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12th-20th of April News Summary

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Caleb Gedemer

"Apple of My (Decidu)Eye"

21. 03. 2017 by Caleb Gedemer // Standard Secrets with a New Feathery Friend and Your Least Favorite Flower. (+15)

Jose Marrero

A Closer Look at the Oceania International Finalist Decks

20. 03. 2017 by Jose Marrero // Jose goes over the two decks that made the Finals at the Oceania International Championship last weekend. (+18)

Eye on Japan

An Introduction to Karen Night Battle

19. 03. 2017 by Eye on Japan // A flashback special! Taiga Sakurai shares his story about Karen Night Battle! Check it out! (+11)

Jay Lesage

"Enraged Rampage" - A Look at Tauros GX/GiratinaEX/Garbodor

17. 03. 2017 by Jay Lesage // Jay goes over Mees Brenninkmeijer's unique deck that he used to win a League Cup in the Netherlands with! (+15)

Alex Wilson

1st Place St Louis Regional Recap and a Look Toward Oregon!

16. 03. 2017 by Alex Wilson // Two-time Regional Champion, Alex Wilson, goes back over his weekend in St. Louis and lists some decks... (+13)

Tom S

Golduck will let no fire burn

15. 03. 2017 by Tom S // Hello 60 cards this is my first article and hopefully not my last (+2)

Brandon Flowers

'Blast' from the Past - top 5 picks for BW-Sun Moon Expanded Format!

14. 03. 2017 by Brandon Flowers // My top 5 picks for the Expanded Format, with a focus on Toronto and Oregon Regionals, and upcoming Expanded League... (+12)

Rahul Reddy

The Steamy Expanded Format

14. 03. 2017 by Rahul Reddy // Rahul goes over Expanded and his tournament report of St Louis Regionals with Volcanion-EX (+13)

Jose Marrero

A Closer Look at the St. Louis Regional Finalist Decks

13. 03. 2017 by Jose Marrero // Jose goes over the two decks that made the Finals at the St. Louis Regional Championship two weekends ago. (+14)

Chris Fulop

Anaheim Fallout - The Best Decks From Anaheim Regionals

12. 03. 2017 by Chris Fulop // Chris discusses the best decks from Anaheim Regionals as well as some exciting breakout performances from New Sun and... (+14)


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