus EX comes up and starts hitting. I used Hypnotoxic Laser to stop it, but Audino comes up every single time and recovers. However, Ladorus EX couldn’t get it’s second energy on. I let my Darkrai EX damaged, used Max potion, and took Landorus EX down using 2 Darkrai EXs. At that time, my opponent had 3 Flareons with Double Colorless, and a Mr.Mime. Because of Mr.Mime, I realized that I should have a Garbodor in play. A Flareon comes up and hits Vengeance, but it didn’t hurt me much. I got my Garbodor ready and starts hitting off with a Dark Claw on my Darkrai EX. The second Flareon comes up and KO’d my Darkrai EX. My opponent had used 3 Pokemon Catchers already, and there were 14 pokemons in his discard pile. At that point, he won’t be able to kill my Darkrai EX with Exp.Share which had full HP. I hit N and used catcher to KO the other Flareon. He didn’t have any attackers left, and I was able to win the game without my Darkrai EX being KO’d. It was an interesting deck to play with.


Round3 Brit Pybas (US) Darkrai

I started out with Sableye, but I didn’t have any supporters. My opponent only had Mr.Mime, so I hit Hypnotoxic Laser. It looked like my opponent also didn’t have any supporters as well. He did nothing but drew a card from the deck and ended his turn. I didn’t have anything to do either, so I hit Confuse Ray. My opponent didn’t have anything to do either, so I hit confuse ray again, and KO’d Mr.Mime. I guess I had luck this time.


Round4 Jonathan Bristow (US) Raybeel

My opponent starts out with Raikou EX. I start out with Sableye. My opponent didn’t have any supporters, so he ended his turn by just attaching an energy to it. He used Thunder fang the next turn, but it was tail. I got my Darkrai ready and starts hitting Tynamo. He used Thunder fang again- Tails. That was safe. I was planning to get my Garbodor ready, so I didn’t want play my Keldeo EX. So if my pokemon gets paralyzed, then I would be in big trouble without it. I KO’d the eel on the bench, and on the next turn, he hits Thunder fang again. Tails. I use Night spear again. I was about to get him, but he got his Rayquza on the bench and uses Colress. Thunder fang, and it tails again. I KO’d the Raikou EX. My opponent uses Professor Juniper, but couldn’t make a big move. There were 3 Energies on Rayquza, but I had my other pokemons ready, so I was able to win the game, mainly because of tails in Thunder Fang.



Round5 Dustin Zimmerman (US) Sableye/Garbodor/Darkrai EX/Hammers

I was really excited to see his name when I saw the match-ups. I knew his name from before. We both started out with Darkrai EX. “Hmm..Darkrai EX…” I thought to my self, and played Trubbish on the bench. Then, he played Trubbish as well. Sableye comes out and started Hammering- “That must be Garbodor that mainly works with Sableye” I thought to myself. I have tried this deck before, so I guessed that there aren’t so many attackers in the deck, and started hitting Darkrai EX. Hammer maybe effective, so I attached my fourth Energy to Darkrai EX, and a chance of Sneasel, so I got my Keldeo out and attached an energy to it. I was able to prevent my Darkrai EX from being KO’d and KO’d Garbodor with 90 damage and a Trubbish using Night Spear. I knew that this deck was really strong, but I didn’t use it because I won’t be able to win against Gothitelle and one game can be pretty long when using it.


Round6 Josue Palomino (MX) Kyurem PLF/ Deoxys EX/ Keldeo EX / Exp.Share

This is a plasma deck that uses Basic Energy Cards with Exp.Share. I didn’t test it for a long time and haven’t played it with my Darkrai/Garbodor deck, so I decided to take time with this match because if I win, I can play in the next stage. My opponent had his Kyurem ready from the first turn, and starts hitting Frost Spear. Exp.Share was attached to it and it seemed great. I got 170 damage on my Darkrai EX when Kyurem hits Blizzard Burn, and adding the damage from Poison. I hit Maxpotion, and I realized that I made a great mistake. I accidently took my Poison marker off from my Darkrai EX, and forgot to use Keldeo EX’s Rush In. I thought that I was in big trouble, but my opponent also made a similar mistake. My opponent forgot to use Rush in as well, so Kyurem couldn’t use Blizzard Burn because it used Blizzard Burn in the last turn. We called the judge what we should do because he already commanded the attack. The judge told us that since it was in the Attack Phase, he can choose to use another attack. However, because Kyurem cannot hit an attack from the first place, he ended up without attacking, and My Darkrai EX got 60 damage in total from Poison. I got my Garbodor ready and used Hypnotoxic Laser to KO Kyurem. Now Kyurem won’t be able to KO a Darkrai EX with full HP by Blizzard Burn and Hypnotoxic Laser, and Keldeo EX won’t be able to use Rush in. I won this match using Darkrai EXs.


Round7 Gino Lombardi (US) Blastoise/ Keldeo EX/ Black Kyurem

The Top Cut told us that they wanted to take a video of the match. Although I was very happy with that offer, I didn’t want to open up my deck yet. I felt sorry for the inconvenience.

I got my Garbodor ready, and my opponent looked like he didn’t have any tool scrapper. I controlled the field to win another match.


Round8 Leandro Lopez (AR) Kinklang

I actually didn’t have the chance to battle against Kinklang, so I wondered how I should get over it. I came up to a conclusion that I should get my Garbodor. I attached an Energy to Darkrai EX, and settled Keldeo EX. My opponent used N, but he only got Klink out and ended his turn. I was able to win by using Darkrai EX. That was a lucky match.



Top32 Hanzell Ivan Caballero (MX) Blastoise/ Keldeo EX/ Black Kyurem (EX)

It was time for Tournaments after the small break.


Blastoise again! I started out with Darkrai EX. I drew Sableye and Keldeo EX at some point, but I thought that I won’t need those in play. I hit N and ended up not drawing a single pokemon. My opponent got his Black Kyurem ready and hit Black Balista. I lost the match.



I got my Garbodor, and my Darkrai EX ready. It looked like my opponent had trouble with his draw, so I was able to win through using Darkrai EX. There were float stones, so I assumed that there weren’t any tool scrappers in the deck.



My opponent had his Blastoise ready, but I also had my Garbodor ready. My opponent used catcher and KO’d Garbodor, but I got a great draw to win through.



Top16 Günther Kirchhofer (AT) Kyurem/ Thundurus EX/ Deoxys EX/ Lugia EX/ Snorlax PLF


I soon realized that this deck is a Plasma deck with Lugia in it. My opponent started out with Frost Spear, and I couldn’t draw a Dark patch. I was in big trouble when Snorlax appeared, but I realized that all I have to do was to get my Garbodor ready. I knew I won’t be able to win this match so I studied his moves and decks, and found out that he doesn’t put too much to his Lugia EX. I also checked his ACE SPAC, and whether he had a tool scrapper in his deck.



I found out that I didn’t need to activate my Garbodor this time, so I just let it play without an item on it. I only attacked with Darkrai EX and Absol, and my opponent’s Hypnotoxic Laser didn’t work out really well. I won this one.



My opponent started out with Snorlax PLF. He used Professor Juniper and discarded the scramble switch. Then, he used Colress machine twice, and got 3 Energy on Snorlax. I couldn’t get a pokemon out, so if my opponent draws a Double colorless, I would loose the game automatically. Luckyly, he didn’t. Then, Snorlax somehow retreated so I was able to retreat my Darkrai EX. My Darkrai EX was ready, so I was able to beat Snorlax that turn. However, I didn’t have any supporters left in my hand. I remembered how many supporters were left in my deck, so I checked my discard pile again to make sure that I had two supporters left as the prize. I hoped that my prize would be a supporter, but it was a catcher. I drew a card from my deck and that was Professor Juniper! I used the catcher I got from the prize and KO’d Kyurem. My opponent couldn’t draw a catcher, and I knew that my opponent wouldn’t be able to use scramble switch so I was able to win another match.


Top8 James Good (US) Blastoise/ Keldeo EX/ Black Kyurem (EX)


I first couldn’t guess what deck it was because there was only Keldeo EX on my opponent’s field. If it was Blastoise, then I would be in big trouble, so I played trubbish. I was right, but I realized that I can’t control it, so I used junk hunt to settle, but Garbodor’s lock was gone. I thought I was able to get through, but my Keldeo EX was stucked in active by Pokemon catcher. I made a big mistake there. I was supposed to attach a Dark Energy to Keldeo EX, but I gave an extra turn to my opponent by playing N. This was why I lost this game. I also didn’t have many cards left in my deck, and couldn’t add more cards to it by using any supporters. I knew I won’t be able to win this match when he didn’t bring Blastoise from his deck last turn, and it didn’t matter whether I used Pokemon Catcher. He brought Blastoise from his prize, used Black Balista, and I lost the match.



This time, I had trouble getting Trubbish in play. My opponent got Blastoise by using Computer Search. However, since he discarded Black Kyurem EX when using Ultra ball, I thought it should be the best to KO Black Kyurem EX first. Black Kyurem EX became fast asleep, so I was able to KO Black Kyurem EX. By the end of the game, I was able to KO two Keldeo EX at the same time, and won this match.



I found out that Garbodor was in my prize, and I let 1 Trubbish in play. Then, to my surprise, Blastoise was ready from the second turn! Black Kyurem was ready and KO’d my Trubbish. I hoped that my opponent’s pokemon becomes asleep using two lasers, but it was helpless. I thought of using my third laser, but it was my last one so I decided not to hit it. My opponent’s Black Kyurem EX hits Black Balista to my Darkrai EX, and I did my best to beat that Black Kyurem EX. My opponent had 1 prize left but I couldn’t hit N or draw an item, and my Sableye ended up being KO’d by Blastoise.



I had 34 matches in total, but I was able to enjoy every single match. I really think that Worlds is the place to meet all kind of people, and it was just like a dreamland! I really wanted to win the last round I lost, because I could have won the scholarship if I won that round. However, I lost because of my mistake so I will practice harder and should be qualified in Japan, not from LCQ and take part in the worlds next year.

I would like to say thank you to everybody who played with me, everybody who watched my games in the Worlds, everybody who watched my games from the streams and everybody who supported me, members of “Team Achamo”, and my family.

I wish you the best to all of you who read my article for 2013-2014 Seasons!

米田卓弥 (Yoneda Takuya)


Translated by 魔女 (Majyo / Madoka.U)



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