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New Pokemon GX, Solgaleo And Lunala!

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Survey results and PRO Member changes

24. 08. 2016 by 60Cards // Check out the survey results and PRO Member changes. (+11)

Chris Fulop

A New Standard

24. 08. 2016 by Chris Fulop // Chris Explores A Whole Gauntlet Worth Of New Standard Decks For The Upcoming Primal Clash-Steam Siege Format! (+14)

Pokémon TCG News

New Pokemon GX, Solgaleo And Lunala!

23. 08. 2016 by Pokémon TCG News // New Pokemon GX... (+0)

Bradley Curcio

Day One of Worlds 2016

20. 08. 2016 by Bradley Curcio // I'm Bradley Curcio and I'm here to talk to you about what's going on at the first day of the Pokemon World... (+13)


15 Notable Cards from Steam Siege

18. 08. 2016 by Miner751 // It's a little late (but at least it's before Worlds :) ) - here's my thoughts on 15 cards which are worth looking out... (+0)

Eye on Japan

Eye on Japan: A Complete Blastoise Mega Battle Recap

18. 08. 2016 by Eye on Japan // Today, we will be reporting on the Blastoise Mega Battle. (+28)

Gabriel Semedo

What the deck to choose at Worlds

17. 08. 2016 by Gabriel Semedo // In this article, Gabriel will help you to solve a question that the most players have before the biggest event of the... (+13)

Igor Costa

Last minute thoughts on the format and meta for Worlds

17. 08. 2016 by Igor Costa // Igor shares his thoughts about format and meta for Worlds (+18)

Daniel Altavilla

Double Team - Two Takes On Four Decks and PRC-On Thoughts

16. 08. 2016 by Daniel Altavilla // Daniel goes over two different ways to play four decks for Worlds with some PRC-On thoughts. (+12)

Ole Stognief

Three Reasons Why Night March Wins Worlds

15. 08. 2016 by Ole Stognief // What can stop Night March from winning Worlds? Ole discusses three Night March variants, three strengths of the... (+12)

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