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Hello, my name is Theo, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I want to tell you about my 2015 premier season.

06/30/2015 by Theo DC

  This is my last year as Junior, and I’m planning on attending Worlds, so this was very important for me.

            The first premier I played was a City at Dima Games in January. I played Plasma/Lugia, the same deck I used for last Nationals, earning my first 50 points. Then I went a weekend to Mar del Plata, were I changed my deck to M-Gengar/Trevenant, won in two tournaments and earned another 100 points.

            Back in Buenos Aires I changed deck again, this time to Metal/Bronzong and participated in the City Championship at Dominaria Comics, opening an AZ full art in the prized, that I decided to include in my deck. It helped a lot, and even saved me at Nats. Later I went to the City in Storyboard, but didn’t earn any points there because I already maxed out with 4 won City Champs. To get more practice I went to a League Challenge at Muy Lejano, and there I found that Lucas, last year Junior champion, had returned to play.

            On March began Regionals. The first one was at Dima Game, I finished 2nd with no points (no kicker). Sad because of that, I went back home and started testing a lot more. At home I tested with my dad, we had several decks with proxies for testing: Donphan, Night March, Gengar, Plasma items, VirGen, Yveltal/Seismitoad and several variations of Seismitoad/Garbodor and then Seismitoad/Slurpuff. That payed off, because the next week I won the Regional at Muy Lejano. Two weeks later I won the Regional at Storyboard, getting 530 CPs and with great confidence for the next Regionals. Then at Regional at Urza it all changed. Lucas won there and the next Regional, the last game because he draw a Lysandre with just two prizes. No points for me at those events again, and the Regionals season was over. To try and win some more CPs, I participated and won another three League Challenges, where I tested some variations of the metal deck, like M-Aggron, and I was ready for Nationals.

            After the results of the Nationals at Brazil, I was 9th in the ranking, out of the invite with travel award. ¡I needed some points to get back in! I didn’t knew who were going to come from Mar del Plata, but I knew at least one player (Bauti) was playing Fairy and Lucas surely would have some variation of Seismitoad. Last time it was with Slurpuff and Swampert, so I decided to play 3 Aegislash-Ex to block him if he played on basic energies. I also decided to play a third Lysandre instead of a fourth Sycamore and play with only two VS Seeker, since Quaking Punch nullified my items. The final list I used was:



            On the first round at Nationals I played against Lucas. We drew and I was very lucky because my Dialga (last Pokémon in play) was at 10 HP and poisoned. I played Steel Shelter and drew the match. On the second round I played Bauti with Fairy/Gardevoir and won because he had weakness. On the third round I was very nervous, because I needed to win to get at least a 2nd place and earn some points to get into Worlds. My opponente of the third round, Francisco, played Yveltal/Seismitoad, which I had tested a lot against at the begginning of the season. On the third game I managed to get a Lysandre and catch for the win.

            I ended up first place, earning my title as National Champion on my last year as Junior, and securing a travel award to Worlds, since I finished with 1075 points, first in the category for Latinamerica.

            See you in Boston!

 Juniors @ AR Nationals 2015

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