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Report from Worlds!

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my article- My name is Michikazu T suda, and I will be writing about my 3rd-place-World’s report from 2014. H ope you enjoy!

10/16/2014 by Tsuda Michikazu

Table of content:


2-For Worlds

3-My Decklist For Worlds


5.-After Worlds



Hello everyone and thank you for reading my article- My name is Michikazu T
suda, and I will be writing about my 3rd-place-World’s report from 2014. H
ope you enjoy!


2- For Worlds

Since it was my first time that I ever got qualified and been invited for Worlds, I was very happy and excited- but at the same time I was puzzled. I had no idea what kind of deck was in the meta out of Japan (Translator: Legal format in Japan when he was qualified was equal to the expanded format, which means that the legal sets were Black and white series to XY Flash
Fire.), so the very first thing I decided to do was to enjoy Worlds, and decide my deck after I see the results in Nationals. 

Landorus EX ended up winning the first place as a result, but I could still see that there are many Yveltal(s), and some Virigion-EX / Genesect-EX, Prior, Aromatisse Etc. I came up to a conclusion that any deck can be in the meta, so I couldn’t choose what deck to use. At my first thought, I thought that Trevenant / Accelgor will be a good choice because there are many Stage 2 and Stage 1 Pokemons and not many people were aware of Accelgor.

However, an ambush “Flygon / Accelgor” came up in play and throughout my testing, I ended up not using Trevenant / Accelgor because it cannot win against it. Another deck I was thinking to play was Yveltal-EX / Garbodor, but people around me said that the deck was just too ordinary deck for me to play. (lol) To tell you the truth, because I used a deck that was out of meta such as Pyroar/Accelgor in Japan, I didn’t feel like using a too-ordinary-meta-deck. So my 3rd choice was to finish tuning my Aromatisse/Kangaskhan-EX Deck. Since I make and test many decks, I was only halfway through tuning this Deck. I wanted use Basic Fairly Energy so that I can get away with Enhanced Hammer, which was the exact opposite concept for an Aromatisse Deck in Japan.

However, I did have trouble choosing attackers for this deck so I searched for a Pokemon that can move around with a basic Fairly Energy and something I can enjoy using. My conclusion came up to using M Kangaskhan-EX, which seemed a perfect choice, but the basic tech for this Deck was way too simple: Attack with Kangaskhan EX and use Aromatisse to Max Potion it.Before Worlds, I had the chance to use this Deck at an unofficialtournament held in Japan- I was able to see some points where I need to improve this deck, and I also felt comfortable playing this deck- THAT was when I decided to add this deck as a candidate.

A Pokemon that can OHKO M Kangaskhan-EX was Landorus-EX and Rayquaza-EX, (and maybe Yveltal-EX with a whole bunch of Energy attached) but I predicted that there won’t be so many Rayquaza-EX from the meta, so I focused the countermeasure on Landorus EX to finish up my deck while I kept the concept of using Kangaskhan EX, Aromatisse and Max Potion.

I decided to pick which deck I was going to use while I took a close attention on what was going on at LCQ. I could see that there weren’t so many Rayquaza-EX so I decided to double suicide with this deck, which came out to be the correct answer, and I am proud of this choice.


2 Kangaskhan-EX, 2 M Kangaskhan-EX
The main attacker of this deck. I kept it 2-2 because I can probably haveonly 1 or 2 M Kangaskhan-EX during play.I felt romance in M Kangaskhan-EX, that it may OHKO with luck, while it also had the advantage of 230 HP. Also, I can use Kangaskhan-EX’s “Triple Draw" in the first few turns to settle up. It’s effects are great, and don’t forget about Mr.Masuda’s comment on Mega Kangaskhan - “M Kangashkhan is a strong Pokemon.” :-)

2 Mewtwo-EX
A fascinating Attacker that can just hit off some damage- I really thought that this card is a really strong card ever since it was released. It can play a good roll from the beginning of the game and in the end of the game- Too good for a Legendary Pokemon, right? I actually wanted to play 3 of them in my deck but I didn’t have any space
for it… By the way, when’s M Mewtwo-EX coming out?

1 Xerneas-EX
One of my hidden main attacker in this deck. This is actually the only attacker in my deck that can attack to one of my Opponent’s Benched Pokemon, so it became really handy in many matches. Its’ “Break Through” can hit 140 damage so I can OHKO my Opponent’s evolved-Pokemon along with Keldeo-EX, but 4 Energy for this attack is way too much for an attack so I only have 1 in my deck.

1 Keldeo-EX
As I said previously, it makes a great combo with Xerneas-EX. Its’ Ability “Rush-In” can take care of Hypnotoxic Laser or any other special effects, and what’s more, it’s another hidden Attacker that can OHKO Landorus-EX which Kangashkhan-EX is not good at.
Also, “Fairly Garden” is making it easier to retreat, but I didn’t need so many of them so I just kept it to 1.

3 Spritzee, 2 Aromatisse
One of the main Pokemon(s) in this deck. Previous Pokemon’s that had either the “Ability”, “Poke Power”, or “Special Power” that can transfer Energy cards around were Stage2 Pokémon, but this one is Stage 1… THIS CARD IS CRAZY!! However, comparing to the other Pokemon’s that can transfer Energy around, it’s impossible to call Aromatisse an attacker so I made it 3-2 since I still need them in play. Since my opponent always KO’d them, I really thought that I should have 4-2 Line but I knew it will be a waste of space so I did not do it.

1 Xerneas
Sigilyph and Suicune can be OHKO’d by “Rainbow Spear”, while it can accelerate Energy.
I kept it as my Active Pokemon even after I hit “Geomancy” once, so Ican Mega-Evolve my Kangaskhan-EX on my bench.

1 Suicune
Another Pokemon I might choose to play it as an Active Pokemon, while it’s my Second Attacker for Landorus-EX. Since Pyroar can be seen pretty often, Suicune can be KO’d easily. However, if you don’t see Pyroar, then you might have a chance to win with this card so it can be a tricky card for your Opponent.

14 Supporters:
3 Professor Sycamore
4 N
3 Colress
1 Shauna
1 Bianca
2 Lysandre
Although I only have 12 Supporters that can draw cards, I am pretty satisfied with it since Kangaskhan-EX can draw 3 cards with its’ attack.I kept Professor Sycamore to 3 since I didn’t want to discard my hand, 4 N as always, 3 Colress because I play many Pokemon on my Bench and since I have Max Potion in play, the number of Pokemon on my Bench doesn’t get reduced too easily.I also have 1 Shauna and 1 Bianca in my deck because I couldn’t decide whether I should have 2 Shauna or 2 Bianca, so I ended up inserting 1 each in to my deck!

4 Fairy Garden
These 4 Fairy Garden is the strongest point in my deck. Usually decks in Japan plays 2 Stadiums (sometimes 3), and I predicted that 3 Stadiums would be played since “Tropical Beach” is legal when it comes to format for Worlds. Unlike “Virbank City Gym”, “Fairly Garden” is a stadium card that you would be eager to play, so if you have 4 of them, you can keep your Stadium in play in a greater chance. I think this decision was correct since Genesect-EX / Virizion-EX decks had 3 Skyarrow Bridge, and 1 Tropical Beach / 2 Virbank City Gym in Yveltal-EX / Garbodor decks, which meant that there were 3 Stadium Cards in a deck.

3 Max Potion
A hidden medicine why Kangaskhan-EX can stay in play for a long time, but
4 may lead to a dead hand so I kept it to 3.

3 Muscle Band
I debated whether I should have “Hard Charm” instead, but I took Muscle Band because I only need 2 heads to OHKO my opponent’s EX Pokemon if I have 1 Muscle Band on M Kangaskhan-EX. I mean, I always have bad luck….

2 Tool Scrapper; 1 Startling Megaphone
I only had 2 of these in my deck at first, but I still thought that there will be many Yveltal-EX / Garbodor around so I made it to 3. There won’t be adeck without any items so it probably won’t be a dead hand and I think that this card is still effective even if my opponent has only 1 item. The reason why I have 2 Tool Scrapper is because I have times where I don’t want to discard my Opponent’s Pokemon’s Tool (ex: A float stone on Yveltal-EX in a Yveltal-EX / Garbodor deck) , but at the same time, I hoped that there weren’t any “Tool Drop” so I had 1 Startling Megaphone in there.

2 Ultra Ball; 2 Level Ball; 1 Heavy Ball
This was a hard shot, really. When I made this deck at first, I didn’t have any “Heavy Ball”. However, there were only 2 cards that can catch Kangaskhan-EX or M Kangaskhan-EX so I decided to kick a Fairly Energy out of my deck for a Heavy Ball with a cry. (Though it made a great roll in my deck as a result)

1 Super Rod
A card to pick up Spritzee, Aromatisse, Kangaskhan-EX, and M Kangaskhan-EX. I didn’t need more, so I only had 1 in my deck.

1 Dowsing Machine
I might choose to pick up a Supporter, but I will also have the chance to get my 4th Max Potion or a 5th Fairly Garden. This deck is a slow paced deck, so it’s ACE SPAC would definetely be Dowsing Machine.

7 Fairy Energy − 1 Water Energy
1 Rainbow Energy − 2 Double Colorless Energy
This Deck had 8 Fairy Energy at first, but as I said before, I made it to 7 since I swapped it with a Heavy Ball, ending up as 11 Energy, which is a bit few. I have 1 Water Energy so that Keldeo-EX and a Suicune can attack. The reason why I have 1 Rainbow Energy instead of 2 is because I hated being effected by Enhanced Hammer, and I expected to have them in my Opponent’s deck which turned out to be correct. Therefore, rather than being effected by an Enhanced Hammer, I chose to have an Energy card that cannot be moved by Aromatisse.

Side Board

Escape Rope
I think that a card that can pull out an Opponent’s Pokemon is really effective. (Even in Japan Champion Ships, I used this card and somehow my Opponent chose Rayquaza-EX as active, which led me to a victory. (lol) )


I didn’t have it in my deck because I expected that I won’t see so many Rayquaza-EX, but I had it in my deck when I made this deck at first. I will consider adding this card in to my deck if there are many Rayquaza-EX in the meta since it can hit off some damage with either Basic Energy or Double Colorless Energy.

4. Reports

It’s going to take forever to finish writing every single report, so I will pick up a few matches. (I’m sorry if I make mistakes with your names. I did copy it off from the Officials, so if there was a mistake, blame the Officials for it!)

Round 1 Dena Van Wijk (BE) Yveltal-EX / Garbodor

I remember pretty well that I was really nervous f or my very 1st match at Worlds, but I enjoyed myself and felt that I was playing at Worlds. My opponent’s deck type was a deck I expected, but my opponent seemed that he didn’t know how to get along with this deck. Therefore, my opponent kept on hitting “Cyclone Y”, which was a great news to me since I hate Yveltal-EX having many Energy cards attached to it. Also, my opponent played Virbank City Gym from the beginning of the game so my 4 Fairy Garden made a great roll to reduce the damage done by Poison. I played Tool Scrapper to crash Tools, used Max Potion, and settled M Kangaskhan-EX for a win.

My opponent had a terrible start, so I was able to play 2 M Kangaskhan-EX in play. I took careful attention to Garbodor and the number of Tools in play, so that I can take every single Tools to the discard pile and let Garbodor stay in play for nothing. M Kangaskhan-EX was there not to OHKO Yveltal-EX but to put 120 damage (including Muscle Band) on them since I didn’t have much luck when I rolled the dices. I got 1 M Kangaskhan-EX KO’d, but I had Mewtwo-EX settled so I was able to KO the Yveltal-EX(s) with 50 damage left, and won the 2nd round of the game.

This was my 1st victory at worlds, but I was kind of puzzled since I didn’t know how to fill in the score sheet. (lol)

Round7 Tomoya Watanabe (JP) Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX / Raichu

I never expected that I can go this far… and to have a game with a Japanese player at this point. Although we both thought that we may have a game with each other from Round 6, we never expected to be matched up. Asking the judge to take a picture of us, we started the game. We enjoyed the game, but both of us were serious. We both had 6wins, which was the minimum number of wins needed for the top cut so we both wanted the 7th Win, no cares about whether my opponent is Japanese or not. Also, Tomoya Watanabe had won through the LCQ to get here, so I thought that my opponent had more momentum than me.

Since I couldn’t draw a Fairy Garden from the deck, I couldn’t attack with M Kangaskhan-EX, so I had no choice but to get my 2nd M Kangaskhan-EX out in play. My opponent kept on using Red Signal to pull out Spritzee and Aromatisse but I used “Wham Bam Punch” to make things better. Once I got M Kangaskhan-EX KO’d when I didn’t have either Aromatisse or Max Potion, but since I had my 2nd M Kangaskhan-EX settled, I was able to attack continuously to win the 1st match.

My opponent started first, played Genesect-EX as Active, attached a Grass Energy and Plasma Energy with Colress Machine and ended his turn while I started out with Keldeo-EX, with no Supporters, no Pokémon, or no Balls. I drew a card from my deck and got…. Colress!! My Opponent’s bench was empty, and my bench was empty. Arr… NEXT GAME PLEASE!!!!!

My 3rd game went out really well, as I had to question out why I had a terrible hand in my 2nd game. I had both Aromatisse and M Kangaskhan-EX, and drew Max Potion when I needed them. However, I didn’t have luck getting heads so I had 120 or 150 on my opponent’s Genesect-EX. Also, Xerneas-EX, which was my only attacker for Benched Pokemon was prized. We run out of time and had Extra 3 turns since we both had 4prizes left. My Opponent thought that it was hard for him to win, so he played Pikachu as Active Pokemon for suicide. I played Colress, and got Lysandre in my hand, but I also neededmy prized Xerneas-EX to win this game- I KO’d Pikachu and reached for the prize… Lucky me! I didn’t have good luck getting heads, but finally I was able to hunt for Xerneas-EX by 25% chance! My Opponent didn’t play N in the next turn, so I still had my Lysandre in my hand. I played Xerneas-EX, used Lysandre to pull Genesect-EX with 120 damage out of Bench and “Break Through” to win the last 3 (4) prizes!

Round 10 (Top8) Gonzalo Pereira (PT) Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Driftblim

We already knew each other’s deck since we already played at the 8th Round, and ended up with a draw. I was a little anxious since knowing each other’s deck may end up either positive or negative, but since I was able to get this far, my hope was to win this round and enjoy myself.I took caution to Enhanced Hammer and Driftblim, which I saw them at the previous rounds. My opponent played Virizion-EX, accelerating Energy using Emerald Slash while I used Xerneas to accelerate Energy and M-Evolve Kangaskhan-EX. I had luck this time to get 3 heads in a row to OHKO Genesect-EX but my Pokemon-EX was KO’d by G Booster. Afterwards, my opponent Red signaled my Mewtwo-EX by picking up a Plasma Energy using Shadow Triad. My Mewtwo-EX was KO’d and I lost the game.

I started out first, and Mewtwo-EX, which was KO’d in the previous game started to strike back! Mewtwo-EX hits 80 damage using X Ball in the second turn, and 100 damage in the third round to KO Virizion-EX. Genesect-EX came up, but Mewtwo-EX was not KO’d, so I kept it attacking using Aromatisse and Max Potion. While I had my 1st Mewtwo-EX strike back, I started to set my 2ndMewtwo-EX. By the time my Opponent KO’d my 1st Mewtwo-EX, my Benched Pokemon were all settled to go for a win.

As my Opponent discarded 2 Enhanced Hammer with Professor Juniper, I was filled with joy since I can easily attach Special Energy until I checked through my deck when I used Ultraball- I was searching for Kangaskhan-EX, but I couldn’t find any. I looked through my deck 3times since I couldn’t carry out my plan of using Kangaskhan-EX. I chose Xerneas instead and used Geomancy- but the next thing I realized was that I only had 1 Basic Fairy Energy left in my deck. Okay, to be honest, I was really shocked that I had 2 Kangaskhan-EX prized that I didn’t realize that. What a disaster, I really thought that I lost this round but I was eager to do what I can do. I decided to getas many prizes as I could to get Kangaskhan-EX. Using Max Potion, I KO’d Virizion-EX with Mewtwo-EX and took 2 prizes. Nope. No Kangaskhan-EX. Now my Opponent plays Genesect-EX and a G-Booster. Ohhh…. I changed my plan to getting 4 prizes with Xerneas-EX. I knew my opponent didn’t have any Mr.Mime in his deck, which became a big advantage for me this time. Knowing that G-Booster may come back and I might lose the match when my Opponent plays “Shadow Triad”, I played my 2nd Mewtwo-EX and attacked Genesect-EX. My opponent attacked with Genesect-EX, played Driftblim and tried to draw “Shadow Triad”, but he couldn’t. I kept my Lysandre in hand, hoped my Opponent doesn’t hit any N. My hand started to wobble when my Opponent took a card out from his hand to play a supporter. I hoped that that card was not N, and took a great breath when I saw that card was a Professor Juniper. That was the moment I knew I got the game- My Mewtwo-EX was KO’d, so I played Xerneas-EX, Lysandre, and Break Through for 4 prizes and a win!

Round11 (Top4) Igor Costa (PT)Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Driftblim

Here comes the World Champion from 2012! (Well yes, I did have a match with him in Round 9 on the day before) My opponent settled pretty well in the first round, as he played Virizion-EX, Genesect-EX. For me, I also had Aromatisse and M Kangaskhan-EX, which means that we both had a good start. However, although I’ve been using bunch of Supporters, I don’t know why but I couldn’t pull a Max Potion from my deck. This was a bad news for me since I couldn’t keep M Kangaskhan-EX in play for a long time, and I also didn’t have much Energy left. Although I Played Mewtwo-EX for strike back, it still lacked 1 Energy, right after that Aromatisse and Spritzee was KO’d, and that was when my field wasn’t functioning at all. My Opponent calls for a G Booster and my Mewtwo-EX was KO’d, which meant that I lost the 1st Round.
My Second Round starts with a Suicune, which might look pretty good, but my hand was

/Tool Scrapper
/Tool Scrapper
/Fairy Garden

I drew a card and got an Energy. It looked like my deck burned out. I did no thing but to draw a card and say “go” and within 3turns, my Suicune was KO’d by a G Booster. There might be millions of stuff I want to say, but that was my last game at Worlds.

5. After Worlds


This was my first time at worlds, I had millions of trouble like Language, Environment, and BO3 format but I thought that many matches were enjoyable and those were filled with great dreams once I got over these difficulties. Also, I had a wonderful experience communicating with people from all over the world- not only with TCG but VG, with the Language called “Pokemon”.

As I have been invited for next year’s Worlds, I will prepare hard to make a great deck with great playing skills, and looking forward to meeting you all. (And yes, I will study English through Pokemon so that I can speak English better.)

Thank you very much for reading my article. I will be happy to see you again if I ever have a chance to write an article again. (^^)/

津田 道一(Tsuda Michikazu)

Written Originally in Japanese by: Tsuda Michikazu
English Translation done by: Madoka.U (魔女)



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