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No.001 Self-introduction and My 2013WCS Deck

Memories of my Pokémon TCG life.

10/15/2014 by Tsuguyoshi Yamato

Hello Everyone!


I’m 大和嗣佳 (Yamato Tsuguyoshi) from Japan. I’m pretty sure that I have the greatest life with Pokemon Trading Card Games- I take part in team called “Team Torchic”, which Takuya Yoneda (who wrote about Darkrai/Garbodor deck a few weeks ago) also takes part. I would like to write articles that would make you feel that not only PTCG is an excellent card game, but also engage you to have a great PTCG life!  


Since this will be my first article, I would like to talk about myself- My first step as a PTCG Player, along with the explanation of the deck I used in LCQ at WCS 2013.


My start was when my friend introduced me PTCG in the age of 12- It didn’t take me too long to get into it, I was playing with it everyday with my friends. However, since I was in Elementary School, I didn’t have enough money to make a meta-deck. Using up most of the allowance I get, I bought 3 booster packs a month and made a mysterious deck. (In that time, my key card was a Venusaur, although there was only one Bulbasaur and an Ivysaur in there.)

It was Summer in 2000, when I started to take part in the official tournaments. I was 16 by then. I actually missed the cut in the first tournament I’ve ever participated, but I was really enjoying the tournament- Meeting new decks, games played in earnest and getting new cards by trading! Everything was new to me, and what got me the most was that I can spend a long time with PTCG. I was so into it that I started taking a bus trip to the official tournaments held all over Japan.

In that time, I didn’t know any meta-decks, or have enough cards to make one and I didn’t have any good techs either so I didn’t have a deck that that can lead me to a victory. Moreover, I didn’t have any pals to play PTCG. However, I was really lucky. (I still think that I got this luck because I love PTCG so much.) Through my lucky encounters to people, I gained more techs and now I can construct a deck with a new taste. All these lucky stuff lead to who I am today, a player who has a wonderful life with PTCG.


To get an idea of how wonderful my life is, let me introduce the decks and records and tournaments from 2001.


Venusaur / Dark Muk:: 1st place :: Tohoku (Summer), 2001

Kingdra + Muk :: 3rd place :: Electing the Strongest Player in Japan, 2001

Gengar / Feraligatr / Mew :: 1st place :: Tohoku (Summer),2002

Typhlosion / Ninetales / Tangela :: 3rd place :: Electing the Strongest Player in Japan, 2002

Clair’s Kingdra / Skamory :: Missed the Cut :: Champion’s League, 2002

Blaziken / Rayquza / Delcatty :: 1st place :: Tohoku (Summer),2003

Blaziken / Rayquza / Delcatty :: 1st place :: Electing the Strongest Player in Japan, 2003

Blaziken / Rayquza / Delcatty :: 4th place :: Kansai (Autumn), 2003

Team Magma :: 1st place :: Tohoku (Spring), 2004

Nidoqueen / Nidoking :: 2nd place:: Tohoku (Summer),2004

Team Magma :: 1st place :: WCS 2004

Mew / Electrode / Lunatone / Solrock :: 1st place :: Tohoku (Summer), 2005

Ludicolo / Magcargo / Wobbuffet :: Top 8 :: WCS 2005

Tyranitar / Electorde / Lunatone / Solrock :: Missed the Cut :: Champion’s League, 2005

Politoed / Fossil :: 4th place :: Tohoku(Summer), 2005

Blastoise / Lugia / Steelix :: Missed the Cut in LCQ :: WCS 2006

Blissey :: 1st place :: Chubu (Spring), 2006

Exxeggutor / Raichu :: 1st place :: Champion’s League, 2007

Absol / Gallade :: 1st place :: Kanto (Summer), 2007

Empoleon / Infernape :: 3rd place :: WCS 2007

Blissey / Lucario :: 2nd place :: Champion’s League 2007

Mesprit/ Uxie / Azelf :: 2nd place :: Kansai, 2008

Gardevoir / Gallade / Muk :: Top 32 :: WCS 2008

Flygon / Weavile :: Top 32 :: WCS 2009

Garchomp SP + Luxray SP :: Top 16 :: WCS 2010

Lanturn / Yanmega :: Missed the Cut :: WCS 2011

Celebi / Tornadus :: Missed the Cut in LCQ :: WCS 2012

Darkrai / Absol / Sableye :: 3rd place :: Kanto, 2013

Darkrai / Garbodor :: Missed the Cut in LCQ :: WCS 2013


Through articles, I would like to recall my memories about my PTCG Life and write about them. Many encounters, different type of thoughts, all sorts of meta… those experiences are what made me today. If you don’t know about PTCG in the past, then I would like to make my article as a chance to know the history of PTCG. If you’ve been playing PTCG for a long time, I wish I can recall your great memories in that time. (I might also write about the meta and deck analysis today sometimes.)

I’ve talked enough about myself so now I will talk about the deck I used in LCQ as I stated previously in this article.

Most of the cards in the deck list is the same as Takuya Yoneda (the link will be available soon) , but I have a few changes compared to him:

Takuya Yoneda:

-1 Absol

-1 Exp.Share

-2 Virbank City Gym

-1 Computer Search

-1 Trubbish ( 60HP )

Tsuguyoshi Yamato:

+1 Keldeo EX

+1 Trubbish ( 70HP )

+1 Skyla

+1 Random Receiver

+1 Gold Potion

+1 Dark Energy


Now, I would like to explain why I chose different cards from Takuya Yoneda.


Gold Potion: I like to make my deck stable, so I would rather choose Computer Search for ACE SPEC. However, I actually chose Gold Potion this time because it changes the opportunity to win against Darkrai EX and Plasma Decks.  Plasma decks for example, tries to beat Darkrai with 1 attack of Kyurem PLF or 2 attacks using Thunderous EX or Deoxys EX. With this card, although it is still difficult to prevent being KO’d by 1 attack from Kyurem PLF, you still have the chance of preventing when it comes to the other two.  For Darkrai EX, I can reduce the damage of Night Spear, and with Junk Hunt, I will have the chance of reducing the damage twice.

However, it does not work effectively at all if your opponent’s deck tries to kill Darkrai EX off with 1 attack, such as Elektrik / Rayquza. The deck I lost to was eels / Recquza, which Gold Potion did not become handy at all.


Supporters: Since I wanted 13 cards that will make my first hand stable, I had an additional Random Receiver and Skyla compared to Takuya Yoneda. I only added one for each of them because having only Skyla in my first hand will make my game slow. Also having a chance of drawing a supporter I didn’t expect from Random Receiver may be a problem, but Sableye can solve that problem so I counted it as a card that can stable my game.  Although I wrote 13 cards would make my game Stable, I wanted to have about 14 Supporters because there is more than 90% of getting a supporter within the first 7 cards I draw plus one card I draw at the first turn.

Keldeo EX: I have 3 Keldeo EX because I wanted to win against Gothitelle / Accelgor. Having only 2 Keldeo EX would make Gothitelle / Acceldor win by using Pokemon Catcher on Keldeo EX, and KO 2 of them. I tested against Gothitelle / Accelgor so many times that I don’t remember how many times I played against it, although there was no need of it. However, I don’t regret having 3 Keldeo EX in my deck.

Trubbish: Trubbish ( 60HP ) has a wonderful attack called “Garbage Collection”. However, 60HP is a bit risky against Black Kyurem EX and Deoxys EX so this is why I have both 60 HP and 70 HP in my deck, being able to choose either one by using Ultra Ball.

Dark Energy: I tested out from 9 Energies to 14 Energies for this one. Having more energy will make it speedy, but that will mean I can’t put any other key cards I need- As a result, I had 12 Energies which barely gives me a good tempo in the game.

Virbank City Gym: I debated whether I should have this card in the deck until the very end. I decided not to have it and made space for Supporters and Dark Energies.


In conclusion, I lost against Rayquza EX / Elektrik with Tool Scrappers and Dowsing Machine, which made it unable for Garbodor to lock Abilities for a long time. Gold Potion wasn’t effective, and without Virbank City Gym and Absol, it was difficult to KO Rayquza EX. Also, I only tested a few games with Elektrik / Rayquza EX, which also made it hard to win against it. Making a deck that stables and making a deck that can win against many types of deck is contrary to each other, but I think I could have studied this deck more. I would like to make my deck stable but also work more on making a deck that can win allsorts of decks next year.

I hope you enjoyed my article, and I hope to see you again in my next article!

大和嗣佳 (Yamato Tsuguyoshi)

Translated by 魔女 (Majyo / Madoka.U)

(Originally published September 25 2013.)

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