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Beautifly & Miltank Budget build for XY-on & Medicham/Hawlucha XY-on Ver 1.0

Hello, Im Marijo from Croatia, I start to play Pokemon cards in late 1999 =) I like to build budget decks. I decide to build few budget decks and share them with new and old Pokemon players. Here is my Beautifly & Miltank budget deck. There is for sure lot of people who would like cheap and strong deck for new format, Medicham is for sure good and strong deck.

08/29/2015 by Marijo Požega


It's good deck to start with it, not expensive Pokemon cards, also if you start with this deck you will also have lot of core item and supporter cards to build any other deck in future.


Miltank basic Pokemon, 100hp, well its good for basic, its not like Reshiram, Zekrom, Registeel etc, 120-130 range but even 100hp is good for basic Pokemon in current format. With Miltank you can hit 100 damage turn 1 if you got muscle band and stage 2 Pokemon in play, that is not big problem when you can evolve into Beautifly on turn 1 with new stadium card.

100 damage is lot of damage when we talk about non EX attacker and only 1 energy card.

Also you can disable opponent EX Pokemon from attacking you with Beatufly since he have ability to prevent damage from EX Pokemon cards.

130hp for stage 2, it can be better but if you use in mind that it have ability to prevent EX from attack 130hp is good. Attack cost for 3 energy 80 damage well again expensive but you can attack for 1 grass and 1 DCE without problem, with muscle band you can incrise that damage to 100 in total.

This format will be EX format and Mega EX format thats for sure, so playing this card in your deck is big deal if opponent dont have non EX attacker, its auto loss for him.

Forest of Giant Plants, this card is just epic, you can evolve your grass Pokemon in turn when you play it from your hand, so you can have Beautifly in play at your first turn, you wont be able to attack with him but you can set him up and prevent your opponent EX Pokemon from damage you. Grass Pokemon and also grass stage 1-2 Pokemon get huge support with this stadium.


For draw you will play line 4-4 Professor Sycamore/Birch Observations and 2 Shuana, you can even replace Shuanas and get 2 Shaymin EX if you can afford them, in that case this deck would be even more stronger, but when we talk about some budget range, we cant play Shaymins.


Teammates is also good supporter, if you lost Pokemon last turn, you can just quick search your deck for any 2 cards you need.



If you find your self in trouble and you dont have Pokemon to get from deck, you can just put them back in your deck with Scared Ash, also Level Ball and Ultra Ball will give you good chance to get all you need, Trainers mail also to pick trainer from top 4 cards of your deck.


Xerosic also can remove any tool or special energy from Pokemon in play, with Enhanced hammer for support you can discard one more special energy from play, this days EX Pokemon decks are so popular.

I can see this deck have good advantage agains any EX deck build.

Good deck to start and play for low budget.

You can also see this deck in action on this video.





What is so special when we talk about Medicham?


Its for sure his attack cost, for 2 energy cards you can hit for 30 damage, but thats not all, with Barage ability, you can attack twice, if you use in mind that you can put strong energy to power damage for 20+, that is 50 damage, muscle band +20, so we talk about 70 damage, fighting stadium +20 to active ex pokemon, so 90 in total, times two =180 damage, insane.

You can also 1 hit k.o. EX with 2 strong energy cards and if you have focus sash you can survive if your opponent can 1 hit you, you will stay in play with only 10 hp =)


There is also Hawlucha, non EX attacker but night mare for EX Pokemon, for 1 energy you can max hit for 120 damage.


Use in mind you can also play focus sash to survive.

Landorus is also good non EX attacker and have good attack, for 1 energy you can max hit 60 or 80 EX Pokemon and put 1 energy from discard pile to 1 of your Pokemon on bench.



When we talk about good deck for budget build for new format, Medicham is for sure good option to play with it.



 Silent lab is good stadion for this deck, if you can disable hawlucha ability then you can hit with 1 energy for 60 damage and for weaknes, use in mind if you play against popular card in format Manectric EX, with strong energy and muscle band you can hit for 100 and with weaknes 200 in total, so T1 in theory you can get k.o and grab 2 prize cards.



Pokemon catcher is reprinted in xy kalos starter set, you you will be able to play it in budget deck, its good if you use in mind you can get 50/50 chance to pull something from opponent bench without lysandre and waste your supporter for turn.

Cards like Roller skaters and Pokemon catcher are 50/50 to use since they are on coin flip, but thats not big problem, even if you flip tails its not end of the world, but they can give  you good advantage when you hit heads, draw extra 3 cards or pull something in active spot from opponent bench is alway good to have in deck.


Here is also video for this deck in action.



This is budget version of this deck, it can be also stronger if you can tech Shaymin EX, VS Seeker, but 1 Shaymin EX is almost like whole deck list =)


Since Shaymin EX is current price on market around 30$ and vs seeker go for 4-6$ I didnt put them in this version of deck, but if you already have them, well then both cards will make this deck even more stronger.



Thanks anyone who will read this post, I hope you will enjoy reading this post. I also hope I will have more time in future to write here on 60 cards. Also big thanks to 60 cards team who gave me opportunity.


Have a nice day.

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