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2015/2016 Standard Format (Cards we lose) & Mega Sceptile EX for XY-on

So with the new 2015/2016 rotation we will lose some notable cards, some decks wont be that good as they were good before rotation. Here is list of cards we will not see in future standard format. "New" Virizion EX for standard format is born? Grass decks again have good deck for top 4? Mega Sceptile looks like strong deck for standard format, it can be played with so much support. I sti

08/31/2015 by Marijo Požega


Blastoise BC also reprinted in PB, this card was so strong when it comes in play few years ago, Blastoise/Keldeo EX deck was so popular special with Tropical Beach, later when Black Kyurem EX with black balista comes it was more stronger, even this year WC 2015 Masters final, Archies Blastoise manage to win in final. When we talk about water type decks, well Blastoise was biggest support and he will go out from format for now :)


Keldeo EX, wow this card was like heavyweight champion in boxing.. Rush in ability was so strong when it first show up in play, I mean with float stone this card was played in all decks you can imagine, TDK, Lugia EX, Blastoise decks, etc. Also Secret Sword attack 3 colress energy for 50+ 20 more for each water energy was so strong attack. But rush in ability was reasson why you play this card.


When we talk about heavyweight champions, Landorus is for sure one of them, 180hp, EX Pokemon, with 1 fighting energy you can hit for 30 and 30 to 1 on bench??? I mean with Furios Fists this Pokemon was able to hit 90-30 with only 1 energy card like famous Darkrai EX.. Muscle band, strong energy, fighting stadium and there we go, 90 damage with only 1 energy to EX Pokemon or 70 to non EX.. 30 to 1 on bench.. Also Land's Judgement was strong but 3 energy and you need to discart them..


Flygon was ok card, but stage 2 Pokemons was not so popular on current format, Flygon is worth to mention for its ability, this card was played in some kind of Dusknoir decks.. Wont talk to much about it but its worth to be mention.


Well Skyla.. This card was so good in format, special with 2013/2014, I dont know deck that didnt play at least 1 Skyla, I mean Blastoise Decks back in days.. Ultra ball for Blastoise, Skyla for rare candy, boom, you have Blastoise in play, then Tropical Beach etc.. Even in TDK, or Lugia decks, this card was so good, also today is good, I think this card will be reprinted in future XY-8-9.


Ah.. Computer Search.. Discard 2 any cards in order to search your deck for any card you need and put into your hand without showing that card to your opponent.. I mean when we talk about "OP" cards, CS is for sure one of them.. This card is broke like its art and price :D I mean you can play only 1 ace card in your deck.. If you dont play Genesect deck you should play this for sure..


If you didnt try to play Victini EX in your deck, then you are one of players who copy-paste lists from other players :) ok.. Joke :p

I mean Victini EX Turbo Energies attack was so good, you was able to attack free with ace card that was printed special for Victini EX, this card was so good counter to Genesect EX if you start with it against it.. Almost auto loss for Genesect deck, also this card was 1st place on City Championship with Dragonite from Plasma who was able to disable your opponent from playing intem cards.. 


I will put also Magnezone here, well it was ok to play for its ability, you was able to play 2 supporters per turn if you have Magnezone in play, but format didnt alow you to play that much stage 2 Pokemon cards, maybe for expanded this card will be good one day.


Ah.. Zubat, free flight.. With Golbat-Crobat from XY era this card is so good. I mean free retreat is always good to have on your Pokemon special when you start with it and you dont wanna start with it :D


Tool Drop Trubbish, I remember my self playing this deck and get 4-0 and 1st place on local tournament, this card was so good but when XY comes and Startling Megaphone, this deck dies.. Special when they also banned Lysandre Trump..

For Expanded even stronger with Dimension valley.


Well its money time I would like to say.. People who like to buy cheap and sell high, people who like to read cards and say, hey this card will worth one day.. I remember Donphan was like 0.49$ and once Robo Sabsitutes was printed price go over night on 10$ +

This card was so strong special with Robo Sapsitute and Furious Fist strong energy, stadium, muscle band, laser etc..


Ah, I must admit I hate this card :D Ability that block your EX Pokemon from attacking metal Pokemons.. Not fair. So strong card, special when it first come to play in Plasma format with Cobalion EX. I wont miss you at all :p


There is, Cobalion EX, first attack 30 and discart special Energy :O I mean Toad counter for sure also second attack was able to go through Safe Guard. I remember also winning tournament with Cobalion EX and Klinklang.


And first Pokemon with 200 damage attack after Charizard EX from FLG, This card was so strong and popular, discard 3 energy cards and hit for 200, with Blastoise put energy back and do that each turn.. For sure only card in that time that was able to 1 hit k.o any EX in format.


Lugia EX.. Plasma Lugia was able to attack Turn 1 and hit for so much damage.. When muscle band was printed, you was able to hit for 180 no problem with 4 Deoxy on bench and draw 3 prize if you knock out EX. Even with Lugia you was able to K.O any regular Pokemon and draw 2 prize cards. This card was so strong with colress machine, plasma energy, computer search, skyla, Deoxys at that time.


Coress was good supporter for mid-late game when you and your opponent set up bench with 5 Pokemons and you need to find 1 card and you go draw 10 cards with Colress..


Hah.. This card was playable in any deck.. I mean Toad with laser.. you cant play items, you are poisoned and sleep.. Just wow, I mean without this card new format will be more interested to play.


Reprinted Item finder or Junk arm, I prefer Item finder, well Im old school player :)

There was catch you can play only 1 ace card in your deck.. But this was popular in lot of decks.

Exeggcute was such good card with its ability, you was able to put it from discard pile back to your hand any time you want, so you can play ultra ball for free if you have 2 of them in your discard pile, this card was also good with new Skyfield stadium and Florges also with Flareon deck.


Both are good to mention, Leafeon first attack was good and strong agains water Pokemons like Seismitoad and Flareon first attack was also good and strong.

There is Kyurem plasma.. Well lets just say, colress machine, energy from hand you can hit for 30-30 to bench.. 3 Deoxy on bench its 60-30, muscle band its 80-30, laser-virbank, 110-30.. Yes this card was so broke when it was relised.. I realy love it, TDK deck was so good and I still have it in my collection. Blizzard Burn to K.O EX, and Rush in with Keldeo and retreat to use it again..


Plasma Thundrus or acceleration for Plasma Decks... 1 Energy hit hard, even for 90 or 180 if your opponent have weaknes like Yveltak EX.. And put 1 energy (any energy even specila from DP to 1 benched Pokemon..)


Well MR. Mime popular in Night March it was also popular when TDK was active, it can prevend opponent Pokemon from doing damage to Bench.



Deoxy EX was active plus power each turn to your Plasma Pokemons. It was so strong for reasson that you was able to stack 4 of them on bench and incrise damage for 40 in total for all 4 to your active Pokemon. Part of TDK and Lugia Plasma deck.


Float Stone, free retreat to Pokemon this card is attached. So good.. On Garbodor, Keldeo or any other Pokemon you wanna to retreat for free.


Garbodor, oh boy with Seismitoad, you block your opponent item cards, abilitys.. what else he can do.. well nothing :D This card was popular in many decks like Darkrai, Yveltal, Seismitoad, Landours decks..

Yes we lost Juniper, same card like Oak or Sycamore, but we have Sycamore, but not Full Art :D I mean what to say about this card, its just staple in all decks.. :)


Empoleon was so good when it was first relised few years ago in Dark Explorers.. Diving Draw ability was so good also attack was so strong.. 140 HP.. 


Anti EX Pokemon, first printed in Dragons Exalted, safe guard was popular back then.. Only Pokemon with ability to block EX is in new format Beautifly and its stage 2 Pokemon.


We also lost Max Potion, this card was printed in Emerging Powers I think, damm it was so good with Darkrai and Hydregion, also with Blastoise decks and Aromatisse..



Vir-Gen, well Virizion and Genesect was so strong when they was printed, Red Signal free Pokemon Catcher when you play Plasma Energy from hand and Virizion Emerald Slash for 50 and put 2 energy to benched Genesect EX, then hit for 100-20 to bench with Genesect..


Suicune EX same as Sygiliph, safeguard Pokemon, prevent EX from attacks as I mention before.



Jirachi EX, this small Pokemon was popular before Shaymins come out, its ability says when you put it from hand to bench you can search your deck for supporter, lets say you start without supporter, but you have ultra ball or level ball in your deck, you can search deck for Jirachi and grab supporter.


We also lost Dusknoir, Pokemon who can swap damages from 1 to another opponent Pokemon in play, this Pokemon is so strong but when it was printed, dark Pokemon decks was popular so it didnt saw to much light in play.



Emboar or Blastoise on fire :) same ability as Blastoise but only for fire Pokemons. This Pokemon card was also popular with Resiram decks and with Rayquaza before their rotation.


I must say strongest card in Pokemon TCG when was printed first time in NXD.

X-Ball was so strong attack and Mewtwo EX was so strong and so expensive card to have in your deck and collection. 2011/2012 format this card was so good with Eelektriks..


Mew EX, after rotation I can see Night March still in play but not that much as it was before, Mew EX will go out.. Mew EX was good for that deck, with dimension valley you was able to hit for Night March with DCE or single energy, also you was able to copy Toad attack or Landorus etc if you was able to put that type of energy.


Sugar for the end, Darkrai EX, no need to talk to much about this card.. It was so good to play with this deck, so eazy, first when was printed with Darkrai and Hydregion, later with Yveltal EX..


I know there is for sure at least 20 more cards that we will lost with rotation, like Colress Machine, Gold Potion, Plasma Energy etc.. I didnt put them on this list.. I put only high-end cards to list.



What is so good on Sceptile EX and M Sceptile EX, first energy cost, second attack that they give for such small energy cost.



Sceptile EX is basic Pokemon, grass type, 170hp, for only 1 energy you can hit for 10 and if you get heads on coin flip opponent Pokemon is asleep and poisoned, with muscle band you can incrise that damage to 30 in total, use in mind that poisond will make 10 more damage between each turn and if your opponent flip tails on coin flip he wont be able to attack that turn if he cant wake up or switch to another Pokemon that can attack.

Unseen Claw for 2 energy 60 plus 70 if opponent Pokemon is under special condition, such strong attack if you use in mind that you can put special condition by using first attack on your first turn if you go second or with Victreebel ability.

Only 1 retreat cost is also realy good when we talk about retreat cost.

For me this card is such strong card, special against Seismitoad EX who is weak on grass and trust me even after rotation people will play Seismitoad EX even as tech in almost 90% of decks.


Mega Sceptile EX, woooow, 220hp for Mega, well its normal, its not 240 but opponent Pokemons that have ability cant use those abilitys on Sceptile EX.

Jagged Saber, for only 2 energy 100.. Its not much damage, it can be 120 in total with muscle band but hey.. You may attach up to 2 grass energy from your hand to your Benched Pokemon in any way you like... 

So like old Virizion EX but you do twice much damage for same energy cost, you can attack even turn 1 for 100 and put 2 energy cards to your benched Pokemon, how? Well one energy from your hand and one mega turbo :)

Mega Sceptile is main attacker in this deck, you can also tech maybe Beautifly in this deck that would be even stronger combination and play it maybe with Ariados to put special conditions to opponent Pokemon in play.


Beautifly have Miraculous Scales ability that prevent all damage done to him from attacks that are from Pokemon EX.


Victreebel as support in this deck, Wafting Scent ability says that once during your turn you may discard a grass energy from your Victreebel and if you do that, opponent's acitve Pokemon is confused and poisoned.

With confuse your opponent need to flip a coin for attack, if he get tails, he wont be able to attack and will do 30 damage to it self, if you can hit regular ex for 100, 20 more for muscle band, 120 in total, 30 from confuse and 2 times 10 for poisone its 170 in total, enough to k.o most EX in play.


We also have 2 copy of Shaymin EX in deck, his ability "Set up" when you play Shaymin from hand to bench you may draw cards untill you have 6 in your hand.

This card will help you out to set up, you can also Sky Return in case you start with him.


Card like Energy Recycler will always help you to have energy cards in your deck, so you dont need to worry about that.


Also Trainer's Mail will help you to search your deck from top 4 cards for any trainer card you find there expect trainers mail, with this card you can find eazy cards you need like ultra ball, switch, vs seeker, energy recycler, etc.


With Forest of Giant Plants you will be able to evolve your Pokemon (grass) during your turn when you play that Pokemon from your hand into play. So you can have M Sceptile turn 1, hit for 100 and charge 2 energy cards from hand to someone to bench.


With Professor's Letter you can always have 2 energy in your hand since he alows you to search your deck for up to 2 basic energy cards and put them into your hand.


Sceptile Spirit link will alow you to evolve into M Sceptile without losing turn.



Card like mega turbo will alow you to attach aditional energy card in same turn to your Pokemon in play, but you must attach it from discard pile. Thats not big deal you can always discard them with ultra ball or Professor Sycamore.

I think deck have lot of potencial, it can be even more improved, but you need to test and see what kind of decks players play in your place.

Maybe M Sceptile EX with Beautifly can be even more op to play or even with Crobats.






Thanks anyone who will read this post, I hope you will enjoy reading this post. I also hope I will have more time in future to write here on 60 cards. Also big thanks to 60 cards team who gave me opportunity.


Have a nice day.


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