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Mark Dizon

Level One - Preparing for your first Regionals

11/22/2018 by Mark Dizon // With Roanoke Regionals approaching, Mark goes over what you need to bring and prepare for when attending your first... (+0)

Metagame Analysis

The Aftermath of LAIC

11/21/2018 by Metagame Analysis // Wanna know what decks did the best at LAIC? Check out this FREE article. (+0)

Zach Lesage

The Blacephalon Bible - My LAIC Report

11/20/2018 by Zach Lesage // Zach goes over his Top Eight run at LAIC and shows his updated Blacephalon-GX / Naganadel deck (+33)

Mark Dizon

5 Takeaways from Brazil

11/19/2018 by Mark Dizon // WIth the Latin American International Over, we look towards Roanoke Regionals and how to plan for it. Here are the five... (+25)

Jose Marrero

"Foxy Duo and the Dragonic Human" - A Look at Zoroark-GX/Alolan Ninetales-GX and Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel for Brazil

11/15/2018 by Jose Marrero // Jose examines two decks that can do well at the Brazil International Championships in the Standard format. (+28)

Zach Lesage

The Final Hour - My Play For LAIC

11/15/2018 by Zach Lesage // Zach goes over his play for the LAIC tomorrow, check it out! (+21)

Frank Percic

Finding Your Spark With Lost Thunder: An Exploration of New sets and a Brief Explanation of Some Updated Decks

11/14/2018 by Frank Percic // In this article, Frank goes over how all of the new Sun and Moon sets have impacted the Standard format and what this... (+16)

Isaiah  Bradner

(Beast) Ring around the rosy, an overview of Buzz/Roc/Tales in standard

11/13/2018 by Isaiah Bradner // Isaiah goes over the recent Buzz/Roc lists that did well in Japan, and talks about his own current list for the... (+24)

Chris Fulop

Lost Thunder Set Analysis

11/12/2018 by Chris Fulop // Chris Breaks Down The Best Cards From Pokémon's Largest Set Ever--Lost Thunder! (+25)

Gabriel Semedo

The Metagame for LAIC

11/12/2018 by Gabriel Semedo // In this article Gabriel comments on what he expects from the Standard metagame for the first intercontinental... (+22)


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