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Matthew Babcock

600 - The Rogue Wars, The Anaheim Regional Tournament (February 18-19, 2017)

20. 02. 2017

This tournament was the first to officially include the Sun and Moon expansion and it's many new GX Pokemon. With the 625 TCG seats sold out...

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Marc Costa

New set, new decks

19. 02. 2017

Marc Costa sharing their first deck creations since the release of Sun & Moon, which are Golduck, Lurantis GX/Garbodor, Lurantis GX/Vileplume, Passimian/Mew and WaterBox.

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Gerardo Caballero

Sun & Moon Rev.

11. 02. 2017

Hello everyone, This is my first article un 60 cards but I hope it will not be the last one. I'm pretty excited with the new expansion and I know you are too. I will talk about my favorite cards un the expansion and what do I espect to see in the future events so .... Lets start with the review.

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Yu Zeng

Does Greninja Have Any More Life Left In It?

08. 02. 2017

With the new introduction of beefy Pokemon in the form of GX Pokemon as well as the injection of new powerful Grass Pokemon, can Greninja still compete with the big boys?

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Julian Hook

Brave New World: Observations Regarding the Anaheim Regionals Metagame

07. 02. 2017

Julian shares some of his thoughts on the new meta going into Anaheim.

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