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Jay Young

Fort Wayne Report

Fort Wayne Regionals 2014, along with LC after the main event, unfortunately i took only 66th.

11/04/2014 by Jay Young


Round 1-Eeveelutions with Deoxys (2/0 Win)
Round 2-Eeveelutions with Thunderus and Deoxys (2/0 Win)
Round 3-Pyroar with Sizematoad (2/1 Win)
Round 4-Donphan/Dragons was Henry Prior (1/2 Loss)
Round 5-Donphan/Dragons/Sig (1/1 Draw)
Round 6-TDK (2/1 Win)
Round 7-Donphan/Dragons/Riachu (2/0 Win)
Round 8-Aggressive Lando with 4 max...... (1/2 Loss)
Round 9-Aggressive Lando with 4 max. same list..... (1/2 Loss)

Over all the Vir/Gen/Riachu/Deoxys/Mewtwo was the correct play, in my game against Henry, I wasn't very prepared for the match-up, along with whiffing a lot of my muscle bands, in the future probably will up my list to include 4. Going forward my next donphan match-up was much better, I didn't whiff nearly as hard, was able to set up fairly early in game one, game 2 was similar story to Henry's and my game, with game 3 was very back and forth I had 4 energy left and he had no floats and muscle bands, my last grass was in deck time was called I red signaled a Sig and he couldn't retreat, causing a draw. In my match against TDK I whiffed an attach game 1, causing a loss, game 2 went as normal. Getting into game 3 my opponent wasn't able to draw into a supporter turn 3, so opted for a blizzard burn my active Vizirion causing him to gain a supporter and switch. The game progressed pretty normally, we were around 8-9 and with this i realize he has maybe 3 energy left in deck and choose to red signal his Deoxys off bench to rack up damage on his Kyurem preparing it for the knockout, after he attaches and passes i continue to red signal his other Deoxys on the bench racking damage on the original red signal target, this continued for the next 2 turns getting a double Deoxys knockout for game. The matches against Landorus, man major credit to those guys, that list is probably the second hardest match-up for a standard Genesect list. The max potions and Hawlucha's do so much work it very hard to deal with unless they draw poorly.

Probably going forward I'll seriously consider cutting Mewtwo for something else, he was very underwhelming this tournament, and part of that is the match ups I had, but that being said its varies from game to game. Playing Riachu was absolutely the right play, others i heard had 1-1 Balloon, honestly Riachu got in there almost every game either with free retreat, or for prize trade. As a small side note, Newman and I had a small conversation about balloon lines vs any of the other options and the kind of consensis, was that you can easlily take 1 game out of 3 if they dont know you play it, that was a strategy I was able to abuse at the 2014 Nationals, not with balloons but with lasers.


In the league challenge I played Ray/Eels, went 6/1/0, only loss was to Andrew Wambolt, dead drew. To be perfictly fair, he probably would have beaten me in the mirror anyways between having alot more experiance in the mirror, and haveing keldeo float in that list. It was interesting to play the deck for the first time in a tournament setting, as far as Ray/Eels goes, the list i played was very standard but i chose not to include keldeo float and went for heavy switching cards expecting alot of extended genesect to be played. Though Genesect would have been a favorable matchup i would rather not give my apponent the chance to take 2 prizes without G-Boosting. The deck does hold up to most standard decks to nobodys surpise, though the "struggle" i heard about with garbodor was borderline not existant after playing that matchup 3 of my matches. I will say that Eels will more than likely continue to be a strong play with phantom forces comming out.

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