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Gengar`s poisonous lock


05/21/2015 by Aristotle Maragas

Hey 60 cards readers this is my first article I've ever written.


A little about myself. My name is Aristotle Maragas I am married have two kids and live in the small city of Stillwater Oklahoma. I have been collecting Pokemon since I was 12 years old but never played competitively until after college which was about two years ago.

Today im going to go over a deck that I absolutely love and in the current meta can make some strong waves as a potential contender as a tier one deck. The decks main attacker is Gengar EX from Phantom Forces. Without futher ado here is the list.

The Idea behind the deck is to power up Gengar with a DCE and a mystery energy and spin into a Trevenant to item lock your opponent.


He is your main attacker his 1st attack lets you spread spme damage around until you have enough energy to use his second attack which not only poisons your opponents active Pokemon but allows you to spin into say Trevenant which keeps your opponent from playing items.


He can be a secondary attacker which also has a nifty little effect that allows you to spread damage not only to the active but also two of your opponents benched pokemon.


These Pokemon are all techs to help the deck run more smoothly. Jirachi allows you to search out a supporter. Zekrom is for the Yveltal matchup or any other matchup where your opponent puts damage on him. And Sigilyph is a nice tech against ex`s.

I have the items set up into two sections disruptive and draw/thin/boost damage. I like to run a lot of disruption so its harder for my opponent to set up. They areas follows;

1 megaphone:

Perfect for when your opponent has three muscle bands a float stone and a bangle or just as a clutch item.

4 hypnotoxic lazer/virbank gym

Seems redundant to have lazers in the deck when you have Gengar but it actually boosts your damage output and coupled with virbank city gym can be devastating to your opponent.

2 head ringer:

Almost all the decks I go up against have Pokemon EX so head ringer helps me slow them down and reduce their damage output because they are having to attach an extra energy.

3 enhanced hammer:

Originally I had two crushing hammer and 1enhanced hammer but switch to all enhanced because its a little more consistent and you don't have to rely on a coin flip.
The rest of the items and the supporter line are self explanatory and help me run the deck more smoothly.

Now the deck vs the matchups.

Yveltal/varants- favorable 70/30

As long as you have a Trevenant by turn two or three at the latest this match swings in Gengars favor.

Vir/Gen- even 50/50
This matchup is about who gets setup first. The ringers pull their weight in this matchup :)

Night march -favorable 85/15
This matchup is almost an autowin.

Donphan- favorable75/25
This matchup can be a little tricky with their hawlucha and robo subs but is definitely in Gengars favor.

Seismetoad/variants- slightly unfavorable 45/55
This matchup is all about who can get the itemlock first.

Kyogre/Groudon variants-even to favorable

Hope you guys enjoyed my article.


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Gengar`s poisonous lock

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