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Zach Lesage

Looking at Worlds - The Junior Perspective

08/17/2018 by Zach Lesage // Aidan Ulian allows you to step into the mind of one of the best Juniors players in the game. He showcases some tips... (+20)

Chris Fulop

Storming Into The New Standard

08/15/2018 by Chris Fulop // Chris takes an early look at post-rotation Standard! (+25)

Zach Lesage

Ray Bans on for Ray’ - Looking at Rayquaza-GX

08/13/2018 by Zach Lesage // Zach goes over his refreshing thoughts on Rayquaza-GX and his unique list for this up-and-coming deck. He also includes... (+23)

Bert Wolters

From Finish to Start

08/12/2018 by Bert Wolters // Bert goes over his performance at the last tournament of the 2018 season and the first of the 2019 season: the NAIC and... (+20)

Caleb Gedemer

"Oblivious" — Yveltal BREAK with Shrine of Punishment

08/09/2018 by Caleb Gedemer // Shrine of Punishment is a big-time addition for Yveltal BREAK. Time to see how it changes the deck! (+15)

Zach Lesage

Interviewing the Best - World Championship Interviews

08/08/2018 by Zach Lesage // Wanna know how to become the best? Learn from them! Zach interviews five Worlds competitors to share their knowledge... (+19)

Gabriel Semedo

Rayquaza deserves attention for Worlds - Part I

08/06/2018 by Gabriel Semedo // A huge breakdown about Rayquaza GX by Gabriel Semedo. (+17)

Jay Froste

Rogue for worlds issue 2:Quad Kartana

08/05/2018 by Jay Froste // So on our continuation into the possible rogue decks that, may prove to be a contender at worlds this year I have... (+0)

Jose Marrero

“The Dragon and The Beast enter the Fray in Nashville” - Naganadel-GX/Stakataka-GX and Rayquaza-GX for Worlds

08/02/2018 by Jose Marrero // Jose analyzes two new decks for Worlds. (+19)

Zach Lesage

Fire Coming Out of a Monkey’s Head - Zoroark-GX / Magcargo / Oranguru

08/02/2018 by Zach Lesage // Zach goes over what might be the most pesky deck heading into the World Championships (+23)


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