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Alec Geissler

The Goonies - Modern Era

05/29/2020 by Alec Geissler // Alec goes over Galarian Obstagoon, a rogue deck that has a lot of potential in the current basic heavy format while... (+15)

Mark Dizon

Be Prepared - The night before Q4

05/29/2020 by Mark Dizon // Expect the unexpected in q4 (+21)

Kenny Wisdom

Blacephalon: Plan A

05/28/2020 by Kenny Wisdom // Kenny Wisdom makes his triumphant return to writing with his thoughts going into q4. (+21)

Kevin Clemente

The Impact of Qualifier 3 and Preparing for Qualifier 4

05/20/2020 by Kevin Clemente // The final Limitless qualifier is on the horizon, and the June qualifiers recently announced by Pokemon are shortly... (+15)

Draydon Davis

PikaRom and its Limitless Potential

05/15/2020 by Draydon Davis // Draydon briefly goes over his double Top 8 finish at online events this past weekend with Pikachu & Zekrom-GX, talking... (+17)

Gabe Shumway

Can a New Dog Beat Old Tricks?

05/15/2020 by Gabe Shumway // Everything you need to know about PikaRom / Boltund-V Toolbox in the UPR-RCL format. (+30)

Zach Lesage

The Good Puppers - Boltund V

05/14/2020 by Zach Lesage // Zach showcases his Boltund V list, one of his top picks for Limitless Q3, behind the paywall. (+19)

Gabriel Smart

Wish Upon A Star

05/13/2020 by Gabriel Smart // Gabriel Smart shares his thoughts on Jirachi based decks as we approach the Limitless Q3 events. (+15)

Mark Dizon

Level One - Breaking Down a Misplay

05/12/2020 by Mark Dizon // How to reflect on a misplay that ruins your tournament and use it to prepare you for the next one. (+18)

Zach Lesage

Turbo Rayquaza-GX PTCGO Video Play-Through

05/11/2020 by Zach Lesage // Zach showcases a Turbo Rayquaza-GX on PTCGO in video form. (+15)


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