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Introducing 60cards Decklists & Tournaments database

11/18/2017 by 60Cards

Hello, 60cards fans!

We are happy to introduce our new beta program DECKLISTS & TOURNAMENTS DATABASE.

First of all we would like to say this is mostly possible thanks to our new cooperation with PokeStats and Tate Whitesell. You canc read his first article here.

Our goal is nothing less than to build the world’s biggest decklist database. The new decklists section can be found on the top right side of our main page. We will be constantly adding results and lists from tournaments as we receive them or find them.

Right now we have our September section ready (Check it out) for collecting results. October and November section will soon follow.

There are 3 main ways we will be collecting the results (please understand we would love to allow more but it is impossible to follow more channels than these 3).

1) Comment under the article (recommended) - Every month a random selected user that commented with results or decklist under the article will receive a 60cards playmat.

2) Message our Facebook fan page. (recommended for decklists).

3) Tweet tournament results to us.

When posting the results we are looking for following:


Name, date, location, and format of the tournament.

1- name of the player

2- name of the player

3- name of the player

4 - name of the player

(or top 8)


As for the decklists, for League Cups we will be collecting only winners’ lists.

For Regional Championships and higher we will be collecting top 32 (or whatever the top cut number is).



How do we get the results and the decklists?

- lists and standings from players

- standings from tournament organizers

- lists and standings from Facebook groups

- standings from websites (we have received many screenshots of websites we do not know and since that we can not credit them. As for those we do know we would like to mention official Pokemon website, Limetless TCG and Pokestats. If you believe your website is not here and should be, let us know).

Can you help us?

Definetly. We are more than happy to receive results from your or your friends’ decklists that made top cut at big tournaments like Regional and International Championships, or won a League Cup.

What about crediting the players?

Every decklist presented in our database is either found in a public post or directly sent to us by players. It is impossible to credit the creators of the decklists if we do not know them, so let us know if you want to credit someone when sending the decklist and we will add their name next to the deck. It is so important that the creators of each deck in our database be properly credited, so please help us make sure this happens!

Our database DOES NOT contain ANY decks that are under paywall or other forms of subscription of any kind. All decklists can be publicly found or were sent to us by the players.

Can you share decklists from our database?

Sure! You can even click the name of the player (it changes the URL LINK) and then copy and paste the link to get your friend exactly to the decklist you want. Please do not share any decklists that are under paywall from our or any other website. Please understand that is something that help us to produce our content both free and the paid one.

Do we reward players?

YES! Every month we will be giving a 60cards playmat to a randomly selected user that submitted results or a decklist. Additionally, a playmat will be given to a player whose decklist is presented in the database. Those prizes might be modified after we get past this beta testing phase.

How can you support us?

The best and easiest way for you would be sharing our free content. For those who would like to support us even more you can consider subscribing to to our PRO Membership. However please do not reshare our paid content as this is something that help us to run the website.

Should you credit 60cards? 

Credits are not required but appreciated!


Check out the database!


60cards Team

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Thank you for your time. Please leave us your feedback to help us to improve the articles for you!





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