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Dan Hugar

How I learned to Compete in the Pokemon TCG

15. 09. 2020

Dan Hugar, who finished T16 overall in the Player's Cup, showcases his growth path in the Pokemon TCG.

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Austin Fernando

Enter The Blown Gods

22. 01. 2020

Austin Fernando formally introduces one of the spiciest decks to come out of Dallas - ADP Blacephalon! Come learn how Blown Gods came to be

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Darin O'Meara

Shedinja's on Twitch.tv, Call That a Life Stream - Shedinja in Worlds Format

12. 08. 2019

Darin goes over his spicy take on Shedinja/Zebstrika lock.

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Darin O'Meara

Shrine Ticks and Spell Tags - Malamar/Shrine for Worlds and Post-Rotation

30. 07. 2019

Darin goes over his one-prize Malamar/Shrine of Punishment Variant, its matchups, and how it holds up in the meta.

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Zapdos / beasts for EUIC

25. 04. 2019

2018 Worlds Day 2 Competitor Miloslav Posledni goes over his number one choice heading into EUIC

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