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28th-7th of May News Summary

In this weekly article series I will summarise the Pokémon TCG news of the past 7 days, so that you don't miss anything.

08. 05. 2017 by RappelmannTCG

There haven't been any Japanese cards, but a lot of new stuff on Poké

The most important one being the change in World Championship requirement, especially in Europe and adjustments on CP given at Premier events.

This is the amount of CP needed to qualify for the Pokémon TCG World Championship now:

But that's not all--here are the updated tables on CP distribution:

source: Poké

For a lot of players, especially in Europe, this means they just got their invite because of this change, and with the SPEs to come a lot of people still have a chance for theirs.


Another quite big change, regarding the news from last week, is the way Promo reprints are being handled now. Since the "Best of XY set" was released after the XY series already finished in Japan, it would have been pretty weird for them to reprint all the XY cards. However, now the alternate artwork reprints don't get new set numbers, but keep the old Set with an added "A" for alternative.


This will also mean that there is no good reason for TPCi to not release the Full Art N and the new Shaymin EX as well, so you can look forward for a price drop.

We also got a banned list:

Right now nothing changed, so it's still just Shiftry and Trump card for expanded and nothing in Standard or Unlimited. However they write:

"Some cards are being monitored, but currently no new cards are banned in the Expanded format."

Next Announcement Date: July 21, 2017

Details of Changes

This announcement is the first of a recurring series. Future announcements are scheduled to happen quarterly, two weeks before the release date of each major expansion. Any changes will go into effect on the day the expansion becomes legal for tournament play (two weeks after its release date). Even if there are no changes, an announcement will be posted to keep a constant line of communication open with Pokémon TCG fans and players. If a card needs an urgent ban, an unscheduled announcement can still occur.

No cards were banned from the Standard format. It will be an extremely rare occurrence for cards to be banned from the Standard format.

No new cards were banned from the Expanded format. Currently, a few cards are under investigation, but more data is required before coming to a decision.

Tournament results will continue to be analyzed to maintain a healthy play environment. In particular, the Expanded format will be aggressively monitored because there are so many cards and potential combinations available to use."


There has also been a minor rule change to atacks bypassing effects:

Rule Changes:

"The term 'any effects' will no longer include effects that alter Weakness and Resistance."

source (and some examples):

And the least exciting thig are the new Battle Arena decks, featuring Black and White Kyurem:

Launch Date: June 16, 2017

This is the first Battle Arena Deck featuring Pokémon EX which didn't see any competetive play at all (both White Kyurems and the Black one without Black Ballista) and the other one was only sucessful during a small time frame compared to all the other main Pokémon EX from the old Battle Arena decks.

There is also an alternative artwork for Professor Sycamore and Trainer's Mail, but this doesn't matter a lot annymore as explained above.

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David H

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