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New Competitions and Giveaways!

Check out what we have for you all in 2018!

01/21/2018 by 60Cards

Hello, Everyone!

We have a little update for you! 60cards competitions and giveaways are back, so here is a little preview of what you can be looking for!

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Free Stuff!

As you may already know, we run a special promotion for anyone new who is interested in our PRO Membership and supporting the website. Anyone can join our free trial. Also, anyone who signs up for a year-long membership will receive a free 60cards playmat! Thank you for your support so far!

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Every month we run free giveaways on our social platforms -- Facebook and Twitter.

This not only gives us a chance to promote ourselves, but also to reward our supporters, so join us if you have not already done so to receive regular updates and info about giveaways!

Join our current giveaway 

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60cards article competition

The 60cards article competition is back starting today! You can submit up to two articles, and the votes on those articles will count together. The competition ends February 28, and the winner will receive $40, while second and third place will be rewarded with our 60cards playmats! For more information how to propertly submit an article please check our FAQ.

60cards PTCGO tournament series

Join the PTCGO series to win 60cards (limited edition - Champion stamped) playmat and PTCGO codes. Anyone who is a PRO Member is getting twice as many codes for rewards! The series can be found here on Facebook.


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