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Check out the decklists and tournament results from January

01/04/2018 by 60cards database

Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to the 60cards decklist database!
Right now we are still collecting the results we are missing. If you believe you have tournament standings or a decklist we are missing feel free to post it in the comments below.  If you want to find out more about our decklist database, check out this post.

If you post a comment with results we are missing you will have a chance to win a 60cards playmat. We will also be rewarding one player tagged in this database entry. 


Please post the results in following order:

Name, date, location, and format of the tournament.

1- name of the player

2- name of the player

3- name of the player

4 - name of the player

(or top 8)

As for the decklists, for League Cups we will be collecting only winners’ lists.

For Regional Championships and higher we will be collecting top 32 (or whatever the top cut number is).

We hope we, together with you, will be able to achieve an even bigger database and keep it public. 


Regional Championships



League Cups



Online Tournaments


















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