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12th-20th of April News Summary

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Igor Costa

What to Play for London International

07. 12. 2016 by Igor Costa // In this article, 2012 World Champion Igor Costa discusses his expectations for the London Intercontinental metagame... (+6)

Jose Marrero

"M Rayquaza-EX/Metal" - A Top 64 Fort Wayne Regional Report

05. 12. 2016 by Jose Marrero // Jose goes over his Top 64 Regionals run at the Fort Wayne Indiana Regional Championships. (+9)

Robin Schulz

An in-depth look at Giratina and Yveltal

04. 12. 2016 by Robin Schulz // Robin talks about two decks he found a lot of success with this season and takes a look forward to London. (+12)

Marc Lutz

A Dark Season is Ahead

01. 12. 2016 by Marc Lutz // Marc Lutz talks about different Darkness decks in the current format, including Yveltal-EX/Garbodor and... (+7)

Gabriel Semedo

A Huge Homework Assignment for London

29. 11. 2016 by Gabriel Semedo // In this article Gabriel talks about all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 in the format and how they will appear in the biggest... (+12)

João Lopes

Evolution of Standard

27. 11. 2016 by João Lopes // Now that a new set is legal, let's look back at the evolution of Standard up until now so we can better comprehend how... (+6)

Chris Fulop

The Evolution Of Pokemon As We Know It..

24. 11. 2016 by Chris Fulop // Chris Reviews The Evolutions Expansion, Reviews Philadelphia Regionals, and Shows Off A New Evolutions Inspired... (+9)

Jose Marrero

A Closer Look at the Dortmund Regional Finalist Decks

23. 11. 2016 by Jose Marrero // Jose goes over the two decks that made the Finals at the Dortmund Regional Championship. (+8)

Shaun Kauffman

1st Edition Investments: Product Reviews for the Holiday Season

22. 11. 2016 by Shaun Kauffman // Today I look at many of the products that just came out... (+4)

Nino Kunz

Shaymin EX/Cofagrigus in the Legacy Format

20. 11. 2016 by Nino Kunz // I’m a big fan of the legacy format since it has been released on PTCGO. Even if only a few persons play legacy... (+4)


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