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Sun and Moon: Crimson Invasion

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Seth Budrik

60Cards Tournament Series - 2017 Invitational Results

03. 08. 2017 by Seth Budrik // RESULTS FOR OUR FIRST ANNUAL INVITATIONAL (+7)

Rahul Reddy

Trial by Fire: Top 10 Cards from Burning Shadows and Tips and Tricks for the World Championships

31. 07. 2017 by Rahul Reddy // Rahul goes over his Top 10 cards from the new expansion Burning Shadows and his initial impressions moving forwards... (+12)

Brandon Flowers

All About Worlds '17

28. 07. 2017 by Brandon Flowers // A look at the somewhat different format, decks, and general approach to the 2017 Pokemon World Championship! (+9)

Cody Kressmann

60Cards Tournament Series - June 2017 Results

28. 07. 2017 by Cody Kressmann // Results from the biggest PTCGO Tournament Series for June 2017. (+1)

Jose Marrero

My Top 5 Favorite Trainers from Burning Shadows

27. 07. 2017 by Jose Marrero // Jose discusses what his top 5 favorite Trainers are from the new upcoming set, Burning Shadows. (+11)

Ryan Sabelhaus

Turn up the Heat!

24. 07. 2017 by Ryan Sabelhaus // A Mini Top 8 Report from the NAIC, Top 5 Favorite Cards from Burning Shadows, and Two Strong Options for the World... (+15)

Aaron Tarbell

Ending a Season with Decidueye-GX

22. 07. 2017 by Aaron Tarbell // Aaron talks to you about what your thought processes should be like when selecting a deck, and how to think about... (+14)

Sebastian  P.

Food for Thought: The August Ban List Update

21. 07. 2017 by Sebastian P. // We take a look at the newest entires for the Expanded ban list. (+0)

Alex Wilson

"Let's Git Gud"

19. 07. 2017 by Alex Wilson // Alex goes over a few topics that may help players realize their potential in reaching their goals for next season! Deck... (+11)

Ethan Buck

Burning Shadows and the 2018 Format

19. 07. 2017 by Ethan Buck // Today Ethan talks about some cards that either will or will not make an impact in the new Burning Shadows set. (+0)


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