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Sun and Moon: Crimson Invasion

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Chris Fulop

A Look Towards 2017-2018

24. 08. 2017 by Chris Fulop // With Burning Shadows Legal, and Everything Prior To Breakpoint OUT, Standard Looks To See A Major Shakeup! (+11)

Ryan Sabelhaus

"The Burning Shadows have Appeared" - A Complete Analysis of the Summer ARG Invitational

21. 08. 2017 by Ryan Sabelhaus // Ryan takes a look at the first major event with Burning Shadows legal for play, the 2017 Summer ARG invitational... (+14)

Jose Marrero

2017 ARG Invitational Top 8 Gyarados Tournament Report

17. 08. 2017 by Jose Marrero // Jose discusses his Top 8 finish with Gyarados at the ARG Invitational this past weekend in Philly. (+12)

Jay Lesage

¿Loco Murciélago? - Noivern-GX Swooping in for Worlds!

16. 08. 2017 by Jay Lesage // Will Noivern-GX win the 2017 World Championships? It may not be as crazy as you think. Find out why in Jay's article! (+14)

Alex Wilson

Metagross Beats Volcanion!

14. 08. 2017 by Alex Wilson // Alex goes into detail with a new Metagross list that stands a real chance against one of the most successful decks in... (+13)

John Kettler

Metagame Matchups: A Method of Approaching the Worlds Metagame

12. 08. 2017 by John Kettler // John discusses his approach to Worlds 2017 preparation, and gives opinions on 15 major decks! (+9)

Aaron Tarbell

Short and Sweet: Bringing M Ray to Worlds

10. 08. 2017 by Aaron Tarbell // Aaron explains the strengths and weaknesses of M Rayquaza-EX in the upcoming Worlds format. (+12)

Alex Wilson

Looking into Expanded and Worlds

08. 08. 2017 by Alex Wilson // Alex discusses his thoughts on how the expanded format will change with the recent bans of Forest of Giant Plants and... (+14)

Jose Marrero

Three Plays for Worlds and the Examination of the 2018 Season Announcements

06. 08. 2017 by Jose Marrero // Jose analyzes three decks for the upcoming World Championship format as well as gives his thoughts on the new 2018... (+12)

Caleb Gedemer

Fire in Akala Island's Volcano Park — Volcanion Revamped with Kiawe for Worlds

03. 08. 2017 by Caleb Gedemer // It’s time to start your Worlds trial with Volcanion. See if the new Kiawe card from Burning Shadows can help! (+12)


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