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Igor Costa

Top 8 Regionals Recap and the Best Expanded Decks for St. Louis

03. 03. 2017 by Igor Costa // Today I'll be taking a look at the decks that I like the best going into St. Louis Regionals... (+9)

Rahul Reddy

You're Powered up, Get in There! Anaheim Regional Top 8 Report

02. 03. 2017 by Rahul Reddy // Rahul discusses his performance at Anaheim Regionals, and reveals the deck he really likes going into the expanded... (+11)

Jay Lesage

"Teaching an Old Stoutland New Tricks" - Seismitoad in Expanded

01. 03. 2017 by Jay Lesage // Seismitoad EX sound familiar? Jay takes a look at a familiar archetype with a brand new twist! (+4)

Jose Marrero

"I Didn't Know Magikarp Could Learn Bubble"

28. 02. 2017 by Jose Marrero // A 9th Place Regional Report, and a Look at Seismitoad-EX/Decidueye-GX ... (+11)

Caleb Gedemer

"All Aboard the Raging Bull" — Tauros-GX Finds Its Way into Expanded Yveltal, and More

27. 02. 2017 by Caleb Gedemer // Caleb breaks down the entirety of the Expanded format for your reading pleasure. Be sure to check this article out for... (+7)

Ryan Sabelhaus

"California Dreaming" - A 6th Place Anaheim Regionals Report and Revelations for Future Events

26. 02. 2017 by Ryan Sabelhaus // Ryan's back with his tournament report from the Anaheim Regional Championships and a discussion of the current Standard... (+11)

Eye on Japan

Getting Ready for Blastoise Mega Battle

23. 02. 2017 by Eye on Japan // A flashback special! The story of a pair of anti Night March decks from Japan! Read how the writer came up with two... (+6)

Pablo Meza

So Close, Yet So Far.... One Win Short of a Travel Award

22. 02. 2017 by Pablo Meza // Pablo talks about the Latin American meta a bit and how he almost made Top 4 for travel awards, and discusses two... (+9)

Aaron Tarbell

All Decidueye All Day

21. 02. 2017 by Aaron Tarbell // Welcome to my first PRO Member article! Collinsville Regionals is coming up so let’s start exploring Decidueye GX in... (+9)

Matthew Babcock

600 - The Rogue Wars, The Anaheim Regional Tournament (February 18-19, 2017)

20. 02. 2017 by Matthew Babcock // This tournament was the first to officially include the Sun and Moon expansion and it's many new GX Pokemon. With the... (+4)


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