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Just a few weeks ago, the new set 'Roaring Skies' was released. With every new set comes the want to find a deck you'll enjoy playing, whilst staying competitive.

06/02/2015 by Karl Peters

Table of contents

The issues with the dragons
(Collorless Mega Rayquaza & friends)

The second giant and its plan
(two ways to play Dragon Mega Rayquaza)

Trevenenat and Shaymin
(the new best friends...forever?)

Seismitoad EX Next Gen
(Goodbye Slurpuff !!! & welcome Shaymin EX)

Some Upgrades
(let’s focus on some older cards)

How to...?
(Instructions for a Tournament Preparation)

News Flash
(Lysander´s Last Trumpcard – what’s going on?)

Development of Japan’s meta vs.  Europe’s / USA’s meta


Karl – who?


So, before you begin reading a bunch of what I have to say, I’d like to introduce myself, since I’m a new author at 60cards.

And you may ask yourself, who’s that guy behind all these thesis or even slipslop ;)

So, here we go:

My name is Karl Peters and I’m 22 years old. I was born in Berlin – the capital of beautiful Germany. I’m still living in this crazy city and I recommend everyone to visit this place at least once in his/her lifetime! ☺

I’ve been playing Pokemon for almost 16-17 years now...time passes quite fast and I’m slightly feeling old while writing this sentence down. 8 years ago I started to participate in bigger tournaments.

During that time I accomplished a lot. Whether success or failure, beautiful memories, experiences and adding new people from all over the world to my friendslist every year. I’m happy to take part in this game. With all my achievements I’d say that I have enough knowledge to share. That’s why I am here. ☺


 Karl Peters (the one on the left)

So far I’ve obtain:

I’ve won three flights to the worlds at the German Nationals.
I’ve madeTop 4 at the German Nationals on four occasions.
I’m the German National Champ of last year and this year was quite succesfull for me, as well. I went Top 4! 

Congrats to David Sturm, by the way. You deserve it, man!

I took part of the worlds 6 times so far and I’m proud to say, that I went 2 times Top 32.
I won more than 25 States and Regionals in Europe.
More than 30 City Championchips were won by me.
I can count more than 20 Battle Roads and League Challenges to my achievements.
Some years ago I established two Teams. CardLeaders and Team Jade. The current European Master is one member of the latter.


"The issues with the dragons" 

Just a few weeks ago the new Set „Roaring Skies“ was released. Well, everbody wants to find their personal best deck, before nationals or worlds are knocking on their door.
I’m quite sure that there are lots of questions, like: Is Rayquaza the strongest deck with its format? Is Shaymin a must have in each deck? And what about Seismitoad, Manectric, Yveltal and Fairy? Questions upon questions...

Let’s have an overview of the meta and its development during the next weeks

Rayquaza Mega Speed 

In the last days or weeks there were a lot of rumors about the good old Ray. People were gambling and puzzling over the point of its power. How useful or powerful is it? Is its impact big enough to replace all other decks?

If you ask me, I’d say that due to the japanese meta it’s easy to notice Rays power – obviously. Yet there are many limits if it comes to practice or playing.

The most famous option is Shaymin Ex, Virizion and Altaria, because you’ve got the fastest set up and thanks to the board you can already control your opponent at T1- in case your enemy doesn’t attack you.

You can get a lot of information about Ray and its development thanks to the Rayquaza Mega Battle. Why? Well, just have a look at the standings. In most cases Ray is ahead, so that it’s obvious that Ray can keep up with other common deck, such as Seismitoad, Eevee Decks or Ability Lock Decks.

Frankly, people in Japan tend to a more constant T1 lock caused by Wobbuffet, which is the base for your own board.
It’s a really simple lock but it’s brings some advantages with it. As soon as your opponent is locked you can control the game progress according to your visions – slow it down and start with the first steps against decks which includes Shaymin. 

Mega Rayquaza with new friends ;)  

Of course there’s an alternative in which you can add Rayquaza to your deck with more strength and consistency. In Japan it’s fairly normal to combine Rayquaza or even Dragon Mega Rayquaza in an Eels Deck.

But as I said, it’s a common combination in the far east. Unfortunately, not in Europe, because it’s not allowed. Well, the grass looks always greener on the other side.
But no worries, I’ll show you some other options, which include the normal Rayquaza.

Basically, involving Mega Rayquaza in a deck, which either makes use of Energy acceleration, for instance Bronzong,Virgin,Eels,Emboar,Turtok, or a deck where you can play DCE are one possibility.
The latter has enough space for Rayquaza, so that it’ll be easy to add it and its spirit link to your team.

Well, I believe the best deck for playing Rayquaza consistently is metal. In general, metal includes DCE and Bronzong. Furthermore there’s enough space to integrate Mega Rayquaza. Besides you don’t need to play gyms, which means you can make the best use of Rayquaza on the one hand. On the other hand you can place Skyfield to your deck. However, the deck contains enough basic Pokemon, that a successful use of Rayquaza’s attacks is almost guaranteed.

However, Mega Rayquaza should represent a more supporting role. Moreover it can even be a pressurizing medium or kind of a finisher. Willing to attack anytime, but reveals its actual benefit as soon as an opposing pokemon is able to harm you. Yveltal EX, Mega requaza were built up on basic energy. With the objective of passing AegisIsh or rather reaching a certain amount of HP. (Mega Groudon 240 HP), which actually is not possible with a normal EX in your deck.

During the last nationals metal came of more than well against decks like Seismitoad or Fairy via cards, such as Aegislash and Dialga.

Although there are many upgrades I don’t see any problems why one shouldn’t play it further. Actually there aren’t any issues - once it comes to tournament preparation there are lots of special energies which need to be considered when playing other decks. Well, that currently brings a huge advantage for players with Aegislash along. 

Well, enough theoretical information. Here is my personal list, how you can arrange the deck:

The giant and its plan 

When it comes to mega rayquaza opinions differ on the question, whether if it’s even playable and if so, how big are the effects on matchups, for instance against Seismitoad.

But first of all, let’s have a closer look on the card itself. Here are the most improtant facts: With a damage of 300 it’s more than obvious that Mega Rayquaza is powerful. In case of doubt it can one hit any other pokemon. Indeed there are certain circumstances, like 5 energys, which are quite hard.


So, to get the maximum profit of dragon mega rayquaza it depends on a strong background in your deck, which supports rayquaza after the first turn. Furthermore it should make sure to force up dragon mega rayquaza’s mighty offense. 

The top three cards for dragon Mega Rayquaza Ex are: 

Mega Manectric 

a card which will celebrate a comback in the next following weeks. (I’ll tell you later more in details )

After Turn 2 Mega Rayquaza gains all the energies it needs due to mega manectric’s assault Turbo Bolt . This turning point is quite important for Mega Rayquaza, given that it becomes a pressurizing medium during the game. Involve a further double dragon energy and a mega turbo – et voilà : here we go dragon ascent. 

Mega Turbo 

a card which probably will last longer in everybody’s mind than thought. Playing this card will give the player the opportunity to attach a Basic energy Card from the discard to his Mega Pokemon.

By the use of Mega Turbo it’s possible to apply powerful attacks faster, as well. In this case it’ll be an advantage for dragon mega rayquaza, since your oposer will be suprised by Mega Rayquaza Ex’s attack.  

Double Dragon Energy 

A card with a great suprising effect for the player. It allows to attack with Dragon Pokemon with two 2 energy Cards from close to scratch. That comes along with a big advantage, since strikes can be performed faster. Furthermore Double Dragon Energy offers a more flexible Energy Division owing to its Rainbow Effect. 

Why not Reshiram? 


I’m quite sure, that up until now you all may ask the question over and over again : „Why not Reshiram? Did he forget it?“. No, of course not! There’s no doubt: It’s always beneficial to hold a pokemon, which is not EX and currently supports you with free Energy. At once there’s one problem the minute it’s active... 

Well, in general Reshiram Ability Turboblaze is okay. In an active modus it provides Mega Rayquaza with Fire Energy for free in each round. Nevertheless, Reshiram Ability Turboblaze is an ability. That’s fact. And that’s the problem.

The current meta is set up to avoid or rather prohibit abilities in general. At first sight it seems to limit Shaymin EX and not Reshiram, yet cards such as Silent Lab, Garbodor and Wobbuffet have a negative impact on the strategy. So, in the end it doesn’t make much sense to play Reshiram Ability Turboblaze. Yes, I know there are alternatives. There’s always a plan B. But plan b is just the second choice, because plan A works out better or doesn’t come along with other issues. Like in this case, it’s possible to tack Reshiram Ability Turboblaze with another card. But – and that’s the problem – this action would destroy the symbiosis of the deck. Furthermore it’ll slacken additionally, since cards, such as Xerosic, will be drawn for your tech. 

Besides playing Reshiram means playing Hydreigon EX. Well, what’s so bad about Hydreigon EX? So, it supplies every Dragon Minus 2 Retreats, yet it doesn’t offer powerful assualts. Moreover we should remember the fact, that it’s an EX with 3 Retreats. In other words: Playing EX provides your oposer with receiving 2 gifts.
In Addition more complications might appear during the match due to high returning costs. Why high returning costs? Reshiram without Hydreigon EX means 2 Retreats on the field. In order to return it you’ll have to pay a high price. Otherwise it’ll be almost impossible to do so without any providing tool. That currently causes a higher chance for Mega Rayquaza’s attack.  

Let me show you, how I’d set up the deck : 

As you can see the list includes Rough Sea as your stadium and Mega Rayquaza Ancient Traits Wild. This combination makes the list kinda special, since matchups against other meta decks, such as Seimitoad shouldn’t be a big challenge. Even a Colorless Rayquaza Deck without Altaria can be dealt with, provided that your opponent won’t manage it to get Mega Rayquaza EX in the game after T1.

I’d put Double Colorless Energy on the list, so once Mega Rayquaza carries out Dragon Asent it can make use of DCE instead of one of its precious Double Dragon Energy. This guarantees Mega Rayquaza’s offense during the further turn.

Silent Lab plays an essential role especially against Pokemon, such as Suicine with Ability. The Ex protects it from any damage. Yet placing Silent Lab in your list can be a good option to override the protection.

I’d recommend this deck to everyone, who enjoys challenges and brings into focus on special decks and less standard decks.


Trevenant and Shaymin EX - the new best friends...forever?


It’s obvious that due to Shaymin EX’s Ability, his attack becomes one of the best at the moment. Not only is the offense one essential brick in this deck, it activates Trevenant and its lock after your move, as well. Moreover the card returns on your hand.

In contrast to other decks let me list some fundamental advantages: Lysandre can avoid a permanent lock during the game. 2. As a result of pokemon lines of 4 – 4 Trevenant and 4 Shaymin Ex likeliness is quite high to finish the match perfectly. There’s almost nothing, that could have a negative impact on this deck. Or rather could become dangerous for it. But nobody – or in this case – nothing is perfect. That’s why I give you an approxiamte overview about cards and decks, which could cause some problems:

1. Yveltal and Yveltal EX. A powerful deck, which have been winning the most Nationals worldwide since its publication.

Nevertheless it's presence became rare at many current tournaments, as the meta has changed into an anti colorless Mega Rayquaza. Furthermore cards such as Manectric or Raichu are more focused by the current players. In case many gamers prefer the Yvelta Deck in your area, make sure to avoid Trevenant/Shaymin EX.

Let me explain why:  Once Trevenant/Shaymin EX meets Yveltal, it’s possible for your opponent to harm you easily and quickly, as Yveltal just needs one Energy for 30 damage.

Remember that you’ll have to double your damage due to Trevenant weakness. That’s why Trevenant can be hit within two moves by your opponent.

Well, sadly to say that there’s almost nothing you can do in this case. You could try to control the match with the help with laser and hammer, but keep in mind that Yveltal’s damage is quite big and gets bigger from turn to turn.

2. Let’s consider a rather smaller problem: Silent Lab. The Gym lures your Ability and currently your draw, which Shaymin EX  gives you. Place 3 Gyms in your deck for avoiding this action. I’d recommend Virbank Gym, since you can use it for your own and push Hypotoxic Laser to it's fullest. In addition you can remove annoying Silent Lab.

3. What to do if Seismitoad has already locked you after Turn 1? First, try to build up your own lock. If your opponent hasn’t got any reaction to your lock you can slaken the game process. Take that extra time to plan your offense.

As soon as Trevenant is battle-ready against Decks such as Seismitoad, you can be sure to have the upper hand in that match. Slowly set up the next Trevenants. At this point you should win that game.

Seismitoad EX / Shaymin EX 

I noticed a big impact by Seismitoad at the UK Nationals. So it goes without saying that Seismitoad plays an important role in the new meta next to Roaring Skies. The last version of this deck was famous for its quick Item Lock composition caused by Acro Bike and Slurpuff. This might lead to a hit after T1. Try to keep it up during the whole process.

Furthermore it is quite N resistant and brings an constant extra draw each turn thanks to Slurpuff. This allows you to get new cards, which leads to a slower game process, since your oposer is blocked for a while. Use that time to get Seismitoad playable.

This basic strategy exists in the new sets, as well. Yet Slurpuff’s lines can be cut now and with the aid by shaymin EX the player can add a new draw-option to his deck. That’s why it’s most likely to draw many cards right from the start.

In the past it was quite hard to have a perfect reaction for Exeggutor. Shaymin EX seems to be the last missing piece for a perfect counter.

It’s attack provides Shaymin Ex the ability to return to your hand. This brings a problem for your opponent, because it’s almost impossible for Kokowei to one hit Shaymin EX.


I’d like to show you the biggest problems you’ll have to deal with at a tournament:

1. At the German Nationals I experienced that Aegislash & Steel Shelter are a powerful combination. It’s almost impossible to beat that deck. Obviously, Seismitoad EX/Shaymin EX struggles with decks, which is resistant against Hypotoxic’s assaults. Furthermore some Pokémon won’t get any damage once it offense with Double Colorless.

Some weeks ago at the Nationals, I was able to make some experience with Aegislash & Steel Shelter.

I played Seismitoad EX/Slurpuff and in the end it was  a close run, but I made it.

That’s why I can give you the advice: Try to beat Steel’s Pokémon Support, which brings an interruption while the energy delivery. After that begin with removing Energy Cards for Aegislash EX.

2. Silent Lab. This Gym can become an issue. Luckily, just in the beginning of a match. And only providing that your only choices onto your hand are Shaymin EX and Slurpuff or rather cards, such as Ultra Ball, which enables you a draw due to Shaymin.

During the match there shouldn’t be any complications caused by Silent Lab. Make sure to have a high number onto your hand and currently facilitate Slurpuff to draw more cards, so that you’ll go straight through the match without any problems.

3. Genesect EX & Virizion EX – a really strong deck. Almost too strong, if you ask me. Although it doesn’t belong to the Top Decks in the meta anymore, it’s still powerful enough against Seismitoad.

In case of meeting Genesect EX & Virizion EX  in a match, focus on your active Virizion EX by playing a Head Ringer. Moreover try to remove all the Energies with the help of cards, for instance: Team Flare Grunt or Crushing Hammer . Either you’ll lose, since you don’t draw anything or you stick to your lock, dominate the deck through a proper time and finish the match as the winner.

All in all Seismitoad EX/ Slurpuff is one of the best decks currently and it’s one of the most preferred decks for Worlds this year. I recommend this deck to almost everyone. Whether you’re a well experienced player or newcomer. It’s quite simple yet one of the best decks in this dimension. Just have a look at the UK National - Seismitoad EX/ Slurpuff is the winning deck.

Let me upgrade you about some cards!

In the past there have been many cards, which were discovered later than thought or rather way too late. I remember Delta Meganium from Unseen Forces. It was included in decks – many many time after its publication.

Or what about Gyarados from Stormfront 2010 it was principal played by two french gamers, who went Top 8 at the Worlds.

I’d like to show you more cards, which haven’t got as much potential as Gyarados, yet they might become stronger after the new Set feature of Roaring Sky's.


Mega Manectric EX 

This card became popular shortly after its release. Many gamers placed it in their deck, but soon they realised that its damage wasn’t effective enough. Besides there were too many enemies for this card in the meta. That’s why people forgot the card quickly. 

Today, it seems like Mega Manectric EX could return, as its a Lightning Pokémon and with that its the perfect weakness of Colorless Rayquaza EX. Furthermore it damages Shaymin Ex with its protective Abililty enough for dominating the match. Due to cards, such as Rough Sea Mega Manectric EX seems to become immortal, so that a clash with Seismitoad EX won’t be a big problem.

In addition Mega Manectric EX is good at matches with decks, which needs much Energy for their assaults. Due to its own assault, Turbo Bolt, 2 Basic Energy can be repeated. This otherwise is a good add for Bench Pokémon, such as Dragon Mega Rayquaza or Groudon Ex.

Another card, which can go along with Mega Manectric EX well is Max Potion, since you don’t have to worry about your Energy due to the offense Turbo Bolt, which returns the Pokémon’s Energy immediately.

People in Japan combine Mega Manectric EX with Wobuffet and Garbodor, as you can turn off all the Abilities. Not only your oposer’s set up will be slaken, but also Altaria or Shaymin EX will be out of action caused by Garbodor in the late Game.

So, on one hand you have slowed down your opponent and on the other hand you can control your weakness.

All in all a card you should remember, since it’ll appear more  in the next weeks.



Ghetsis has its ups and downs. One time it’s quite good and the other time it’s better to remove the card from your list, since you draw to less cards. But referring to the decks’ development you can already notice a new trend: Decks with lots of Trainer Cards.

In the past Ghetsis was played against Yveltal/Darkrai Deck with Sableye, as it took away their resources.

Today after cards, like Trainers Mail or Acro Bike, Ghetsis became more interesting, since it robs all your oposer’s options during the first move. Your opponent gets incapable of action, because there’s nothing left next but Energy or Pokémon without any draw.But I’m not sure if Ghetsis will ever have a big break through, yet it can dominate the match from the start with Jirachi EX combined.



Old but gold. The good old Raichu, which is built up in many decks. Currently, players just know it in the combination as

1-1 line in Genesect EX & Virizion EX deck.

Soon after its publication it became a strong weapon against Yveltal. 2014 Raichu was a basic brick in some of the winning decks at the US National.

You can definitely be sure, that he’ll return. In Japan’s elite almost every second gamer plays Leafeon Raichu Deoxys Ex.

It’s unimagineable to play without Raichu in Japan, as it’s able to one hit almost every EX just with the combination with Gym Sky Field or Muscle Band. Due to its stage 1 you can bring Raichu on the field anytime. Furthermore you can place Raichu in your deck without changing a lot concerning your Energy. The base for its offense is a Double Colorless Energy.

Another pro for Raichu: It’s a Lighting Pokémon, which means it’s perfect for matches with Colorless Mega Rayquaza


Next to Raichu there’s Wobuffet. A card wich you can find often in japanese decks.

It’s good at games with Shaymin Ex, since you can remove all the Abilities from non psychic Pokémon. Moreover his offense shouldn’t be underestitmated. Once he damaged the oposer with 50 % it’s possible to finish the game completely.

It’s a flexible card, which has enough HP to survive up to two attacks.

I’m sure that next to Raichu, Wobuffet will be one card, which we’ll meet quite often at the Worlds. Just keep your eyes open!

How to...?

I’ve been asked over and over again. And everytime it was almost the same question ☺

„Hey Karl, tell me, how can I win big tournaments? Do you have any tips? Do you have a special preparation for the games?“

I’m glad and sometimes feeling kinda honored, when people come to me and ask for my help. Maybe some of you have questions left, as well. So, here’s my personal „guide-line“ for you. ☺ I assume that you all have participated in some tournaments or events and been able to gain some experiences so far.

Step 1: Make sure to know, what others play! 

Before choosing or setting up your deck, try to get as much information as possible about all the other players! Ask yourself, what kind of deck they’re going to play. Have they any information about you and your strategy? Are they going to built up a deck against you?

So, all in all try to get an overview. The more details the better of course! It’s important to refine the decks, which will be played most likely. If you think that you may know the common strategy at the tournament, go for the most powerful anti deck against it.

I keep telling you to receive as much information as possible. It’s not that hard to get them! Maybe at the Pokemon League are players, who don’t dread to share. Or just keep your eyes and mind open at the tournaments. If you ask me it’s one of the best sources.

Step 2: Your deck choice

Once you’ve got all the needed information, focus on your list. For instance, if many players are most likely to play Yveltal, go with lightning. Or if Seimitoad EX is expected than play Steel. It is important to have a constant deck with you, which takes advantages of your opposition's weakness. Here’s my personal tip for you. With this strategy I’ve received many trophies in the past. ☺ You should choose a deck, which triumphs against almost every deck. Yes, I said almost. There’s no deck, which wins everything. Sadly. Your anti-deck should not  be popular. Best case: It’s played by a few players. Just stick to that golden rule.  Last year it proved its service to me in terms of ca. 1100 CP ;)

Keep an eye on your deck’s structure. Avoid „overloading“ – in other words: Go for a good combination, consisting of  Pokemon and Draw, so that you’ll have many options in your hand. For example, I stick to my own standard. Which contains between 13-15 supporter. This will provide a constant draw for your deck.

Furthermore I’d recommend about 12 plus minus Energies in your normal deck. Of course there are exceptionals referring the meta, such as Seimitoad which is played with only 4 energies currently.

Step 3: remember your prizes!

I met a lot of different players, who did one big mistake: After their first glance through their deck, they tend to forget what might be under their price cards. But it’s really important to remember that, otherwise you’ll lose the overview and don’t know which options are left.
Basically it’s necessary to know what’s under your price cards in order to plan your next moves. Whether it’s worth playing Ultra Ball or not, for example.

Well, in this case I can tell you a short story from 2010.

I met a senior player with lots of potential. We agreed on testing together and in the end I trained him for more than half a year. Well, in this year it was allowed to play Azelf (Legend Awakend). For an optimal use of Azelf’s Power it was provided that the player knows what’s under  his prize cards. Unfortunately my friend had some issues with remembering cards. That’s why I tried a little game with him.

I just mixed his deck and draw one card from the top. I put the card in front of him – covered. It was just me, who knew which card it was. I ask him to tell me which card I’ve just drawn. In order to answer me , I returned him his deck with 59 cards left.

Well, of course it wasn’t easy for him at first. But the often we repeated the game the better he became. Just a few days later he could answer my question quickly and most important: correctly. Well,should I tell you, that this friend is  the current National Master in Germany? :D

Step 4 : Fine-tuning

You’ve got all the details about your opponent and their decks. You know what you’ve got to play or rather how to set up your deck. You know your deck by heart.

Now it’s time for some fine-tuning. 

Your deck is strong and you’re sure that it’s good. But is it good enough to win against as many decks as possible at the tournament? The one and only confirmation for yourself is: Testing. Testing. Testing. Or how we in German would say: Practice makes the perfect. Go along with the strongest decks of the Meta. I sometimes make use of proxies a good and cheap alternative, if you don’t want to spend too much money an several cards or your collection doesn’t contain them.

Just invite some friends with some experience in Pokemon Trading Card Game over and test together your decks. I personally enjoy this little matches against friends. It’s always fun and you can exchange information. (Step 1)

Moreover you can check for yourself, if your deck is good enough or you should rather replace some cards. For beginners it’s a great way to make their first experience in such a game, since there are always some curios people watching you and following your match ☺

Always be up to date! Which cards are forbidden? Which decks/cards are released? Websites, such as are a great source, as many different players share their experiences and information. Don’t hesitate and make advantage of all these information!

For me a daily update is essential! Whether the news are about new strategies or basic information about some tournament results.

Step 5: It’s okay to make mistakes. Just make sure to do them once and never again ☺

So, you’ve just had your first tournament and it didn’t turn out well for you?

No worries! It’s not only about the victory or the top cut. If you ask me, I think it’s also okay to fail once in a while. Why? That’s the only way to realise your mistakes and become better! Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. That’s absolutely okay.

Although I was telling so much about strategies, plans and structure – in the end the match depends on a little bit luck. The right timing, the perfect draw. There are certain things, which will never be control no matter how good your preparation might be.

And the winner is...

Congratulations! You made it! Be proud of yourself and enjoy the moment!

But remember: the next tournament is just around the corner. ;) Don’t lose your focus for the next match.



Before I could finish my article some breaking news just came in: 

At first it was published that Lysandres Last Trump Card will be banned in Japan by 20th June 2015. But the update informs about prohibition in Europe by 15th June 2015, as well. 

If you ask me there are two main reasons, why Pokémon did this decision: 

1st. Players with Shaymin EX in their decks have a really high number of draw. That means once it is knocked-out it can return easily and often. 

2nd. The Seismitoad deck is too dominant in the current meta owing to the fact, that players can repeat their complete deck a soften as they want. 

Well, there’s no doubt that this action will have a big impact on all the other decks in the next weeks. Decks like Seismitoad will lose their power due to fewer cards, which used to keep the opponent in check. 

All in all, I’m convinced that Pokémon did da big step into the right direction with its dodge. Since there will be more space for decks, which can evolute their real potential without any lock. 

Japan’s Meta vs. Europe’s/ USA’s Metahow does it develop? 


Everyone who ever keeps onself busy with Pokémon Trading Card Game will discover sooner or later a different meta in Japan. There are more allowed sets conmparing to Europe or the US, yet there are fewer cards with an actual impact. 

In Europe the major players prefer the following decks: Trevenant/Shaymin EX, Seismitoad EX/Shaymin EX/ Slurpuff. 

As you could have seen at the last UK Nationals – those decks were played by many experienced gamers. 

If we go back to Japan, we’ll realise that these named decks are rather on the fringes. Due to the fact that there are more allowed decks and cards which pilot another meta. These are expecially dark Patchan Archeops. In combination ith Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick they form a powerful deck, which prohibits its opponent to create Ancient power caused by Archeop’s Ability right from the start. 

The deck dominates in Japan since it’s easy to play and many japanese players prefer Yveltal. 

In my opinion the second and most significant difference ist he allowance of Fels in japanese decks. A Pokémon which is placed in all the Top Pokémon decks. What’s sp special about Fels? 

Well, Fels makes the player and his Pokémon, in this case e.g. Mega Rayquaza, combat – ready. Faster and without much Energy. 

Next to Eels there’s also Musharna, the second Pokémon which is a basic brick in many japanese decks, yet forbidden here in Europe. Once played in a Seismitoad deck it prevents Seismitoad’s Set Up from being completely interrupt by the opponent with wobbufet. 

That is a big advantage, as Seismitoad Deck isn’t good at browbeating. 


All in all, japanese player focus more on alluring Abilitly immediately during a match, with the help of decks such as Mega Manectric EX with Garbodor and Wobuffet. Besides they prefer to entice their oposer in another way – for example with Trainer Lock in a Seismitoad EX deck included with Musharnas or with an Evolution Lock in an Yvelta Deck with Archeopsy.

In Japan you can find a variety of different decks, which is not only caused by the high amount of players. I claim that japanese players are more creative with their decks – seniors and juniors. I’ve experienced that on my own at the Worlds. It seems like they’re kind of more open minded or just more risky concering their decks. 

Well, compared to Europe or the US the decks here are known by almost everyone and quite „unspectacular“. 

In my opinion there aren’t many new ideas or innovation concerning the deck set up. I guess well experienced player stick to the device: „the solid the deck the higher are my chances to win.“ 

 Nevertheless  I would be happy if there would be more player with courage. Trying out new things. Different things. Being more creative. I’m sure if player would meet a whole different kind of deck than they’re used to, it’ll be a new challenge for them. 

And I love new defiances! You get to lern new things and suddenly doors will be opened, which you’ve never even noticed before. That’s the kind of game I prefer!

To come to an end, I really hoped that you enjoyed the trip through meta’s development. Maybe some of you will remember my steps – I’d be happy if I helped you. ☺

I’m curious about your opinion. So, just let me know, if there is anything I could do better. If there are special wishes concering topics in the next article – just tell me, as well. 


Thank you for your time! I hope you had fun! 


Karl Peters 


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