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Chris Collins

"Flips aren't for scrubs!" 4th seed day 1 at AZ Regionals.

Hi, I am Chris! I am a player from Utah. I started playing Pokemon at a "Competitive" level in 2013. I have always loved Pokemon and have been playing the games since I was 7. My favorite Pokemon is Litwick because of its unique design and the fact that its my mascot.

10/23/2014 by Chris Collins

I was asked to talk about my deck I took 4th seed going into day 2 with at AZ. I ended my day at 7-2 and landed in 4th due to a sky-rocket resistance with my only losses being at table 1. 

At first glance, this deck may seem actually standard and something we've all seen before. But, as games progress and you take a second look at this list, you realize that this is a totally different beast in itself. 

I wasn’t very crafty with the name I gave it and just called it Bulky Yveltal. This deck was built to counter the existing Meta and still be very straight-forward. The main strategy of this deck was simple, win an exchange. The way I was able to do this is by abusing Y Cyclone as my main attack and swing for a solid 90 and move the DCE to a benched Yveltal, which in most cases, is a 2 hit KO. If I whiff the DCE, I can still Evil Ball for a considerable amount. While I was doing this, I was able to use cards like Hard Charm, Super Scoop Up, and Pokemon Center Lady to make sure their 2 hit KO's turned into 3 or 4 hit KO's. In a format where 2 hit KO's are abundant, this deck shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The decks best matchups were probably the 3 most prevalent decks on week 1 of regionals, Fighting, Seismetoed, and Virizion/Genesect. Even though I was only paired against 4 of all the decks combined day 1, those decks could be seen on most tables.

The way my Virizion/Genesect matchup was magnificent is the fact that 2 hit KOing me was quite a task when they must fuel their board with Virizion. While they do this, I am able to use Evil Ball for massive amounts of damage since Genesect takes 3 energy to pull off an attack. As you may assume, G-Booster could rip through this strategy by 1 hit Koing me and discarding thier own energy, this is the reason I decided to play Spiritomb. The strategy is consistent and makes for fast paced games.

I considered Seismetoed to be an extremely favorable matchup due to me running 2 of the true toad counter, Pokemon Center Lady. This helps get out of those situations that Hypnotoxic Laser gets the best of me and also nullifies Seismetoad’s attack completely with a hard charm.

Lastly, I feel as though my Fighting matchup is quite explanatory, -40 ain’t no joke.

With me facing a total of 2 Yveltal, 1 Yveltal/Toad/Garb, 2 Virizion/Genesect, 1 Fighting/Garb, 1 Klinklang, and 2 Plasma Lugia, I ended up at 7-2. My 2 losses were to Plasma Lugia as I can firmly say: Near nothing beats Lugia when it runs hot.

Without further ado, here was the decklist I took to AZ Regionals:

4 Yveltal EX: I decided to run 4 as this was my best starter of the deck. All I wanted to do T1 was to attach an energy to Yveltal and pass. (maybe attach a Hard Charm) This strategy may remind you of Virizion/Genesect. Most of those decks play 4 Virizion, so I play 4 Yveltal.

2 Darkrai EX: Even though Fighting was an abundant deck and Darkrai wasn’t a key attacker, I still played 2 for its Dark Cloak. It played perfectly into my strategy to Y Cyclone to other Yveltal, wash, and repeat. This also made T2 Y Cyclone much more possible.

1 Jirachi EX: This card was near essential in my deck. It allowed me to play a skinnier draw supporter line. With the help of Super Scoop Up, I was able to either spam Jirachi, or save it from its inevitable KO.

4 Lysandre: With me mostly taking 2 hit KO’s, this card was essential to my success and I would never play less than 4 in this deck.

2 Skyla: As I have mentioned earlier, this deck runs almost like Virizion/Genesect. Most good V/G lists play 4 Skyla to be able to near ensure the T2 Emerald Slash. The card plays the same role in here, to search out important cards like Ultra Ball, Switch, Startling Megaphone and most notably, Professor’s Letter.

1 Startling Megaphone: I knew that the smart Virizion/Genesect player would get G-Booster out ASAP starting game 2, so this card was essential so I can dispose of the G-Booster immediately. I had a bunch of out to getting out Megaphone with the help of Skyla, Jirachi, and Computer Search. Also was a niche card to get rid of tools in general.

I hope you enjoyed this analysis on a strange deck by a strange player. I am personally so excited for this cities format. It has a lot of promise and is slowly turning the game back to a healthy state. More on that format next time!

-Chris Collins

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