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My name is Mia Violet, a 26 year old player from Oregon, US. Competitive Pokemon has been in my life for about two years now. I'm relatively unknown outside of the local area, and have made Top 8 at a few large events, but haven't been able to clean up with a 1st place victory. Many people may recognize me thanks to my final swiss match against the would-be 2014 World Champion, Andrew Estrada

10/23/2014 by Mia Violet

I'll be writing about the 2015 BC Regional Championship that just finished wrapping up on Oct 18th in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC. We didn't have enough players to qualify for a Day 2, or even for 9 full rounds of Swiss. I think this is because NoCal had a Regionals in San Jose on the same day, which split up the Pacific North-West's players. For this event, I played my signature deck, Duskrai. This is actually a deck that I've been playing for way too long, to the dismay of some, and I believe that others may start to fear that I don't know how to play anything else! Let's start off with the list, so that we know what we're talking about:

Whoa. That's a lot of 1-ofs!

How did I ever do anything with this poop? Well, let me quickly explain the reasoning behind a few of my card choices.


Seismitoad EX - A single copy of this drama-inducing amphibian helps slow down other decks enough to let me set up my fat ghosts. As I didn't run any water energy, Quaking Punch was the only attack that I was concerned about. For a Double Colorless Energy (DCE), I was able to swing for 30 and then lock my opponent out of using any items. The damage is neglible in most decks, barely chipping away while you set up bigger attackers. For me, however, 30 damage is 30 damage to put anywhere I want with Dusknoir's ability later in the game. With the addition of silencing my opponent's items, I was able to set up with less pressure while exerting my own damage. Against Donphan-based decks, which were very popular, the Toad becomes a necessity and turns the matchup in my favor by an insane amount.



Team Flare Grunt - I played one of these pals, as it is a Supporter that can work through an opponent's Toad lock. Being able to snuff an energy off of an opposing toad often creates 1-2 turns of breathing room for me as they struggle to find another DCE to attach. This is paried very well with my own Toad, locking them from using Switch or Float Stones to retreat. Additionally, paired with my one Jirachi EX, I was able to search it out consistently and knock off the 1st-turn attach from a Virizion player, which completely negates their entire first turn.


Rise, my minions, rise and fight once more!


Max Revive - This is probably the most surprising card in my list. Many of my opponents actually asked to read the card after I played it, because they had forgot it even existed. The point of this card was to bring back key Pokemon into the deck again - a Dusknoir I unfortunately was forced to discard early on, or a Seismitoad that just died. The key text of this card is that you do NOT shuffle your deck after playing it, meaning that you can then use Bicycle or Professor Sycamore to draw into it immediately. This gives consistency in getting your cards back into play. I did not play a similar card that most others may have considered, Sacred Ash, as I feel that it puts too much back into the deck, and also requires a shuffle, meaning you may not even draw into what you were trying to recover.


Hey, let me be your starter, look, hey, listen, hey, look!


Jirachi EX- Our favorite Wish Pokemon has been the center of much deck controvery and discussion lately. Some groups believe that this card should be a staple in every deck, providing great consistency and an emergency supporter should you be in a pickle. Others believe that she is nothing but a liability waiting to happen, and can cost you more games that you'd win by playing it down. Myself? I wish this little.... well, I don't want her to be in my starting hand of 7 every single important game.



Keldeo EX - I chose to include the water unicorn thanks to his Rush In ability, which gives me a free switch whenever I need it. This comes in handy very often, as it appears that people LOVE to bring Dusknoir active for me (how kind!) and then pass, hoping to stall me out. Yeah, that ain't happening. Another great benefit of Keldeo is that since he usually has a Dark energy on him, I can just attach a DCE and swing at water-weak Pokemon for substantial damage - 140 with a Muscle Band! This comes in handy against Donphan and Landorus EX.


Let's get down to business, and defeat the Huns talk about the tournament!

Round 1 - Andy Gray (Virizion/Genesect)

My opening match was against an experienced player who travels across all of the US to play, so he's actually someone I've heard of! The opening game started off pretty tame, and I'll be honest, it's difficult to remember the proper details of my first round this late after the tournament! The apex of our series was the ending of game 1, in which my opponent had 1 prize remaining, with me at 4. He had just G-Boostered my only Darkrai EX, leaving himself with 3 active energy, so I promoted a naked Dedenne as my final bastion. Dusknoir was in play, and I had 280 damage floating around afer my last turn, leaving me needing only one energy to close out the game. My supporter for the turn didn't turn up an energy, so I went ahead and moved 170 damage to his only Virizion EX to knock it out and take two prizes - an energy! After attaching it, moving the remaining damage up to the active Genesect, and attacking, I was able to grab my last two prizes in that same turn. Two of my four prizes had been energy, so I'm glad to have hit either of them there. The second game was much more one-sided, with me taking a clear victory to 2-0 the series, thanks to Team Flare Grunt.


Round 2 - ??? (Seismitoad/Garboder) 1-0-0

Unfortuately, I do not remember my opponent's name, because well, I'm really bad with names. Sorry pal!! This series was very stressful, as I started game 1 with a Duskull going second. My opponent got a turn 2 Quaking Punch and Garboder lock, which put a sour taste in my mouth, and had me expecting to lose the game. I was able to get energy in play with Oblivion Wing from my baby Yveltal, and also hard-evolve into a Dusknoir. My huge break in this game was when my opponent had opted to retreat his active, damaged Toad and bring up another Toad to Grenade Hammer and KO my Yveltal EX. This was an egracious mistake for him, as it opened me up to not only use items on my next turn, but he also put 60 damage on his own field for me! A Megaphone on this ripped a tool from his Garboder, turning my Sinister Hand ability on, and my eyes glistened with excitement as I took out both of his Toads in one turn with a second Yveltal, and closed the game out the following turn. Game two ended up much of the same, but me attacking with Quaking Punch before him, locking him out of being able to get Garboder's ability up.


Round 3 - Dylan Mitchell (Pyroar/Seismitoad/Mewtwo) 2-0-0

Dylan is actually a good friend of mine, someone I consider to be my adopted son. I actually have a group of very talented players who just aged into Masters this year who all refer to me as their Mother (yet none of them gave me a card on Mother's day, how awful!!).

Fabulous max

This deck is actually one of my most difficult, as Pyroar is only able to be touched through Hypnotoxic Laser, and Dylan opted to play two Mountain Stadiums in his list to bump my only Virbank. The matchup comes down to whoever runs hotter, and in game 1, Dylan ended up running as hot as a crippled ice cube. Every Roller Skates, he flipped tails on. Out of 3 Catchers, he got one heads, which wasn't too important, as it was on one of two Duskull, which I was able to Max revive before Sycamoring back into on the following turn. He started Toad with a Muscle Band, but I was still able to get a Dusknoir running manually. After I Lysandred his naked Mewtwo EX, lasered it with Virbank, and Night Speared, putting 30 on a Litleo, he scooped after realizing he couldn't retreat that turn, which was a very smart move. I would have ended up moving all of the damage off of the Mewtwo, killing a Pyroar and his only Litleo, and leaving his Mewtwo alive and poisoned. This would have let me continuously move my damage off of Mewtwo onto any Litleo he benched, killing them immediately.

Game two was actually a pretty rough roller coaster for us both. Dylan started with a lone Litleo, attached a fire and Muscle Band, and ended up passing his turn into my starting Toad. I dropped the Muscle Band down, Ultra balled my hand away for Pokemon, biked into a 3 more cards, and played the Sycamore I started the game with. This all cost me 5 total supporters, as I was digging for the DCE to attach and win the game with via a donk, as Litleo is weak to water, and I'd be attacking for 50 before weakness. Unfortunately for me, I whiffed the DCE, attached a dark, lasered, and passed. Dylan evolved into a Pyroar, got tails on Skates, and passed. This turned the game into a draw-pass-draw-pass scenario with me Quaking Punch every turn for 0 damage so he couldn't play items, which were the majority of his draw power.

Unfortunately for me, my Virbank City Gym was prized, so my second laser was stuck only doing ten a turn. I wasn't able to get much of anything, after foolishly burning half of my deck's supporters in one turn trying to win on a donk, and Dylan ended up getting a DCE to attack, eventually winning the game as I was not able to get any damage to stick, and had my Lysandre discarded on turn 1. In the final turn, I tried to Flare Grunt his DCE on his Pyroar to try and stall him into a deck out, but he had the 4th and final DCE in his hand to win. In retrospect, I should have discarded his Fire Energy here, but I had expected a Blacksmith or another Fire attach instead of a DCE.

Game 3 ended in a tie with me swapping between Pokemon, using Max Potion twice with Dowsing, and pegging him with lasers until time was called. If I were going to lose to anyone in the tournament, I would hope that it would be Dylan. Fortunately for me, I was able to net a tie instead, which I would rather have over a victory against him.


Round 4 - Rafael Bobenerbobreithianbobenieth (Yveltal/Garboder) 2-0-1

Rafael is a local dad in the area who has the most difficult to spell surname ever. Sorry if it's wrong! These games were actually pretty fun, as neither of us ended up drawing dead, missing key cards, or any of that sort. Rafael was just newer to the game, and happened to make a few key misplays, such as Lysandering my Dusknoir, then passing when I had a Keldeo with a Dark on it already, and him forgetting he didn't have Garboder in play yet. The matches were still exciting and fun, and I was able to clean up the series 2-0. Afterwards, he asked me what mistakes he made so that he could learn from them and get better, and I helped him out there. What a nice dad!


Round 5 - Sam Chen (Donphan/Outragers/Walls) 3-0-1

Well, here we go. I expected to run into Sam at some point in the tournament, hopefully in the finals of Cut, but we happened to face off during round 5. Sam Chen has been around in the game forever, and has always been a very strong player. Donphan was his deck of choice for BC, which I was extremely confident against, as I hadn't lost a game against it in testing at all. Unfortunately for me, my game 1 ended with a loss, as my Toad was the 6th and final prize I had yet to take, and he was able to kill both of my Dusknoir that I set up in game 1. I believe the biggest surprise in game 1 came when I Lyandred his bulked up Donphan after he knocked out my only attacker. I attached a DCE to my Keldeo that had a dark already, dropped a Muscle band, and rushed in to attack with Secret Sword for 140 damage thanks to Donphan's water weakness. This wasn't enough to win the game, but it certainly helped me almost get there.

Game 2 was much, much better, as I was able to go first, and get out a Keldeo, Darkrai, Toad, and second Duskull, and attach a DCE/Band to my Toad before passing. After a dark attach to Keldeo, I began to Quaking Punch, locking him out of being able to play any tools. Unfortunately for me, he started Sigilyph, so I was punching for 0 damage! After a huge play to get Dusknoir out involving a Max Revive and Bike, and dropping a Laser to go with the Virbank I played the previous turn, I was able to get some damage in play while still Quaking Punching while I set up Yveltal EX. A clutch sleep flip on his Sigilyph a few turns later left him unable to attach and retreat for an attack, which definitely helped me close out the game without risk. If he had woken up there, I still believe that the game would have been mine, but he'd be much better off, and it definitely did not help him to miss that attack.

We did not have time for a game 3, as it was called as I ended game 2. Donphan is a difficult deck to get 3 games in against, and I was pretty disappointed at my game 1 prizes, but still happy that I was able to end it without a loss. Look how cute he is with my Mismagius hat on!

 "I'd Perish-Trap you, babe ;)"


Round 6 - ??? (Lugia/Kyurem/Deoxys) 3-0-2

Another person who I do not know the name of. He plays a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh, though, I remember that much. He totally drew 6 cards to start with instead of 7, and we had to get a judge over to fix that. Nothing bad, just drew an extra card at the start of his turn to make up for it!

These matches were fairly weird, to be honest. Without Enhanced Hammer, I needed to play around Plasma in a much different fashion than I have been typically used to. My opponent was able to win the flip, and just blew up with starting Deoxys, dropping Float stone on her, playing two Colress Machine onto his Lugia, attaching a Muscle band, and playing Juniper into a DCE. I spooped myself a little until I remembered that he can't attack turn 1. My turn consisted of starting Duskull, attachinga dark to it, and being forced to Jirachi for a supporter (or else I'd lose to his attack next turn).

I threw down a Dedenne and a laser without Virbank, no sleep flip, but was able to get some minor damage in play while Lugia ate my lil guys. My next turn was very boring, as I immediately played an N, got a single energy on my Dedenne, and attacked for 120 thanks to Lugia's weakness to fat rodents. I was able to set up a Dusknoir the next turn via Rare candy, and start attacking with Yveltal to get energy onto my Darkrai. The game started to twist in my favor, as he went too deep with Lugia, putting himself into an awful place to be N'd and not have back-up attackers. The funny part of the game happened when he Lysandred my Jirachi to Raiden Knuckle for 60, only to have me Max Potion it off and retreat for an attack. He did that again, only for me to Dowsing and heal once more. His third Lysandre hit the Jirachi once again. Becuse I moved damage to knock out his threats he was powering up with Raiden Knuckle, he had bench space to drop a Kyurem and get a Rainbow on it via Knuckle. I didn't have a way to kill the Kyurem, as I didn't think he ran it, and I didn't keep enough floating damage to kill it that turn. The game ended when he was able to Frost Spear for the KO on Jirachi for his last two prizes after attaching one of his final energies from hand to it.

Game two was much more in my favor, as I had Laserbank going turn 1 on his Deoxys, got Dusknoir up, and was Quaking Punching him for 50 damage thanks to Muscle band. He began to power up a Lugia on his bench, thinking I'd let his Deoxys die, but I continuously moved damage off it, locking him into doing absolutely nothing, leaving him only able to attach a DCE to retreat Deoxys. Rather than draw, attach, passing, my opponent took quite a bit of time to think before each move, which is completely fair, but it caused the match to drag on. This game was won very, very slowly, but I didn't lose a single prize this time.

Game 3 was ending up nearly the same way, but he lead off with a prize grab on Lugia. Unfortunately, I couldn't close up game 3 before turn 3 of time was ended, so it ended up as a draw. Obviously, my opponent could have had a big trick up his sleeve to win the game, but I feel like I had better board position and control to win if there wasn't a short time limit.


Round 7 - ??? (Virizion/Genesect) 3-0-3

Catchy preteen music has never been so stressful!

Here I am, with a Three-oh-Three record, being paired up against a 4-1-1 player. This guy shall remain nameless, as he is a Canadian who was rooting for my arch-nemesis Andrew Estrada in my match against him in the final round of Swiss at Worlds, which would decide who made Top 8. Actually, I just forgot his name, but he was super chill and I wish I could remember his name. NOTICE ME, SENPAI!!

He opened going first, as has apparently been typical all day. After dropping another Virizion, Mewtwo, and Mime, he attached to his active Virizion and passed. My turn was pretty similar, placing some benched cuties and attaching to an Yveltal EX. I discarded my Toad and Keldeo this turn with an Ultra Ball, as they are not needed against Genesect. My opponent was able to get an Emerald Slash off onto my baby Yveltal and attach the two energy to his Mewtwo EX. This went back and forth until he had 4 energy on a Mewtwo EX, a Genesect with a Plasma energy on it that he red signaled my Duskull for, and me having a built up Yveltal EX now. There wasn't anything special in this match, though, I made an egracious misplay on my final turn, which was attaching to my active Yveltal EX to swing harder against his Genesect, rather than just attaching to a benched attacker. He promoted his Mewtwo and attacked for the 1-hit KO. I mis-did my math entirely, thinking that I would survive by 10 health, which is pretty stupid on my part!

Game two I was able to go first and get an Yveltal EX set up quickly to start swinging, and Dusknoir happened to fall into place perfectly. This game was in my favor, and while he didn't dead draw, I just overpowered him by Y-Cyclone bouncing my energy before he could retaliate.

In game 3, we had maybe 15 minutes left. Both of us did a courtesy nod that neither of us want to tie, so we'd play at a brisk pace to try and squeeze the game in before time, because a 3-0-4 record would not let either of us make cut. His turn was once again a standard Virizion turn 1 with a grass going onto his active Virizion, benching Genesect and Mime, and playing an N. I got N'd out of Flare Grunt in my starting hand to an Ultra Ball, so I played that to grab Jirachi to nab Flare Grunt to set him back a turn. I then attached to baby Yveltal, banded him, and played a laser, and started to O-Wing for some damage. This game was pretty back and forth, and was one of the more exciting games I had played all day!

I had two Dusknoir in play, an Yveltal EX with some energy, and a Darkrai with 3 energy that just got KO'd. This left me with six prizes against his now two prizes remaining. I used Sinister Hand and moved damage to kill a powered Genesect and then Dowsinged for Flare Grunt to kill off his only grass on his active Genesect. From here on, I did nothing but attach to my Yveltal EX every turn and Evil Ball for a lot of damage. My opponent had one of his Shadow Triad in the discard already, G-Booster hidden in his thick deck, and all 4 Plasma energy either in play or in his discard. He couldn't Triad for a Plasma energy, assuming he had a Triad left, or he wouldn't be able to attach the two Grass he needed to attack.

The game got very tricky from here, with me playing an N, and him getting Juniper off of that to draw 7 new cards. He whiffed G-Booster. I played an N again on my next turn, and he once again got a Juniper for 7 and whiffed G-Booster again, but at this point, I had retreated to my baby Yveltal and was Oblivion Winging instead, knowing he can't attack AND Red Signal in the same turn to close out the game. He sent up a Mime and passed, so that I couldn't just 1-shot his Virizion for my last two prizes with my now-insane Yveltal with 7 Energy and a Band. I played my last Laser, and had Virbank in play already, since he had no counter stadiums for me to worry about, and O-Winged for 30 damage, with another 30 from the poison. He was forced to attach a grass to his Mime so that he could clear the poison, or else he'd lose the game: Either his Mime dies going into my turn and he is forced to send up one of his EX Pokemon that I can 1-shot with Yveltal EX, or he attaches to his Mime to clear the poison, but doesn't get to attach to his Genesect so he can attack later. I just moved the 60 damage to his powered up Genesect to prevent a Max Potion play (which I do not believe he played at all, but better safe than sorry), and O-Winged again. My next turn I just moved all 90 to his Jirachi for game. I could have also moved 40 to his active Mime, had it die, and then 1-shot whatever he sends up with my Yveltal EX. I closed out the game right as Time was called, so we barely made it.


America. Fuck yeah




Whoa, that's a LOT of text for a single series, sorry about that, folks! TL;DR: Yveltal with 7 Energy and a Band was too much America for my Canadian opponent to handle.



Round 8 - Koichi Nishida (Donphan/Outragers/Walls) 4-0-3

Here I am, one win from being able to get the 18 points and hope to bubble into Top 8. I was paired up twice throughout the event, even with my Round 1 opponent going 0-3-0 Drop, so I figured my resistance was going to be high enough to make cut if I won this series.

Koichi is another local Oregon player who is extremely skilled, so I was pretty worried about having to face him, even if my matchup is positive. What made it worse was that his dad told me to not beat his son, so the pressure was kicked up to 11. How rough!!

I'll try to not make this as long as my round 7 report. I'm going to start here by saying that this is the most focused I have been on a match in a very, very long time. I was entirely in the zone, even with Brit Pybas constantly stealilng my Mismagius hat while I played :(

So, I flip over Toad going into game 1, going first (holy crap!), and threw down some cute ghosties and other things my deck has. I discarded my Dedenne to grab a Keldeo as well, and attached the DCE to my toad. Koichi begins with a Sigilyph and starts to set up Pokemon, attaches a Strong Energy to his Phanphy, and passes. I'm now able to Quaking Punch and lock out his items, keeping his active Sigilyph poisoned with the laser I played turn 2. Koichi actually made a grave mis-play right here, on his second turn, as I only had one Duskull out, so he attached an energy to his Sigilyph to retreat and evolved into Donphan, then Lysandered my Duskull. He used Spinning Turn, retreated into Sigilyph, and was about to draw his prize before I reminded him that Duskull actually resists fighting, so he only did 40 damage instead of 60. I was able to attach to Keldeo, get my Toad active, evolve the Duskull to a 'Clops, and get a second Duskull out. Being unable to kill that Duskull on that turn allowed me to get a turn 3 Dusknoir, and Lysandre his Donphans to do 100 damage, or just hit into his Outrage walls and move that damage off so that Toad can attack more often. When Toad finally died, I had a powered up Darkrai with 3 energy and an Yveltal EX with 4 energy. I won the game by taking 4 prizes in one turn with Sinister Hand with just 20 damage to spare - he had two Hawlucha in play, which are very easy 70hp prizes thanks to Darkrai.

In game 2, I was able to get a powered up Yveltal EX and a Dusknoir up before he could kill it. In this game, Koichi opted to just power-attach to a single Donphan while hiding behind Sigilyph, and used Wreck to 1-shot Yveltal EX with energy. This let me promote my Toad with a DCE that I just Y-Cycloned onto (as using Evil Ball on a Sigilyph is kind of dumb), move the 30 damage I've accrued due to poison damage to his active Donphan, and 1-shot him with a Quaking Punch for 100 thanks to Muscle Band and weakness. After this, I was able to Lysandre another Donphan, then Dowsing for Lysander for a third Donphan in the next 6-7 turns, leaving him with no attackers or energy.



Hooray! I'm now 5-0-3, a total of 18 points.

There would be at least one person who bubbles in with 18 points, and if most of the top tables don't ID, then perhaps even 2-3 people with 18 points could sneak in. Unfortunately for me, I heard that many players who were at the top tables just ID'd themselves into cut, making it so only one person with 18 points squeezed in, which was not me :(.

All in all, I feel great being able to go undefeated, with 2 of my 3 ties being winnable (sorry Sam Chen, but I think my deck just fares better against Donphan, no hate!), and one being a loss to Dylan's Pyroar. That would have put me at 7-1-0 without the limit of time, which is very successful in my eyes. I feel that my deck ran much more smoothly now than it did at Worlds, and I'm not sure if that's because of luck, or because Toad helped me stall and do chip damage to set up.

Shoutouts to On The Bubble, with special mentions to Kenny and Amelia for casting and streaming the matches at British Columbia! Even if I wasn't on stream, I always appreciate the hard work they put into getting coverage out there, it truly does help the game grow. I'd also like to thank my OR friends who have dealt with me playing the same stupid deck forever, and my sons for helping me test.

With the advent of Phantom Forces before the next set of tournaments, the City Championships, I may end up playing something new and exciting, such as Manectric EX! As a side note, I feel like I should add that I was extremely close to registering for the BC Regionals with my M-Heracross deck that I've been playing with, as it is EXTREMELY fun. I wasn't confident in my matchup against Donphan with it, as they play so many Lysandre, and also was very nervous about Pyroar being very popular, a deck that's pretty rough on our green pal.


Hopefully I can remember to take a notepad to my next event and write names down, and have a more concise play-through of my games, rather than the huge blocks of text I have now. I think that I could work on getting my match summaries to be smoother and have less fluff, but unfortunately, I'm a person who likes to be detailed, to the point of where it makes me write way too much. See what I'm doing right now? That's what I'm talking about :(


~Mia V.


(Author note: I submitted the post, but was logged out before it submitted. Luckily, I had it copied to a notepad file just in case, but I had to re-do formatting. Sorry if there are any formatting errors!)

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