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Sun and Moon: Crimson Invasion

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Aaron Tarbell

All Decidueye All Day

21. 02. 2017 by Aaron Tarbell // Welcome to my first PRO Member article! Collinsville Regionals is coming up so let’s start exploring Decidueye GX in... (+16)

Matthew Babcock

600 - The Rogue Wars, The Anaheim Regional Tournament (February 18-19, 2017)

20. 02. 2017 by Matthew Babcock // This tournament was the first to officially include the Sun and Moon expansion and it's many new GX Pokemon. With the... (+4)

Marc Costa

New set, new decks

19. 02. 2017 by Marc Costa // Marc Costa sharing their first deck creations since the release of Sun & Moon, which are Golduck, Lurantis GX/Garbodor,... (+4)

Jose Marrero

"Lions in the Wild" - A Look at Lurantis-GX/Solgaleo-GX

16. 02. 2017 by Jose Marrero // Jose introduces another new deck from Sun and Moon, Lurantis-GX/Solgaleo-GX. (+16)

Gabriel Semedo

My Adventure in League Cups with Turbo Dark and Dark/Tina

15. 02. 2017 by Gabriel Semedo // Gabriel tells about his experiences with Turbo Darkrai-EX and Darkrai/Giratina in League Cups that he attended. Plus... (+12)

Rahul Reddy

The Sun Shines onto a new Horizon: Anaheim Regionals Preview

15. 02. 2017 by Rahul Reddy // Rahul reveals some decks he really favors going into Anaheim Regionals, ... (+13)

Jose Marrero

"The New Buzz in Hollywood" - A Look at the New Vespiquen and Friends

14. 02. 2017 by Jose Marrero // Jose discusses Vespiquen post-Sun and Moon to handle most of the metagame. (+13)

Jay Lesage

"Lunar Eclipse" - Jay's Top 10 Favourites in Sun & Moon!

13. 02. 2017 by Jay Lesage // Jay takes a look at the new Sun & Moon Expansion, and talks about his favourite cards from the new set and how you... (+6)

Gerardo Caballero

Sun & Moon Rev.

11. 02. 2017 by Gerardo Caballero // Hello everyone, This is my first article un 60 cards but I hope it will not be the last one. I'm pretty excited with... (+1)

Chris Fulop

Welcome to Standard: Sun and Moon

08. 02. 2017 by Chris Fulop // Chris Fulop brings the hammer with detailed analysis on most of the Sun/Moon Expansion, along with a few new brews the... (+13)


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