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Late in night with Night March Quen for XY-on

Late in night with Night March Quen for XY-on

09/06/2015 by Marijo Požega


Late in night with Night March & Vespiquen for the new 2015/2016 standard format. I love non EX decks, since I'm old school player and I play Pokemon TCG since 1999 I remember the time when you was playing without EX Pokemon cards. For new 2015/2016 format lot of decks will be strong without single EX Pokemon in deck. One of those decks is for sure Night March. Lot of people talk how Night March wont be that good after rotation, we lost Mew EX, he was almost main card in this deck, we also lost Computer search, card that was so strong in my opinion, you was able to search your deck for any card you like and put it into your hand, we alos lost Town map, not that big deal but it was ok to know what you have in your prize cards and what card you want to take from prize cards, in my opinion 3 cards that we lost not that big deal. 


With new Ancient Origins set there are some new cards, one of them is Vespiquen.



This is 90 HP Pokemon, stage 1, you can search this Pokemon eazy with your Level Ball, free retreat is all you need in this deck. Bee Revange attack, for DCE you can hit for 20+ 10 more damage for each Pokemon in your discard pile. When you think about this card, its grass and Seismitoad is weak to grass, with only 5 Pokemon in discard pile and Muscle Band on Vespiquen you will do 90 damage, times two for weaknes 180, enough to K.O. Seismitoad EX. You can also increase your damage with Night March Pokemons, Unowns, Battle Compressor etc.

You dont need more that 2 Vespiquen in my opinion in this deck, I would focus to hit early game with Night March and for late game Bee Revange. Also Vespiquen is good agains Pyroar you wont have auto loss against him like you was in past format.

Main focus for this deck is speed and damage, you can hit Turn 1 for 180 damage without problem with Night March, there is lot of cards that alows you to draw cards from your deck like:


Unown, his ability Farewell Letter will alows you once during your turn if Unown is on your bench, you may discard it and all cards attached to it in order to draw card from your deck, this is good, you will be able to increase damage for Vespiquen and draw aditional card from your deck, with Revive you can put it back to your bench and you can draw card again also with Scared Ash you can put up to 4 of them back to deck and do the trick over and over again.


Acro bike is good card also for this deck, you may look at top 2 cards of your deck and put 1 of them into your hand. You need to discard the other card. With Acro Bike you can also get some more speed and search for card you need to take advanage against your opponent, I run two Acro Bikes in this version of deck.

Battle Compressor is epic card, you can search your deck up to 3 cards and discard them. Lets say you start without Supporter but you have VS Seeker in your hand and Battle Compressor you can just discard Supporter card and play VS Seeker for it, you can also discard Lampent, Joltiks, Pumpkaboo or Unown to get more Pokemon in your discard pile so you can increase attack damage for Night March or Vespiquen. I run 2 Battle Comressors in this deck.

Also good card to get trainers and speed from this deck is Trainer's Mail.

With Trainer's Mail you will be able to look at the top 4 cards of your deck and you may reveal a Trainer card you find there, but you wont be able to put Trainer's Mail back to your hand. Then oyu need to put rest of cards back to deck and shuffle it. With Trainer's Mail you can grab any trainer card you need like VS Seeker, Supporter, Level ball etc. I play 4 of them in this deck.

For speed up and fast draw support we have 6 cards in total, 2 Acro Bikes and 4 Trainer's Mail in this deck. In my opinion this is good draw support.

All Pokemon in this deck have less or total 90 HP, so Level Ball is perfect card for searching Pokemon in this deck. You need to play 4 of them.

With Level ball you can search your deck for a Pokemon with 90 HP and put it into your hand. So you can search eazy for any Pokemon we have in this deck, Combee, Vespiquen, Joltik, Pumpkaboo or Unown.

Sacred Ash is also realy good card in this deck.

With this card you will be able to shuffle 5 Pokemon from your discard pile into your deck. So you can just put back Unowns from discard pile back to deck, play them again on bench and draw more Pokemon cards that you need from deck. You can also put back Joltinks or Pumpkaboos in case you need them or even Vespiquen and Combee.


With Dimension Valley, each of your psy Pokemons will have 1 less colress energy attack cost, so with Pumpkaboo you will be able to attack for DCE or two energy cards instead of 3. I play 3 stadium cards in total just in case you need to remove other stadium cards from play.

To increase damage to your active Pokemon we have 3 Muscle Bands in this deck.

Muscle band says attacks of the Pokemon this card is attached to do 20 more damage to your opponent's Active Pokemon. So you will be able to do 20 more damage with it, only 3 tool cards we have in this deck.

For draw we have 8 supporters in total. 4/4 Professor Birch's Observations and 4 Professor Sycamore.

Birch over Shuana, why? Well lets say you flip coin 10 times, you will get at least 5 heads each time, so you have 50% chance to draw 7 cards and 50% chance to draw 4 cards for sure, with Shuana you can draw 5 cards in total, but if you have 50% more chance to draw 2 more cards why you would not just gamble?

With Professor Birch Observation you shuffle your hand into your deck and flip a coin if heads draw 7 if tails draw 4 cards. I play 4 of them in this deck.

Also we have staple in all deck, 4 Professor Sycamore.


4 in total, discard your hand and draw 7 new cards. Like old Professor Oak or Juniper.


We also have 2 more Lysandre in deck, just in case 1 of them are in prize, you need to have second. With Lysandre you will be able to catch opponent benched Pokemon into active spot.

You dont need to play more than 2 Lysandre in your deck, maybe 3 if you have lot of Gengar/Trevenant decks in your area.


We also have 3 VS Seekers in this deck, so we can play Supporter from discard pile with it



And for energy, we have 4 DCE and 3 Lighting so 7 in total.

With lighting you can attack for 10 with Joltik in case you cant use Night March attack.


There is also video for this deck so you can see how it work on TCG Online.


This is good deck for budget play if you already have staple trainer cards. I think this deck can beat any deck in current format. You can attack for only 1 energy and for 1 energy you can do crazy amount of damage, 180-240 without problem and without weaknes.

In this video you can see I beat Lugia EX without problem even there was Altaria in play that can cancel weakness to your colress type Pokemon in play.


Shaymin EX can fit to this deck also without problem, but if you want to play shaymin EX, then you need to remove Level Ball and put Ultra Ball and remove 2 more cards for 2 more Shaymins, but you can do that, you can simply remove 2 Acro Bike and put 2 Shaymin EX and replace Level Ball with Ultra Ball and there you go, you will even have more faster and stronger deck for sure, since I build budget deck I didnt put Shaymins EX in this deck list, but will also make video with Shaymin EX version of deck.


There is also non budget version of this deck, you can see in this video



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