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Karl takes a look at M Mewtwo/Yveltal for the upcomming ECC.

02/18/2016 by Karl Peters

Hey guys, it's Karl again. This time I want to talk about a deck which I'm expecting to be played a lot at the upcoming European Challenge Cup, or ECC for short, in Arnheim. I want to take a look at M Mewtwo-EX/Yveltal which is a simple but very strong deck which a lot of players will be testing for this big tournament, and may have even played during Cities, since they were in the same format as the ECC. In the last weeks of Cities, some decks clearly stood out to be the top contestants for the upcoming "finale" of this format as I like to call the ECC, since it’s the last tournament that we will play in this format. A lot of players keep complaining that the format offers too many choices for good deck since the variety of decks is actually one of the biggest we had in past years, not counting Expanded of course, since it has a lot more legal sets and therefore more decks that can be played. In my opinion the top five choices are Night March, since it has always been good since its release, Manectric/Bats, a deck that a lot of players prefer because it is very fast and very strong, Seismitoad/Giratina, which is quite surprising considering that a lot of players counted the deck out of competitive play after the release of the promo Jirachi of BREAKthrough, Yveltal/Zoroark/Gallade which has a similar story to Manectric/bats, when it comes to its strengths, and last but not least M Mewtwo/Yveltal, which we're taking a look at in this article.


The deck’s strategy is pretty straightforward. You're using cards like Mega Turbo or Yveltal to quickly power up your M Mewtwo-EX to hit for high amounts of damage as fast as possible. To achieve this, most of this deck consists of cards that help you dig through your deck. You don't have many cards for sneaky plays during the game which is the major downside of this deck. You're basically stuck to getting out your M Mewtwo-EX as fast as possible, afterwards you will most likely just keep attacking with him, or at some points with Yveltal.

Night March

The Night March matchup is in my experience the worst one for M Mewtwo/Yveltal, but it's not unwinnable by any means. Your best approach to win this matchup is to completely ignore Mewtwo for the first turn and focus on Yveltal. Yveltal has always been a very good attacker against Night March and was one of the biggest reasons that Yveltal/Seismitoad has been able to keep up with Night March. Yveltal is able to Knock Out Pumpkaboo, Joltik, and even Feebas in versions that want to use Milotic to get back their Double Colorless Energy. Getting these cheap knockouts in the first turn will put you in a very good position against Night March, sometimes even that good that you're able to Bench a Mewtwo or two to get the last two Prizes on a Shaymin-EX without even worrying about losing the game of your opponent has the Lysandre in hand. You can also use Shaymin-EX to knock out a Joltik if you desperately needed to draw some cards. Usually the matchup will play out in Night Marchs favor but using the Yveltal strategy will put you in a way better spot than just blindly trying to set up M Mewtwo Ex which is going to get one-shot by Pumpkaboo anyways. A possible addition to the deck for this matchup would be a Super Rod since this would allow you to have up to seven Yveltal against Night March.


This matchup is actually very even, if not a good one for Manectric/Bats, thanks to a lot of cards that are good against M Mewtwo-EX in general like Crobat and Head Ringer. It's also very annoying that Manectric-EX can attack for a low amount of Energy and is able to hit Assault Laser for the Maximum amount of damage because M Mewtwo-EX usually has a Tool attached to it. This way Manectric is actually able to Knock Out a M Mewtwo-EX in just one turn thanks to the usage of Golbat and Crobat. Your best approach for this matchup is to get out Parallel City as fast as possible to prevent high amounts of damage from Bats, because these are usually your main concern. After you managed to do that you can easily go HAM with a M Mewtwo-EX to get the one-hit on a Manectric-EX without worrying about a return knockout. This, however, forces you to have a very good first turn and your opponent to miss a lot of Bats or even their Parallel City to block you from playing yours. Another way for Manectric/Bats to turn the matchup into their favor is Crobat because it's able to hit you for 100 damage for just one Energy and a Muscle Band, and Mewtwo isn't able to get the one-hit that easily, especially if you have to worry about getting Knocked Out and losing all your Energy in play if you had to attach a lot of them to M Mewtwo-EX just to knock out a one-Prize Crobat. Overall the matchup is not that good for M Mewtwo but you can make it a lot better by adding additional Parallel City because that's the main weakness for Manectric/Bats, right next to Hex Maniac which is also very nice against Bats, but will usually just buy you one turn instead of being a constant threat like Parallel City.


This matchup is actually one of the easiest matchups for M Mewtwo-EX and very quick in its explanation. Since the deck has absolutely no option to get the one-hit knockout onto your M Mewtwo-EX, and often even struggles with the two-hit knockout, if they didn't manage to get out a Gallade, it's very easy to get a quick Prize lead. The only real option to knock out an M Mewtwo-EX in one hit is a very big Yveltal-EX which is almost impossible to get out thanks to the loss of Dark Patch, so even if your opponent tries to set up an Yveltal-EX, you can just Lysandre it and get the knockout. Zoroark is also very week against the M Mewtwo/Yveltal deck because the Bench is usually pretty small and you can even use Parallel City to get rid of Shaymin to keep Zoroark’s damage at a minimum. As you can see the matchup is pretty straight forward and is usually in M Mewtwo-EX’s favor unless your set up is horrible and you're even struggling to get one M Mewtwo-EX into play. You should also take care of not Benching too many Shaymin-EX because the deck has a lot of ways to knock them out after using Lysandre.


The Vespiquen matchup is actually very easy, mainly because it's so difficult for Vespiquen to get the quick knockout on one of your M Mewtwo’s thanks to its high HP, since it's a Mega. The easiest way to win this matchup is Lysandre’ing up your opponents Shaymin-EX to get a quick Prize lead which will put you in a spot where you can easily risk that your Mewtwo get Knocked Out in two hits by Vespiquen. You should always try to get the easy two Prize knock outs on your opponents Shaymin-EX because this is the easiest way to close out the game against a deck that uses non-EX attackers. It's also very important to use switch and AZ to get heavily damaged Mewtwo’s to your Bench, which will force your opponent to have the Lysandre ready, or in AZ’s case even to your hand to completely prevent the knockout. Usually you should be able to get at least one Prize off of some kind of small Basic Pokémon that you should be able to Knock Out with Yveltal which brings more than just one advantage with it. The biggest advantage is, of course, the early Prize that you're able to draw. Other than that you can easily force your opponent to play the seven Prize game by not Benching any more Yveltal since they're the only non-EX Pokémon in your deck. And last but not least you get the extra Energy attach if you've managed to get a Darkness Energy into your discard pile.

There is still a version of this deck that might cause you some trouble. If your opponent runs the version that uses Bats in it, you will have a much rougher time just because Crobat is so good against M Mewtwo-EX, especially with a Muscle Band. The extra drop damage from Crobat and Golbat can also lead to some late game one hits onto your Mewtwo because your opponent already has so many Pokémon in his discard pile for Bee revenge combined with the damage of possibly three or in some lists even four Crobat drops which alone will already hit for up to 120 damage. I don't expect this version to be played a lot because there are faster versions for Vespiquen and also better ways to abuse Bats.


This is probably the worst matchup for this deck, just because of Giratina-EX’s Ability which prevents any damage done by Megas. The easiest way to compensate this weakness is getting your Hex Maniacs a fast as possible to deal with any Giratina-EX. The deck in general is very annoying for any kind of deck that mainly uses Megas, But since the only real decks that use Megas are Manectric and Mewtwo, this deck is the worst one against Seismitoad/Giratina, just because Manectric doesn't rely on Special Energy, and is also able to get back Energy with its attack where as Mewtwo gets punished really hard by Energy-removal and Head Ringer, just because its damage is higher with a higher amount of Energy attached to it. You really have to use your first turn to its full potential and dig through your deck as much as possible, because Seismitoad-EX is actually going to annoy you a lot in the first few turns. You can easily use your first turn to evolve a M Mewtwo-EX regularly and attaching Energy to it. Once you're able to promote it you'll be able to get an easy knock out on a Seismitoad-EX. After that you opponent has to use Giratina, because Seismitoad-EX just doesn't scare M Mewtwo at all. Once they promote Giratina, you'll have to get your Hex Maniac or VS Seeker to get the knockout, the rest of the game is pretty easy since all you have to do is Knock Out one more EX. The worst that could happen is if they manage to get rid of most of your Energy and attaches a Head Ringer to your M Mewtwo in the turn that they promote Giratina, but this won't happen too often, so don't worry about it too much. You can actually consider running two Hex Maniac if you're too worried about this matchup, because this is pretty much the only way to deal with Giratina-EX itself, without having to use Lysandre every time to knock out Shaymin-EX or Seismitoad-EX, and this is a real pain, considering that a knock out on a Seismitoad-EX without Energy requires you to have six Energy attached to M Mewtwo-EX.

Overall we can see that M Mewtwo/Yveltal has very few bad matchups and is capable of winning most matchups, even the bad ones. There are, of course, games where you just can't draw into the cards you need and won't be able to get out M Mewtwo as fast as you want it to, but in most cases you should be able to get it going very quickly. The major problem for this deck is the increasing play of Seismitoad/Giratina which is its worst matchup by far. I still think that it's a good play for the upcoming ECC and I'm expecting a lot of players to at least test it for this tournament.

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