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Find out how to contact our pro players for coaching services! You can get one-on-one help at the level you need it. Contact coaches below for details.

01/20/2018 by 60Cards

Hello, Pokémon fans!

Today we would like to introduce you our PRO Member Expert authors who offer coaching! In case you are interedsted in coaching make sure to check out the latest article by Jay about coaching ("SIMON SAYS" - A DEEP LOOK INTO THE COACHING PROCESS). 

Our expert authors have all different methods and approaches. To give you an idea what you can expect we have this list of possible “features” that might be available to you:

- advanced peer-to-peer gameplay via PTCGO or 'real' decks either online or in person 
- confidential help via online/messaging services such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, SnapChat, SMS Text, Skype and/or Discord
- step-by-step proper play through procedures to maximize winning percentages
- proper metagame analysis and proper deck information
- enhanced decklist help and/or deck coaching capabilities
- in-person advice and guidance at tournaments or using a digital medium to support you during and throughout events
- advice on travel plans, breaking even financially, selling cards, buying cards, etc. 
- flexible availability to fit into your lifestyle for lessons

The shorter version and most basic way to describe coach service(s) is that the coach helps you to enhance your game to bring out your maximum potential playing the Pokémon TCG.

60cards expert coaches

Here you can find:

Name of the coach

Price per hour ($)

Price for PRO Members


Available language.

Aaron Tarbell 25 20 Facebook En
Caleb Gedemer 27 22 Facebook  En
Chris Fulop 35 30 Facebook  En
Daniel Altavilla 35 30 Facebook  En
Igor Costa 40 35 Facebook  En, PT
Jesper Eriksen 30 25 Facebook  En
Jose Marrero 35 30 Facebook  En
Marc Lutz 55 50 Facebook  En, DE
Martin Janouš 25 20 Facebook  En, CZ
PokémonMentor 55 ** Facebook  En, SP
Rahul Reddy              40  35 Facebook   En             
Zachary Lesage 40 35 Facebook  En 
 **the 24/7 program        

Most of our coaches have been coaching for quite some time and have seen success in the students that have been coached. All information is confidential between the student and the coach so as to not create an unfair advantage in any circumstance.


60cards Team


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