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My Lightning Strike Worlds 2015

A small report on my Day 1 Worlds 2015 experience

09/12/2015 by Goncalo Pereira

Hello 60cards readers, i am back with a new article, this time i will be writing a report about my Day 1 at Worlds 2015, i will write about pre-tournament ideas, my deck choice and the report itself. I played on day 1 of Worlds and it was a pain to figure out what would be the best play, our metagame has changed after Lysandre Trump Card´s ban and we have had few tournaments after that to playtest, everything was in development and the metagame was not stable for a proper choice.

Before Worlds I playtested months prior to the tournement with somefriends but we couldn’t get conclusions, we ended up with two theories: you need to play Garbodor or Crobat to deal with two popular decks, Raichu and Night March and you need to have an answer to Klinklang since without it, it´s an autoloss. I couldn’t playtest the week before going to Boston with our Portuguese Playtest Crew but, as always, they get me on the current metagame and what would be the solid choices, I must say thanks for that. I couldn’t help much on the process but we always support each other when Worlds is coming so we can get the best results possible.

I ended up with three possible choices: Night March, Manectric or Seismitoad based decks, I didn’t want to play Seismitoad because I was really afraid of the mirror matchs, sometimes you can’t do anything besides top decking the whole game and another times you are winning the game and it´s really easy to lose control of it. I wanted to play Manectric since it seemed to be a solid deck but my experience with it was not good, I played Manectric the first half of this past season without any good records overall. The card itself is good but it doesn’t have a good partner and it´s damage output is too predictable and your opponent can control that. Another thing that was making me distrust the deck was that everyone was hyping the card and when this happens it won’t work well since everyone will be aware of it. Night March would be a good choice but I haven’t tested the deck enough to get a good list so I didn’t want to risk it. Finally I choose to play Manectric/Crobat/Lasers but I didn’t have confidence in the deck and I ended up 2-3 and dropped from tournament. The decklist I played was:


I played Hypnotoxic Lasers with Virbank City Gym because it would give me an advantage when they stay asleep. It helps on mirror matches because you force opposing Manectrics to retreat or get KOed in two hits and you can even let them asleep and get 2 free prizes. It a good card on Night March matchup since you can get KOs on Joltiks with Overrun and its good against Seismitoad since the first turn Laser plus Virbank is a pain to deal with. I choose to play Zubats from PHF since I wouldn’t be attacking turn 1 if I start with Zubat and normally it would stand one more turn with the 50HP so I think it was a better choice over the other ones.


Round 1 vs Greninja/Miltank

The first game I started with a N supporter and after I played it I didn’t see any supporters for five turns, when I did my opponent already had setup and I couldn’t get over it, I tried to N him twice to 2 and 1 cards but he always managed to get Junipers so I lost this game.

Game 2 I couldn’t get anything from first turn getting a KO on lone Zubats and this was my first round at Worlds.


Round 2 vs M Manectric/Center Lady/Keldeo

When I saw a mirror match I thought I would have a chance here since I had an advantage but I was wrong because my opponent had every single card to counter my strategy. He played Pokémon Center Lady so he could heal and recover from Hypnotoxic Laser and he played Keldeo EX with Float Stone so even when he couldn’t find a Center Lady he could Rush In and retreat to counter my Laser. Besides that I failed supporters again and when I started setting up he already had 1-2 Mega Manectrics and I was far behind him. He played Head Ringers which slowed me down more than I would like, since I didn’t play Xerosic or DCE I always had to get one more energy on my Manectrics. I end losing this mirror match.


Round 3 vs M Manectric/Seismitoad/Garbodor

Another mirror match, we agreed that if we tie the player with few prizes left after 3 turns would win the match, since a tie would get both of us out of day 1. I managed to win game 1, I can’t remember this whole game but I know he attached a Muscle Band to Garbodor and I was out of Supporters in hand besides Lysandre and VS Seeker so I promoted his Garbodor to active position and I knew he would have trouble to retreat it. After that i could draw some cards and get setup while he was stuck with Garbodor active. The rest of the game was pretty simple, attack and retreat, heal and Lysandre, etc…

I lost game 2 so we went to game 3 and time was called, I knew I had to take 4 prizes to win this since I had a Shaymin EX on play and he would KO it out, I managed to get a KO on Seismitoad EX and my opponent would have to play Lysandre to KO my Shaymin EX to tie on prizes. I had Lysandre in hand and if he played N I would win if he did not I would win as I could KO his Shaymin EX and have few prizes left than him after turn 3.


Round 4 vs Night March

Finally a game in my favor, he couldn’t get setup and I managed to get an easy KO on Mew EX with flip Head plus Tail on Hypnotoxic Lasers. This version of Night March was not the heavy Shaymin EX one or at least I couldn’t see the 4 Shaymins. I can’t remember this whole game but I know I won it.


Round 5 vs Landorus/Lucario/Hawlucha

I would need to win all straight rounds till the end of day 1 to go to day 2 and there was a bunch of fighting on top tables. This game was pretty ridiculous and describes pretty much the power given to fighting type decks. Game 1 he opens with Eevee and I thought it was a Flareon deck since there was a bunch of those. I start with Manectric Ex attach Spirit link and energy and pass. He benches a Lucario EX and after that I realized he could get a KO right there, he attaches Strong energy and plays Fighting Stadium, attaches Muscle Band and searches for Switch with Korrina and attacks with Missile Jab for KO on my Manectric EX. After that KO I could get some benched Pokémons but he starts to get consecutive Kos and I just quit that game.

Game 2 I knew what I was playing against so I started to build as many Crobats as I could, he benches Landorus EX so I knew I had to get enough damage on Landorus EX to KO it with Manectric EX when he gets to active position and I could do it. After that I just attacked with Crobat applying weakness to Lucario EX and getting AZ and Center lady to keep my Crobats alive while I the six prizes.

Game 3, I knew this was gone be difficult, he managed to get a turn 1 KO again on my Manectric EX, since I started with it twice in this matchup and after that I had a hard time to setup. When I did I could get some prizes and the game was close for both os us but I never was lucky enough for him to miss a card and my chances to go through day 1 were over.



My conclusions are that I didn’t playtest enough to figure out what would be the best choice for Day 1 and I misjudged the deck I played. I would make some changes to the deck, basically I would add at least 1 Xerosic to deal with Head Ringers and 1 Muscle Band because it helps a lot the fighting matchup if you can deal 50 with Crobats.

This was a small report on Worlds 2015 Day 1 and I hope to get some more articles done this season, hope you like it and see you ;)

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