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12th-20th of April News Summary

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Jose Marrero

A Closer Look at the Utah Regional Finalist Decks

20. 04. 2017 by Jose Marrero // Jose discusses the two decks that made the Finals at the Utah Regional Championship. (+15)

Aaron Tarbell

Another Tale of Salt Lake City- But Better Because it has Owls

20. 04. 2017 by Aaron Tarbell // Welcome 60cards readers to a formal, in depth review for the current standard format! Aaron discusses... (+14)

Chris Fulop

Despair Ray

19. 04. 2017 by Chris Fulop // A Fulop/Ghaziaskar Production. Today's article will focus on a deck I am extremely excited about, and a deck that is... (+19)

Rahul Reddy

Dragons and Bees in the Amazon: A Look Ahead to Brazil

18. 04. 2017 by Rahul Reddy // Rahul presents two standard decks he believes are very strong going into the Brazil Intercontinentals. (+14)

Kenny Britton

Utah Regionals Recap and the Big Three of the Standard Format

17. 04. 2017 by Kenny Britton // Kenny Britton recaps his Utah Regionals performance including analysis of his deck list and matchups. He also examines... (+16)

Daniel Altavilla

The Szechuan SAUCE - List Dump, Hindsight and Foresight, Morty!

15. 04. 2017 by Daniel Altavilla // Daniel Altavilla reports on his last two Expanded tournament decks, fixes them and discusses future plays for Expanded... (+8)

Jose Marrero

A Closer Look at the Puerto Rico Special Event Finalist Decks

14. 04. 2017 by Jose Marrero // Jose analyzes the two decks that made the Finals at the Special Event held in Puerto Rico. (+16)

Paulo Mimoso

Year of the (Lightning) Rooster

12. 04. 2017 by Paulo Mimoso // Hi again, 60cards readers! Paulo here to show you one of the best potential upcoming decks for the following times,... (+5)

Jay Lesage

"Pokémon is like Science" - Looking Ahead to Latin America Internationals

12. 04. 2017 by Jay Lesage // Don't catch me snoring on my plane ride back from Australia and definitely don't snooze on this fire article... (+8)


60Cards March 2017 tournament

10. 04. 2017 by 60Cards // Check out the results of latest tournament (60cards tournament series). (+14)


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