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2019 60cards Announcements

60cards continues to grow and gain new perspectives in order to become the best resource for new and experienced Pokémon TCG players!

11/07/2018 by 60Cards

Hello, 60cards fans!

Last week an article was released that drew controversy around the Pokémon Community. At 60cards our main focus is to provide content: Content to new players, current players and casual players in the community. Our goal is to help our writers improve the community through their articles as well as improve the content they release. With regards to this controversial article, we failed at both sides of our goals. To this we apologize to the community and to Jay Lesage. Whatever he was trying to say, we should have caught it. We have been very open in letting our writers post what they will so the content is somewhat raw. Moving forward to better ourselves, we will be double checking all our content to make sure something truly borderline as what was worded will not be seen like that again. We really love our patrons as they allow us to produce this content, and we are sorry to have disappointed you. Jacob Lesage has since resigned from his post as a writer at 60cards. He has done a great deal in both the game and for 60cards, and he has decided to take time away from writing and focus on his career. We wish him luck on all his endeavours and thank him for his past work. Everyone makes mistakes; it's only human, it's what we learn from them that shows our personal growth.

Today I (Martin) have some news I would like to share with you. When we started 60cards 5 years ago, we had no idea where it would lead us. The amount of support has been amazing from you guys. We have been growing tremendously and I am happy I can say we are one of the biggest sites producing Pokémon TCG content exclusively. The goal among the people on our team is still same — to make the biggest and greatest page where you can enjoy Pokémon TCG content. I have been lucky in that I had an opportunity to work with some amazing people here at 60cards and also have met so many awesome people in Pokémon community. When I look back and see how the game and community has grown and changed, I feel I am not the one who can push 60cards to the next level and bring more ideas. It is because of this amount of work on one person, that things can slip under the radar — managing a website alone can be difficult so to stay true to our goals and promises, I know I can no longer do it alone.

Thats why I think it's only logical to transfer the leadership of 60cards where it always belonged — to the hands of players who understand the game and the community. I am very happy to announce two awesome and respected players and my friends —Zachary Lesage and Mark Dizon will take over 60cards effective November 7.

Zach Lesage is a 26-year-old player from the Toronto, Canada area and has been playing the Pokémon TCG for over a decade. He started his competitive journey way back in 2005, obtaining his first World Championship invite in 2006, and he won the 2013 Canadian National Championships! He is still crushing it competitively by making Day 2 of the World Championships 2017 and earning a Top 16 placement in North America for the 17/18 season. His in-game expertise mixed with his management background make him an ideal partner for 60 Cards.

Mark Dizon is fairly new to the Pokémon Trading Card Game starting in January of 2017. In his first full season last year, Mark was able to qualify for worlds. Mark top 16d NAIC 2018 and has 2 regionals day 2 placements to his name. With a background in Yugioh and Magic: The Gathering, where he achieved multiple rptq invites and gp day 2 placements, Mark has throughly enjoyed the community and growth that Pokémon provides. A Senior Marketing Recruitment Specialist, Mark brings a bevy of new ideas and concepts; working with a tenured player like Zach should help facilitate new ideas within 60cards. Writing-wise, Mark's focus is his level-one series, which looks to help new players in the game

We look to our next steps and look to re-earn your trust. We know we have disappointed some people and that is what drives us to improve. As we head into 2019, we have a lot in store planned as Pokémon continues to grow. I think this change will only push 60cards forward, and I am super excited for what the future brings for Pokémon TCG, community and this website. Once again thank you for your support! I am still looking forward to seeing you at tournaments.

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