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12th-20th of April News Summary

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Ryan Sabelhaus

"Who Ruffled Your Feathers?" - A 2nd Place League Cup Report

29. 12. 2016 by Ryan Sabelhaus // Ryan's back and goes over his Yveltal-EX/Garbodor deck that earned him a 2nd place finish at one of the first League... (+11)

Daniel Altavilla

Steam Me Up (Steam Me Up Inside) - Volcanion and Why I Love It + Cloud Duck

28. 12. 2016 by Daniel Altavilla // Daniel goes into detail about a popular deck, Volcanion-EX, and a rogue deck, M Altaria-EX, for the competitive scene.... (+9)

Brandon Flowers

Going the Distance in Standard

27. 12. 2016 by Brandon Flowers // Brandon goes over all things Standard, going into League Cups and Dallas Regionals! (+8)

Sebastian  P.

The Legacy format: History, Decks and Offline potential

26. 12. 2016 by Sebastian P. // A quick introduction to the creative madness that is Legacy. (+4)

Jose Marrero

"Two Unique Decks From San Jose Regionals" - Zygarde-EX/Carbink BREAK, and Sableye/Garbodor

26. 12. 2016 by Jose Marrero // Jose goes over two unique decks that did well at San Jose Regionals: Sableye/Garbodor and Zygarde-EX/Carbink BREAK. (+8)

Jay Lesage

Behind the Evil Ball - Jay's 2nd Place London Report!

25. 12. 2016 by Jay Lesage // Come check out Jay Lesage's debut 60Cards article! Here, he talks about his experience at the London Intercontinental... (+10)


Sun and Moon cards

24. 12. 2016 by RappelmannTCG // Everything you need to know about Sun and Moon rullings together with all translations! (+14)

Jose Marrero

"M Rayquaza Visits the Queen" - A 38th Place London International Championship Report

23. 12. 2016 by Jose Marrero // Jose goes over his 38th place run at the first ever International Championships held in London. (+9)

Gabriel Semedo

3 in 1: London Recap, 10 Steps to A Creative Player, and A Nice Rogue Deck

21. 12. 2016 by Gabriel Semedo // In this article Gabriel talks about his Top 64 run at the London International Championship, 10 steps to be a creative... (+9)

Caleb Gedemer

"Grandma Got Run Over by a Rain(bow)deer" — Rainbow Road for Texas Regionals

20. 12. 2016 by Caleb Gedemer // Learn just about all there is to know about the Rainbow Road Xerneas deck... (+2)


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